Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Swerve, Gears Bios

The Arker has posted a few more images of Transformers 2 toys in their packaging including the card backing for Deluxe Gears and Swerve. Gears is a repaint of Stockade and Swerve is a repaint of Sideswipe so neither is in the movie.

Deluxe Swerve Bio
Swerve is highly intelligent, though you wouldn't know it to watch him drive. His duties as a metallurgist and fabricator for the Autobots expose him to a lot of toxic chemicals, which his circuits have been constantly exposted to for years. He has trouble holding a straight line as a result. The other Autobots prefer to keep him far away from battle since he aims about as well as he drives.
Deluxe Gears Bio
If there's a negative angle to be found in any situation, Gears will find it. It's not that he's a miserable guy, or even that he's unhappy on Earth. He just really likes complaining. Nothing makes him happier than having something to grip about. The other Autobots actually find his complaining funny, rather than annoying, which is part of the reason he keeps on doing it.

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