Monday, June 22, 2009

Burger King Transformers 2 Promotion Begins

Burger King has officially launched its Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tie in promotion today. As part of the campaign, the chain has a "Transform Your Way" contest for prizes including $1 million, new BBQ Double Stackticon Burger, new advertising spots (apparently directed by Michael Bay), and 8 BK Kids Meals Toys. Click here for the press release with more details. Thanks to Andrew for the link.

In addition, the Kids Club website has updated to show off the new toys (that don't transform), provide link to redeem code that comes with the toys and has a new "Free Mission City" game to pay. Thanks to Paco for the link.

Here are the details on what Burger King has planned for the sponsorship:
· The Transform Your Way Game: The game gives restaurant guests a one-in-two chance of winning one of thousands of prizes, including $1 million, an all new Chevy Camaro 1SS, BURGER KING food items and more. Each game piece offers a prize under one of the two scratch-off areas, making every game piece a possible winner.

· Visit for a chance to win $10,000: Visitors who register and enter their game piece codes on the site can search on a virtual globe for “King Robot,” who disguises himself as a stainless steel BK broiler. Each day, from June 22 to July 19, visitors will have the chance to win at least $10,000.

· The BK BBQ DOUBLE STACKTICON Sandwich: Like the original BK Stacker sandwich, the Transformers-inspired burger allows guests to stack multiple burger patties, bacon, sauce and cheese. It available for a limited time only at the suggested retail price of $2.79. The BK BBQ TRIPLE STACKTICON burger will also be available for a suggested retail price of $3.49, and the BK BBQ QUAD STACKTICON burger will be available for a suggested retail price of $4.29.
· TV Advertising: The spots will feature the “King Robot” who awards unsuspecting customers with cash as part of the “Transform Your Way” game. The kids-focused advertising, directed by the film’s hit director Michael Bay, features a group of kids who are waiting in a BURGER KING restaurant parking lot when they’re approached by AUTOBOTS.
· Kids Meal Toys: Each BK Kids Meal will come with one of eight Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toys that bring the movie’s characters and vehicles to life. Based on scenes from the movie, toys like the “Change Up Bumblebee” and “Constructin’ Devastation” are available at participating BURGER KING restaurants while supplies last.


  1. should have made transformers watches. lol

  2. Nice!
    Here in Sweden, we have the usual kids meal-stuff, plus a "Decepticon vs. Autobot-burger".
    Its rather hard to explain it, but its like six very small burgers fit together, three of which are the autobot side (with a fried onion ring) and three that are the decepticon side (with jalapeños).

    Quite good actually, a shame that it doesn't fit any sallad or so other than the onion or the jalapeños.
    You can see it here:

  3. I just won today!! I won an Xbox 360 console with a 12 month subscription of Xbox Live.

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