Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Bay Career Retrospective

From IGN is a retrospective on the career of Transformers director Michael Bay from his days as a director of commercials for Budweiser, Nike and Coca-Cola followed by break out effort with Bad Boys that launched his and Will Smith's careers to the next level. This was followed with The Rock that started to nail down the classic Bay-hem style and perfected with Armageddon. Bay did experience some duds with Pearl Harbor and The Island but by then he had branched out into producing with Platinum Dunes and a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror, Hitcher, Friday the 13th and soon A Nightmare on Elm Street. All this accumulates with his most successful film to date - Transformers that may be surpassed by its sequel. The full article is here. Thanks to Brian for the link.


  1. Here's a novel idea for micheal bay

    when making transformers 3 , make sure you blow up all the film that you use in making movies. Now that is a true blockbuster

  2. The Island is his most underrated film. It's my second favorite next to the Transformers movies. Just because it didn't make a lot of money people blew it off but it's a really good movie.

  3. Are you going for a competition against the movie "Super Bad" or "American Pie"???? I really couldn't tell. I am very surprised and disappointed that you're whole focus in the new Transformers 2 movie is, "How many times can we reference the male genitalia?"
    I thought this was a kid/parent movie franchise, not just some other trumped up excuse to focus on sex. The first movie had more than enough reference. Why did you need to try to add 300 times more to it? I couldn't believe that I was sitting there, watching that with my children and all along thinking, "Is this the same people that made the fairly great movie a couple of years back?"
    Please do the world a favor and DO NOT make another sequel. You've ruined the namesake of the movie enough already. Have your sexual fantasies off of the screen please.


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