Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ROTF Game Multi-Player Walkthrough

A new walkthrough video from GameTrailers.com for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen The Game. This time it’s the player as Starscream as he takes on other plays in the multi-player mode. It almost makes me want to buy a current gen system to get the game. Mostly a Wii-man myself but due to the graphics, this game is something you either get for the 360 or PS3 or don't bother to get at all. Thanks to v1p3rS for the link.


  1. Well I'll probably be picking this up on launch day or a little after for the 360. Multi isn't really that interesting to me but the game looks good overall. An average movie game and I look forward to playing it.

  2. if you want to play multiplayer I'll be on the 360. Multiplayer is the only reason I'm buying it.

  3. TornadoQuakeX6/16/2009 6:44 PM

    Freakin sweet! I can't wait to play a Transformers video game for the first time online! It's going to be awesome! Too bad they didn't include more characters like the Constructicons or Sideswipe. Breakaway should be cool to play as. Love the toy.

  4. Buying on 23rd, early morning so i play all day befor midnight show!

  5. anyone know if the decepticons are gonna have that stupid forcefield like in the first one? the only way to defeat them was a melee attack. it looks like you can shoot them in this one. i wasn't gonna buy it but i think i will now


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