Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More ROTF Toy Galleries

Below are links to a bunch of new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen galleries that TFW2005 has posted. All are toys we have seen before but just lots more images to check out. Picture to the left is Legends Fallen found here.

Scout Dune Runner - Large gallery of the non movie character toy and compared with other scout class toys.
Voyager and FAB Grindor and Scorponok - The Blackout repaint in grayish white with a new head mold that makes an appearance in the movie as a means of trying to get hold of Sam and company. Includes comparisons of the two toys along with repaint of Scorponok.
Knockoff ROTF - For your amusement, follow the link to check out knock off versions of Demolisher, Breakaway, and Depthcharge (but created at Voyager size scale).


  1. transformer3: revenge of the fail

  2. I'm still having a ridiculously hard time finding FAB Jetfire...


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