Monday, May 11, 2009

Tyrese and Jewel Duet on Transformers 2 Soundtrack

According to posts on Tyrese and Jewel's twitter accounts (which seem to be really them), the two are working together on a single for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen soundtrack.

From Tyrese:
The fans have spoken.. You want another Tyrese song how about a Duet with Jewel for the Transformers 2 soundtrack??? Any thought??

Treat yourself to a great Mothers Day album from my new buddy singer @Jeweljk were gonna get this TF2 song done for the soundtrack thisweek
From Jewel:
@Tyrese4ReaL ur sweet 2 mention Lullaby.. excited for TF2 song, too! c u guys 2night at the Roxy
Hopefully a full list of all the artists on the soundtrack will be released by the end of the month. Thanks to Bvaldez for the heads-up.


  1. Hope it'll be great as TF itself..

  2. Ugh. Why? Jewel and Tyrese music synonymous with giant robots. NO. Horrible idea.

  3. first that lp shit now this???

  4. It's coming from a Twitter account so how could you trust it?

  5. Forget soundtrack. Any word on the musical score? ;-)

  6. im confused. what happened to the LP post?

  7. ^^^^
    You mean this one :)

    Apparently it was moved behind when it was discovered to be fake made by a fan. Though i must admit he did good.


    first look at voyager long haul!

  9. maybe jewel will sing a new version of "these foolish games". it could be the theme song between Megatron and Jetfire or Prime.

  10. While we're on this wonderful sensitive side, why don't we just play the Brokeback Mountain theme music with Prime and Megatron hugging each other.

    "I just can't quit you!" :P

  11. Anonymous said...
    maybe jewel will sing a new version of "these foolish games". it could be the theme song between Megatron and Jetfire or Prime.

    5/11/2009 12:37 PM

    I've never said anyting cros about anything on here before, but that......
    I know homosexuals that would say that was the gayest comment they've ever heard.

    and don't come back saying you were trying to be sarcastic...if you were you failed. You meant that'd love it.

  12. Ravage makes his first video review appearance here:

    This is new so enjoy it :)

  13. i think maybe jewel was just thanking tyrese for tellign everyone to listen to her new album titled "lullaby", just tyrese is the one involved in the song... she just happen to say she was excited for TF2...
    make sense?

  14. This movie sould be a sick ass movie, i hope it will have more action than the first one.


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