Saturday, June 20, 2009

Improved Copy of Kitchen Bots Scene, Trailer #3 (Updated)

Thanks to Mauricio, below is a better is an improved copy of the kitchen bots clip and trailer #3 (or trailer #2 alternate cut) that premiered with Terminator Salvation and Night at the Muesum #2.

Update: from moviestvspot Youtube channel is now the HD version of the third theatrical trailer, added below.

Kitchen Bots Clip

Trailer #3

Theatrical Trailer #3 (HD)


  1. i think that the kitchen bot clip is not complete but anyways it was fun watching it.

  2. does anyone know if we a look at optimus change from his non alt mode, into the alt mode? (human robot form to truck)???? We have not seen this in the first or any of the clips from the rotf trailers...

    I think it would be a sight to see...

  3. ^^ That is an interesting question. I don't really remember too many alt changes, aside from when starscream did the jump change after attacking ironhide and rachet in the first movie. I would like to see more of those.

  4. yeah i heard it was confirmed that u see Prime transform from Robot to truck,

  5. *Mild Spoiler*

    I've just seen the film. Prime is seen transforming into his truck.


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