Sunday, May 17, 2009

US Released Date Moved? Nope (Updated) and others have noticed that the countdown clock on the home page of was two days early and now seems to be one (at least comparing it to my countdown clock). The result is the countdown is scheduled to end at midnight on June 23rd rather then the scheduled June 24th US release date. Is this confirmation that movie is moving up another day (remember it was initially scheduled for June 26th)?

My take is it is simply a programming error. I do believe that Paramount will see how Star Trek did coming out at 7pm rather than 12:01am and mimic that but I don't think they are going to move it up an entire day. I hope they don't do the 7pm thing as I like the fun and excitement of going to a 12:01am show time which the earlier time lacks due it simply being nothing special.

Obviously if anything is announced about the US date I will post it here. Also, the link for the release date of the movie around the world is in the top left hand column. Just monitor that to see if anything changes. Thanks to rodsuper for the heads-up.

Update: Mystery has quickly been cleared. It was a simple programming error. Easy to happen with code where a typo can cause sometimes cause some interesting ramifications. Thanks to Katie and Franco for the update.


  1. thank u sir

  2. It's confirmed to be a programing glitch Sora from the forum helped nelson put it up and did the wrong code.

  3. ^^^ THIS--I remember seeing it thinking the same thing ^^^

  4. when transformers came out in columbus ohio, the first showing was at 7pm. and was on I think a total of 5 screens. I went to the midnight showing and it was almost 100% full. I suspect it will be the same here for transformers 2

  5. so the right date is june 24th not 26?


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