Sunday, June 14, 2009

Early Revenge of the Fallen Reviews

Between the various premieres in Tokyo, Seoul, Spain, Paris and the sneak peak in London, more then a few critics have now posted their reviews of the film. Something to keep in mind is that for a popcorn/action flick like Transformers 2 the goal is excellent audience word of mouth. The critics are mostly irrelvant as most tend to pan action flicks that have no goal beyond providing entertainment for a few hours. Regardless, it is still interesting to read what mostly UK critics have to say. Thanks to Ian, Chris, and Gregory for the links.

Total Film (4/5)
Fallen so frequently approaches the first pic’s all-out awesomeness, and even occasionally surpasses it - notably in an opening blitzkrieg in Shanghai and a forest face-off between Optimus Prime and three Decepticons impressive enough to merit comparison with King Kong’s multiple T-Rex smackdown - that it's this close to being the perfect summer flick. The problem is, it’s the parts you remember, not the whole.

Old folks may find the relentless sensory assault a little draining, but the bangs, ’bots and bombast ensure Fallen has everything Transformers fans will want and expect.
IGN UK Movies
the film reaches its pinnacle with one such action set-piece that takes place in a forest - a brilliantly crafted sequence that is kinetic, emotional and genuinely thrilling. Unfortunately however, it is a climax that comes only an hour or so into the movie - the remaining 80 or so minutes just never quite scale the same heights. That's the one BIG problem with ROTF; the movie stops dead halfway through, and then spends the rest of its overlong run-time building up a head of steam again, painstakingly setting up the eventual climax.

Don't get us wrong, we love Michael Bay and the particular grab-bag of delights only he can bring to blockbuster movies; huge explosions; quick, intense dialogue; lingering , pornographic shots of both girls' asses and military hardware. 90 minutes of Bay-ness makes for a thrilling flick, but if the clock starts ticking past the two hour mark and beyond, it all becomes just too much; your mind and senses need a rest.
Sci Fi Now UK 2/5
It’s paper-thin all the way through, with nothing in the way of characterisation or invention, just misjudged joke after misjudged joke (don’t be surprised to see a Constructicon’s testicles or a Decepticon humping Megan Fox’s leg), danger-less explosion after danger-less explosion and the sort of expositional exchanges that would make a ten-year-old wince. There are arguably one or two surprises but immediately these are followed up with the most formulaic, predictable plot-points, sucking the life out of any drama or tension there might be like a 200 foot vacuum-cleaner Decepticon, which, incidentally, does feature, as does a regular-size vacuum cleaner Decepticon. Troublingly, like so many other recent blockbusters (Terminator Salvation to name but one) there is so little that feels like a real threat: explosions are nothing more than decoration; all Transformers, both Autobot and Decepticon, are in dire need of an intensive training course in how to shoot; the much talked about Fallen comes across as little more than a computer-generated slouch; even Sam and Mikaela appear to be made of an indestructible, alien rubber alloy. ...the action is tediously unengaging and totally sterile, and nowhere near enough of a reward for the 40 minute bout of nothingness that precedes the final act.
The Mirror UK
In terms of explosions, firepower and sheer shrill, all-action, popcorn entertainment it is hard to see how this big'n'bold sequel can be topped this year.

Star Trek might have had more spaceships and aliens and Terminator: Salvation more grim-faced robots, but this Michael Bay summer blockbuster is pure mindless adventure mayhem that sticks firm and hard to its winning formula. In truth, it is a film for teen boys - and a bloomin' long one at that - but is also a guaranteed multiplex crowd pleaser.

Saying that, for the most part it is also a complex lumbering mess of a movie that is long on turgid backstory and short on tension, laughs and subtle acting.
Shiznit UK (4/5)
Here's the thing. Revenge Of The Fallen is a kids' movie; the secret to enjoying it as an adult is to unlock the ten-year-old within (and not the one in your cellar, bunnngg). It is, in common parlance, completely and utterly retarded. The juxtaposition between hardcore military war movie and shitty Saturday morning cartoon feels downright bizarre at times. You'll be creaming at the sight of the US army unloading their weapons on the enemy, only to feel a little ashamed when you remember their enemy is a race of evil alien robots who want to destroy the sun. Somewhere towards the end, when you realise the plot literally centres around magic dust, you'll feel ever-so-slightly silly for enjoying it.

In truth, Revenge Of The Fallen doesn't stray too far from the solid framework built in the first movie. It mixes superb action sequences – directed with panache and almost pornographic glee by a never-better Bay – with frequent scenes of light comic relief, some of which work (squabbling robo-hick siblings Skids and Mudflap provide a few laughs), some of which don't (Wheelie the RC truck humping Fox's leg). Naturally, the robots are the real stars again.


  1. Total Film gave it a 4 out 5.... nice try anyway
    Check other movies and see they have 5 star rating system

  2. i dont care what critics say im still gonna like even if its a lil better then the first

  3. The Rock is a good movie, Michael Bays best but I still dont think he is the man for Transformers, he never was, despite his skills at action sequences. I'm not one of these Bay haters but I cant but i cant help feeling Transformers could of been so much more with someone else directing. We have uninteresting human characters, uninteresting robot characters (apart from optimus prime), annoying and embarrassing human characters and poor plot points.

    Yes its Transformers and its based on toys, cartoons and comics from the 80's but if you read the mythology fully there is great character arc there, some of these robots are great characters and while we get these cheesey hollywood rubbish it will never be realised.

  4. Even on 4/5 reviews like on the Shiznit's one these "professional reviewers" keep telling nonsense like "it's a kid movie" "there is no script" "the dialogue is not worth listening" ... what? These people can't even follow the movie storyline and so they think that it's "mindless"=dumb and just CGI without anything else?
    In which world do they live?
    Transfomers wasn't a kids movie! It's PG-13 for a reason! So Star Trek, Terminator4,The Dark Knight are all kids movies, uh? Everything must be kids movies for them or just because it's a Michael Bay production and despite Steven Spielberg being the executive producer then it's all dumb and not worth listening to?
    Do not trust and do not listen to these "professional reviewers" ! Don't you see? Even those giving a 4.0/5.0 score are actually bashing the movie, they are fake positive reviews. It's a tactic, they are paid to write that stuff in order to bash the movie better!

  5. Robots have Testicles? why do they keep saying pornographic?

  6. JJ Abrams would be my pick if Bay stopped.

  7. I freaking despise movie critics. I really really do. ALL they freaking look for is ONE goddamned thing....characterization. You notice that's the ONLY thing they care about when reviewing movies? Why can't all these idiots learn that certain movies are meant to blow people away with action scenes and NOT JUST character developement. And I'm sick of them bitching about Devastator's big balls and Wheelie humping Mikaela's leg; get a fucking sense of humor, people! Goddamn pussies.

  8. "The critics are mostly irrelvant as most tend to pan action flicks that have no goal beyond providing entertainment for a few hours"..

    ..What? no they have not, they just has something against Bay, and seriously, can you blame them? Is movies are fucking terrible. They are badly written and is action sequences are always a mess.

  9. nothing surprising in the reviews.

    and no doubt i will agree with them, but i'll go see it.

    commenting on the post above. it is mindless and dumb, like the first one, the reviewers live in the real world. you can like something or not like something, but you need to be honesty with yourself about what it is.

  10. Quote: (don’t be surprised to see a Constructicon’s testicles or a Decepticon humping Megan Fox’s leg)

    Oh great... justification for sticky-fic.

  11. I just find it funny because first of all, i loved the first movie and so did a lot of girls i know surprisingly/// second, this movie is going to be making a shit ton of money no matter what anyone says cuz i saw the first one 3 times in theaters/// and 3rd, when you're making a fast paced movie like transformers, there is no time to set up a lot of deeeeeeeeep emotions from characters, a lot of the scenes are improvised and seem less like a written dialogue and more like what a person would actually say in that given situation. thats just my 2 cents but so damn glad to say 8 days!

  12. all i can say is f*ck the people doing the bad reviews...they dont no a good movie if it whacked them in the face....and to the people giving good reviews...then god bless em...:D

  13. All of Michael Bay's movies have gotten nothing but the lowest marks and I LOVE THEM. I just want one big action adventure movie. The longer the better.

    So if ROTF got a 5/5, then clearly it's not a movie worth watching for me.

    5/5 movies are typically the drama ones I don't usually watch more than once or twice on DVD rental.

  14. Why is no one mentioning Jablonsky's score ? Is it good or what ?

  15. stupid Sci-Fi Now UK

  16. sorry to that devastator does have testicles. but i would have given it 9 out a 10. for its small flaws it is a rockin movie.

  17. anonymous 5:36
    yeah very stupid!

  18. Devastator has TENTACLES not TESTICLES!

    Spoilers below :)

    Wheelie Humps Mikelas leg.

    Spoiler done :)

    I will review this film when i see it on either the 20th or 21st and will post the link here for you. I will tell you the good the bad and the robots including all i can remember about who dies and how.

  19. the first movie made how much money? all of Bay's movies have made how much? Yeah, im thinkn, just like all of Bay's films... the box office will show a triumphant victory in movie making. Personally, i think the first movie rocked! Bay was the only man for the job and i cant wait to see the new one. I grew up watching the cartoons and playing with the toys. I know the storyline inside and out. Mr. Bay, WELL DONE!

  20. maybe simmons shoots devastator in the balls and that knocks him down in pain and the autobots take him out. its possible.

  21. I see critic reviews in the same light as Oscar nominations. Most Oscar nominated movies aren't the highest grossing movies of the year. Critics can't seem to enjoy the best of both worlds.

  22. So, could someone clarify for me: Does Devastator really have TESTICLES, or is it just a misprint and it really is TENTACLES? That one shot on the trailer shows him shooting some sort of grappling hook-thing/tentacles onto the pyramid. (Bay would have to be on meth to give Devastator genitals.) Please tell me that it’s TENTACLES!

    I’m worried if they describe The Fallen as a “computer generated slouch”! I hope The Fallen is bad@$$!

    So what if "RotF" is getting not-so-good reviews? Critics rarely give action films good reviews, panning them as "mindless, empty films". Take the movie for what it is: a great, action film based on a 1980’s toyline meant for ENTERTAINMENT. This isn’t meant to be a deep, thought-provoking film!

    "What a darn shame that “RotF” only got 2/5. Oh well, we'll just have to live with $800 million and 3 Oscars." ;)

  23. @So Scorpio does really Devastator have TENTACLES or TESTICLES

  24. I'm pretty sure it's tentacles, if you look in their latest trailer you'll catch a split second glimpse of devastator trying to scale the pyramid and these grappling tentacle like wires shoot out from his right arm (watch carefully it's near the end of the trailer)...though even if he does have testicles...this movie will still rock some serious butt!

  25. Man I can't believe some of you guys, movies are there for entertainment, that's what I look for a movie. If it does'nt entertain me then I don't like it. Transformers is an Entertainment movie, it's built to blow away people a with action CGI and some humors.

  26. I am a fan of Transformers since my childhood. I've watched the first Transformers in the wide silver screen last 2007, and eventually I owned my VCD copy. And now I am waiting for Revenge of the Fallen opening date here in the Philippines.

    Let us see who will win in the battle between Autobots against Decepticons and Devastator "my new destructive idol". Cheers!

  27. i cant stand people who review films, i think all film an music critics should be gunned down, just because they dislike the film they go out an slate it ive seen lots of films that critics hated an i loved, so fuck critics an make up your own mind!!!!

  28. Bah, I see no reason to get upset/worried about ROTF. The British press LOVES giving hyped-up movies bad reviews. I mean, IGN UK gave Star Trek a 2 out of 5 and everyone else thought it was amazing! It's not so much about real reveiws as it is selling papers/ magazines. And WTF is up with this "prono" crap?

  29. Why are u guys defending this movie like "its gonna be awesome" stuff? Im a TF die hard fan..n truth is I watched it on Day 1 release in UK (19 JUNE). Honestly, i was angry too to the critics who give it a bad review, but after watching it, i realised then why they give it such a bad score. It suffers a lot in storyline...SERIUSLY! The good thing is only its CGI fighting stuff and Megan Fox. Apart from that its a PIECE of CRAP. And as a fan of TF, I am TRUELY DISSAPOINTED ABOUT IT! AND I REALLY MEAN IT

  30. ...Why can't these damn critics go away already? WE DON'T NEED THEIR DAMN OPINIONS, WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT OURSELVES.

    The sad part is, most people, even me at points, tend to listen to them. But I'm going to make sure I saw TF2 the way I saw the first: DAMN CRITICS HAVE NO BRAINS.

    TF2 will be amazing. Just don't let those "professionals" get to you.

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