Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Film Journal Talks Metal with TF Writers

I guess Transformers I and II writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have recovered from their two month promotional tour for Star Trek as Film Journal (found on TFW2005) has posted a new article about the duo. Unless they are prepping the help with The Proposal which they produced. Anycase, much of the article covers ground tread before in other interview over the last year about looking at other sequels for inspiration, writing a story with an emotional core, getting locked in hotel rooms with Ehren Kruger after the strike, and so forth. The entire article can be found here.
"For us, the action always emerges from the characters; the audience tunes out random action scenes that don't move the plot forward or take the characters in some new direction," Kurtzman says. "So in Revenge of the Fallen, there are several sequences that we pitched to Michael in detail as part of the characters' stories and he ended up shooting them almost exactly as we pitched them. Of course, he also comes up with great ways to embellish the sequences and no one is better at that than he is."

That information will come in handy as the duo makes their long-planned transition to directing. "The plan is to find the right film for us to direct in the next couple of years," Orci reveals. "We're happy being the guys that write the words, but we want to try everything. It's possible that we'll each direct our own projects, but we might be too jealous of what the other is doing and so we'll both have to do it!" While neither claims to have a dream project right now, there is one franchise that Orci says he's hoping to see realized on the big screen someday. "I'd love to see [Nintendo's] The Legend of Zelda done right."


  1. Legend of Zelda? They will fail. And thinking that they could switch into good directors it's a pretty naive move. Once they will have lost a lot of buck they will understand that they are just writers and what they write doesn't work with every director, in fact with J.J.Abrams their scripts don't work that much..yes Star Trek is nice BUT then look at the tv series Fringe.. it's a lame attempt to copy X-Files and it doesn't work, it has been renewed only thanks to marketing and fake Nielsen ratings, it's absolutely bad if not awful. Their only good scripts are the ones done for Michael Bay. Period.

  2. Zelda would fucking awesome if done right.


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