Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Shia and Megan From France

The other day I posted an interview with Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox on a French TV show. Below is another video from the country with the two Transformers 2 as they promote Revenge of the Fallen, only this time it is in English with French subtitles. Thanks to Hanna for the link.

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  1. this movie was a let down when they said more robots and more action and i think they said less humans. the movie style and mood was the same as the first but switch the fouces on the decepticons instead of the autobots more human talking and camera time and you might as well call this a big long movie ad for the arm forces. the pop music felt the same and the score was weak. the only good thing from the movie is more detail of the robots but thats all i got from this movie. when bay said the same feel as the first movie is what he was going for he meant it to bad i felt rob when i left the theater and can only hope he gos more robots less the same and fouces the character and voice and backstory of the transformers. if bay likes the new direction of directing animation he should do the whole movie on the transformers or get a new writer and director.


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