Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bay Quitting Transformers 3? No

Update: To no surprise, Michael Bay is not quitting Transformers 3.

According to Total Film, Michael Bay is finished with the franchise (yeah right).
Hollywood directors, start writing your CVs now. Michael Bay has said that he will not be returning for Transformers 3, should Paramount decide to make it.

“It's easy to go shoot an art movie in a winery in the South of France,” he said. “But people have no idea how hard it is to create something like Transformers.

“They (the critics) review me before they've even seen the movie."

It seems like a strange time in his career to be worrying about what the critics think, but it seems Bay’s mid-life crisis is genuine.

He adds, "After the three and a half years I've spent making these movies, I feel like I've had enough of the Transformers world.

"I need to do something totally divergent, something without any explosions."
Here is the thing to pay attention to. First the source is WENN whose function is to essential funnel crap from papparazzi to the public so accuracy isn't a priority. Second, his statements are similiar to what he has been saying for a while now about needing a year break before returning for the third film, which is why there are two potential release dates floating around - July of 2011 or 2012. Third, notice that they didn't actually quote Bay himself saying he was quitting. They just stated it. His actual quotes are complaining about the critics.

If he said 'I am not making Transformers 3' there would have been quotation marks around that statement. So until he is quoted (preferably on his website or on video), I am taking it with a grain of salt. I am not saying the Bay will not quit, that is always a possibility with Hollywood types, but I think the main reason he may not return is if Paramount refuses to give him a year break he is asking for. Its like with the movie spoilers, until its proven from official sources, its all speculation. Thanks to Thirston and Florian for the link.


  1. i can understand him i would be pissed to if dumbass critics wee all harsh before even seeing the movie

  2. Ok first let me point out the release date for TF3 is June 1st 2012! Atleast that is the date they booked.

    I see Bays point about explosions. It isnt the explosions or action that makes the film but the emotional side. Hopefully this second film makes billions so Bay will be happy and stay on to do the third. Though i am annoyed that in all the Advertising it says "Transformers a Michael Bay film" Even though it is TF ROTF.

    Here is the "We`re going to die" Clip with the correct audio:

    Three ROTF game videos including a look at the gameplay for Sideways and the Devastator fight. (Sorry for the links being on my blog, Cant post the individual links)

  3. i cant really blame him is he wants to quit. everyone cutting him down without even knowing what they are talking about. it takes alot to be a director. the critics are mostly a munch of whiners anyway. i would want to take a one year break too if i devoted almost 4 years to transformers.

  4. AWESOME news. Bay's way of doing things just had too many flaws. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but just too many flaws, from the too close/far shots, too quick, too much humans, etc. Maybe i'll change my mind when I see T2, but right now, this is good news. Hopefully they'll get a better director. i'll Bay credit for making the franchise more popular though, so the new director will have a small obstacle and a lot of resources.

  5. i think its bogus.

  6. well even if he dont return u no paramount will get a new director

  7. omg Michael Bay, keep my dream alive and go for the 3rd film. I wouldnt care if you DID take a break that lasted 5 years lol..just make the third one! Finish what you have started!! lol im sure its all bogus..but this gave me a scary realization. =/ Michael bay is my hero and we don't need a retarded Director screwing up the last film.

  8. lets hope it is true and they get a director who might build the film around a story and not just shaky camera angles and boring explosions that we have seen in countless films before, go back and actually watch the origional cartoon theres very little explosions in it, someone somewhere just reboot the films and forget these existed, you can make a perfect transformers movie by using the first 3 episodes of the series , even an update of the 1986 movie would be the biggest movie ever.

  9. sam(shia) has no more importance in the world of the transformers since the alspark pieces were used, the matrix was found, bladie blah and blah junk. make it focus on the transformers, get rid of sam kill him off early in tha film. now megan wants revenge cuz sam got killed along with a bunch of other humans that dont need to overact in seens that lack transformers. she gets hooked up with cybertronian technology, whuppin all kinds of as because she’s badass like that. new transformers inlude ultra magnus another of the primes from across the universe with his group of autobots sunstreaker,mirage,wheeljack,hound,n hotrod. they brief prime on a situation taking place across the stars and how the various other autobots and cybertrons are fighting dezarius and unicron. they use the space bridge technology to teleport to venus4 in the next star system, unicron you can see in the distance is making his way to devour the center of a galaxy, if he completes this not only will he gain an unimaginable amount of power but it will create imbalance amongst the stars creating enough cosmic radiation to destroy whole dimensions, dezarius is another ultimate being in this conflict acting as unicron’s insurance. dezarious and his destrons are far more dangerous than the deceptions seen on earth. as the autobots join together, unicron telepathicly commands megatron to chase after the autobots, giving him and his fallen decepticon ranks new bodies, thus gelvatron emerges. an epic battle drives across the stars as the autobots get closer to their destination. in this the the true purpose and power of the matrix is revealed(in the light of the creations of cybertronic planets, the matrix was created to match the power of a lifeform which also emerged from this nebulus). prime, magnus, and hotrod discover that they are brothers created by alphatrion. they alone can stop this dark menace. as magnus and dezarius are deadlocked in battle prime confronts (a new megatron) gelvatron. rotrod takes it upon himself to approach the tyrant planet vessel known as unicron. this causes many other autobots to follow aswell as the battling leaders. feeling the power of the matrix approaching, and enraged unicron transforms. (this battle consists of all the transformers in the universe making the visuals alot more epic than those we’ve seen in starwars or startrek movies.) sunstreaker,meganfox, n mirage act as hotrod’s immediate back up, as they get closer they are confronted by a combiner known as kingposiden. prime combines with his godbomber and temporarily defeats gelvatron and boosts to hotrod and the others aid destroying kingposiden. overlord attacks prime from behind, prime tells hotrod and the others to advance. magnus and dezarius continue to battle until dezarius is called upon by unicron. hotrod and the others gain access into unicrons central brain, at this they are cut off by gelvatron and dezarius as they merge into a destron known as devil-z. prime and magnus face off against this newly combinded monstrosity

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  11. What ive heard from my uncle witch was a tank driver in TF ROTF,they are thinking of doing another one and there will not be the dinobots or skids and mudflap. Micheal Bays says "the dinobots were only in the original transformers cartoons so i would have to do them the same but i'd probly screw it up." Mudflaps and Skids will not for the the way they talked and people complained about them being rasist. And last I do know that galvatron will be in TF 3. Do not get mad at me be mad at my sources.

  12. I don't care if this posts or not, but here I go. I hate how movies change perspectives, and if Bay quites, then the movie already died with it. Out of every GREAT movie a director never quites, but some wannabe adds on. And of all WTF switching up Megan Fox, these people must be FAGS. KISS MY ASS I PAY FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH MIND AS WELL USE IT!!!


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