Monday, June 15, 2009

Dead End, Ice Cream Truck Twins In Package

The Arker (found by Mach) has posted images of Deluxe class toys Dead End (Sideways repaint) and the Ice Cream Truck Twins in their packaging. No backing so no bio information.

I think I am going to add the Twins to my very short list of Revenge of the Fallen toys to buy. So far I have bought Sideswipe which I highly recommend for that rare combo of awesome vehicle and robot mode and do not recommend getting Rampage which is a clunker of a robot mode.


  1. Dang that watermark on Dead End's face.
    Can't really make out what he looks like.

  2. Rampage gets a point deduction for execution of the bot mode (What is up with that chestpiece anyway?), but that is still a solid four out of five stars. A recommended buy.

  3. Okay i am dissapointed with the ROTF twins combiner. It isnt as large as i would have hoped. With that size the twins individually are going to be tiny.

  4. I want the Ice Creme Twins!

    And I wanted to give everyone a heads up that there is a #16 TV Spot. I saw it last night, and it showed Sam packing for college, and Sam's mom comes out crying holding his baby sneakers. Then Sam walks into his kitchen to find his kitchen appliances transforming, Sam yells for Bumblebee. Bumblebee drives threw his fence, tranforms and shoots his gun at something off-screen. Sam's mom pissed off that her house is half blown-up. "I don't want that robot living in my shed!"

  5. When are these going to release in stores?


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