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Transformers London Sneak Peak Report, Spoilers

Earlier today, a few lucky Transfans around London got to go to a sneak preview of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. They were able to win tickets via various contests that Paramount UK was running. Blog reader Ali was one of those few and he provided the below pictures of the momento tickets he recieved for the occasion (thanks!). His report is mostly spoiler free but consider this a warning just in case.
Before the film started the lady briefly spoke about it and how were not able to put up a review up until Monday. She also mentioned we were the first to view the fully completed version; the one that was shown in Japan wasn’t fully complete.

Well first impressions it definitely packs a punch, jam packed in every sense - the story, action, definetly more robots, more humour but some of the humour was dragging a bit and not needed e.g. Sam's roommate Leon. The robots look awesome and you can actual see more detail in transformation, in particular keep an eye out (not that I think you'll miss it) for Ironhide's first transformation & Demolisher and also the fight scenes are much more detailed. Definitely glad I’m watching it at the IMAX and would recommend IMAX over regular cinema especially for this film, Michael Bay wasn’t lying. Those actual IMAX scenes are going to look AWESOME. The sound quality wasn’t as great and I’m mentioning this because there were times where I missed lines times & couldn’t understand what was being said, the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square is setup more like a theatre and kinda ol skool.

Things I can remember about the robots... everyone mentioned more or less is in the film, the twins start off as the ice cream trucks then they upgrade. Alice transforms. I remember seeing Bonecrusher, but no voiceover. More Decepticons come down but are not named; I can’t remember extra voiceovers for any Autobots or Decepticons. ...I know you'll enjoy it, everyone was clapping when the film was finished, I definitely am looking forward to going to watching it at the IMAX, you know what they say second times a charm.
In addition, Ali reports that three of the four IMAX scenes are the Demolisher scene, forest fight, and Devastator.

For those looking for more spoilers, below is a report from TFW2005. Thanks to Scalan15 for the link. Highlight to read.
To answer many frequent questions
- NO Barricade in movie
- No explanation why Megan Fox puts the white dress on and holds the flowers, just does it for no reason it would seem
- No explanation what the Twins reformat from the Ice Cream truck, they just do it in the hanger
- Bikes do NOT combine (you only see the rider ladies once and one bike is killed at end or badly shot)
- Optimus/ Jetfire combination NOT permenant, one whole booster ripped off fighting with Megatron and the Fallen. Prime tears rest off at battles end
- Jolt appears out of nowhere 1/2 way into film on the runway (as does Ratchet) and you old see Jolt one other time from what I could see. Never a main shot or close up of him. His hands sizzle electricity like the SW Emperor. He must have less than 5 seconds screen time
- There are LOADS of constructicons, after Devastator has combined you still see Mixmater and Long Haul loads, plus others
- Bonecrusher from 1st movie appears in truck mode
- You do see Soundwaves head but he never transforms. Voice is Welkers G1 Megatron voice
- The "Blackout/Grindor" bot is never explained, just appears, slightly different head to Blackout though
- Sideways only seen for robot for split second then back to car, then Sideswipe cuts him in half longways
- FINALLY a shot of Optimus turning into the truck!
- Megatron is a triple changer, you see him as robot, tank and a jet. Jet looked like tank but with flat wings, hard to see
- Mixmaster is triple changer, robot, truck and weapons platform. Uses platform mode twice at the end
- Shot of the protoforms arriving, some reused footage from first film. Some first film footage used with more prototforms added

Best Lines from the film
- The Twins "That hurt" - "It's an ass kicking, it's supposed to"
- The Twins "Maybe he's just a pussy!"
- The Twins when they see Devastator "Look at that mother f*BANG*"
- Jetfire (when hanger doors won't open) "Oh bollocks!"
- Jetfire "I'm too old for this crap!"

The good
- SUPERB Special effects, truely amazing
- The music score is great again, some lovely chior pieces
- Optimus is solid, really kicks ass - As does Bumblebee when he tries!
- Action, action, action!
- Some lovely moments between Starscream and Megatron

The bad
- Sam's mum getting stoned - Really annoying pointless scene
- Alice - Pointless character and waste of screentime
- And I am very, very, VERY sorry to say - Devastator. Totally pointless him being in the film. He doesn't get involved in the final battle and Simmons bringing him down is very WTF, by far Devastator biggest let down in movie
- When Sam dies and goes to Autobot heaven - WTF???

Stuff different from trailers
- Bumblebee never says "what is your purpose Sam" like in the Showest footage - I might be wrong about this one
- Some of the Showest sections are different takes in final film
- The military guy saying "Looks exactly like a truck" not in movie
End spoilers


  1. I have to say, some of these spoilers I'm taking with a grain of salt. For example- when he says Sam going to Autobot Heaven, I don't think the guy actually knew what was going on, maybe Sam got knocked out and in that moment his mind was takin elsewhere. Also, he mentions that "Alice is a pointless character". Well..if your spying on someone, how can that be pointless? One more thing I have to add is how is Devastator pointless as well? Is it because he didn't have much screen time or is it because he wanted to see Devastator more? I guess in his defense the only thing I can say that I do agree with is Bay using the same footage from the first, like the bots arriving from space scenes.

  2. Nice to see the disinformation campaign is at full speed ahead. I've seen the movie and this report is 75% inaccurate. This person doesn't even mention the end scene after the credits.

  3. FYI the spoilers are visible even though you said to highlight. i fugure i'd comment on that because its being moderated.

  4. even if this guy is true about all the stuff he's saying im sure this movie is still gonna be bad ass i trust bay

  5. i'm starting to get really worried.

  6. Thanks, corrected the text color so it would be hidden.

  7. yea worried is right i was hoping this was gonna be a bad ass movie and if its not ill be pretty pissed

  8. Soounds like Bay is either putting out mis-information or he's still cutting and is using premiers to test the film. I thought I heard somewhere ILM would be taking this down to the wire, they could still be ready for the 24th if they sent the final cut out to print on Monday.

  9. ok this cant be real...sam dying...bulls**t...ok someone tell me this isnt real before i freak out

  10. im not worried and you guys shoulded worry to......i mean come on!!! like you guys are not gonny see the film because of this? exited!!!the movies gonny be bad ASS!!!!!!

  11. First off, let me say this ... don't judge the movie until you have seen it. Remember, the first TF didn't get glowing reviews, either. It was just brushed off as a summer action flick. Look how much money that "action flick" made. And how many times have you all probably watched it over and over (both in theater and on DVD)?

    Second, when scenes from a movie are taken out of context, it came seem down right crappy. If I see the movie and then tell you, "Oh yeah, Devastator gets taken down with one shot," you'd say wow that sounds like crap. Why would you want to see that? But if I detailed out the entire scene leading up to that, including the awesome scene where he shouts his own name ... well, you would then most likely get chills. Like in the first TF, when Megatron finally unfreezes and utters his own name, that scene I can watch over and over. Just awesome! So G1!

    And third, how long do you think this movie would be if Bay tried to tell the story of each of the characters we are fans of. Not just Soundwave. Look, they're extras, they get their brief screen time just like any non-critical supporting actor would in any other movie. I hope Soundwave gets a bigger role in the third movie, but for now this will do just fine.

    Oh, and as a final thought ... we all bitched the first time because Megatron and Starscream weren't on screen long enough bickering. Bay now puts that in this movie, and we bitch about Soundwave and Devastator. Give the guy a break. He's trying (and his budget isn't endless) and I'm sure this movie will easily become the biggest blockbuster this summer. Period!

  12. im a bit disappointed if what this guy said is true :(

  13. Wait a sec! No Barricade? Even after reports and pictures of the Saleen Mustang on the set during filming? That immediatly raises a yellow flag in my book.

  14. SAM dies????? omg i think i just ruined the movie for myself..


  15. Hardcore fans make up about 15 to 20% of the total movie going audience. Bitch loud enough and you might get one or two bones thrown your way, but the other 80% (regular fans and just those who want to see the movie) are, simply put, just more important when it comes to making money.

    Mess with that too much, try too hard to please the hardcore fans, and you risk loosing the other 80%. Case in point, Watchmen.

    Who saw that movie? Mainly hardcore fans. And the movie bombed.

  16. I don't believe this at all. Shia signed on for the trilogy, unless he gets taken through a space bridge, and they claim that as "dying" I don't believe this at all. Not one bit. He pretty much said the exact same stuff the guy before said.

    This movie is going to be epic, I am still convinced of this. It is already explained why Megan Fox is in the white dress, prom. So there goes that theory.

  17. How could it be any worse than the first movie?

  18. Maybe Sam gets stuck on Cybertron when the movie ends???? Never know here guys... relax, its going to be amazing.

  19. errr..most of what he said makes sense , read the comics , its the most ridiculous bit of story writing ever . The only reason why I'm waiting for this movie is the bots and it seems even that is rubbish , constructicons/devastator running around , no soundwave , rehashing old robots ....bonecrusher/blackout????

    The optimus scenes look awesome though , and thats probably what'll save this children's movie ...

  20. For those who havent watched it stop making pointless speculations, all will be revealed and will make sense.

  21. I though sam passed out and is visited in his dream by the original twelve primes who had been slaughter by the fallen. They resurrect him along with the matrix of leadership.... Thats how it goes in the book anyway.

    Thats a bummer about Barricade though.

  22. I'm a huge transformers fan and, so far since these recent spoilers hit the net if that they are true, i am truely disappointed. But i dont fully beleive it yet since it is yet still a early blog.

    as far what i have said all in all of what i've heard the most of all im disappointed in is


    the missing of Barricade!

    if this is true, i am truly upset!!!!!

  23. Here's another review from someone else that was at the screening;

  24. These spoilers are absolutely fake. He wrote that there would be reused footage from the first movie? Geez, what a pathetic statement!
    It's one of the most expensive movies to date with the best CGI by ILM ever and they would be putting scenes from the first movie,uh? And how would Bay do that, exactly? Not only he would never ever do that, he never did such a thing in any of his movies before... just think... and then all 3D models have been upgraded, all scenes are different from the first movie, different places, different actors.... and too many new characters overall.
    Re-used footage what?? THE REVIEW IS FAKE ! Do not trust these fake reviews! Go and watch the movie with your own eyes and judge with your own brain. Do not let studio plants bashing the franchise own you.
    Remember.. HarryPotter6 is going to be released just a couple weeks after Transformers2 and the WarnerBros marketing machine is huge.. they want to scare you and have you disappointed from watching Transformers2 .. they want to judge the movie for you and hurt the Transformers franchise because they are scared of people wanting to go and see this second movie.

  25. Arcee has no lines NOR being a combiner and "dies"? That would be disappointing.

  26. wait so no matter what there will be another devy yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss two devestators beter than 1 yes I going to see this movie no matter what the review says it great robots swearing thats ok i don't mind it cool
    don't think it bad now people judge it through your eyes not what you hear

  27. Devy is not in the final battle wait a minute what about that sucking attack you don't call that a battle what the hell is wrong with you,
    Devy sucking might cost a lot of money but I can't wait my brother love devy were both fans of transformers snice we saw the first movie can't wait

  28. I think it's rather silly and presumptious to base one's excitement on a wall of text that isn't even in chronological order, based on one's limited vision and personal expectations.

    There's only so much you can take in at one sitting. If it's fake, it's fake. If it's real, it's real. All I'm certain of is that this is completely out of context. Like the dude wasn't really paying attention.

  29. If anyone wants any spoilers then let me know I was one of the lucky ones who saw this last night and i havent stop talkign about it since, The dies thing is true but he is resustiated back so Sam will be back in the 3rd movie.

    There so much about this movie that is better than the first movie (which also rocked). My fav part was the fighting. Prime fighting against megatron, star scream and the helicopter is just amazing, i literally had an open jaw.

    As i said i wont give away any of the story but to say it is uterly great.

  30. hi view clip Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

  31. Nuew clip

    espero que te ayude a postear tengo muchisima informacion de los transformers esenas nunca antes vistas

  32. Remember the last inside scoop from a screening? The guy said acree combines once. This guy says she doesn't. OK ... now who do we believe? Neither. Just go watch the movie for yourselves.

  33. Oh and I can confirm all of the spoilers are correct.

    I was disapointed with devastators easy of destruction, sams near death experience and Alice was pointless and was just a bit too like terminator / battlestar ie humanoid robot.

    But this is nit picking. The movie rocked the effects were amazing, prime is kick ass and the score is great.

    ONe thing i need to ask someone when they've seen it. It seemed to be an error it editing but they showed mixmaster combine into devastator and then a little later you saw him fighting autobots. Not sure if i missed something.

    Oh and the bad sound quality is just the screen it is an old theatre house and doesnt have the best sound system.

  34. Funny how all these spoilers only reveal scenes that were already shown in the previews and then pile on a whole bunch of "and this guy wasn't in it and this guy dies". But no real detail. I call fake.

  35. If the Warner Bros. marketing machine is doing this, it's certainly effective because including myself, there are a lot of worried people out there. Doesn't mean I won't see it opening day, but I'm a little worried. Ya know it's funny, everything I see (trailers, tv spots, etc.) are out of this world and make me seize out in excitedness. A lot of the things I read though are what worries me. I think we need to step back, relax, take a deep breadth and remember the old saying "Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see."

  36. this review is not fake. the guy gives his opinion on the film, if you don't lie you don't like it.

    the adaptations are easy to find now at stores, almost everything he says is backed up by it.

  37. Oh!!! I think I know!!! Sam gets caught in the space bridge and ends up on cybertron. And that is what he thinks is "Autobot heaven".

  38. I can promise you this was no fake, i dont want to go into too much detail as i dont want to ruin anything too much. I promise you that.

    But guys and girls dont be worried, this film is better than the first and the transfights are just mind blowing trust me :)

    If anyone wants any big spoilers im happy to give but its better to wait trust me. Ive already booked with me and 4 friends to go see it on imax on friday :)

  39. By the way Chris... Terminater came after Transformers. Don't you remember Bay saying that Terminator was too much like transformers?

  40. *SPOILER*


    Sam does go in a space bridge but not to cybertron, we dont see cyberton in the movie.

    Sam gets caught in a megatron blast, gets thrown through the air and lands unconcious. thats when you see his vision. [/spoilers]

  41. @Anonymous 6/13/2009 11:46AM: everything he says is on trailers and novels. He tells nothing new, he is just bashing and telling how awful is this and that. He must be paid to bash a movie like this, there are many stupid guys floating on the 'net but he sounds like a WarnerBros plant, which is the studios most interested in having Transformers2 fail at the box office.. they are scared and they want to push people into watching HarryPotter6. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE! And remember, they were bashing the first Transformers movie back in 2007 as well.

  42. come on guys!!! dont get let down!!! go see the movie!!!! dont lession to this guy who cares!! sams mom getting stoned? who cares!! why yall bitch over small things?! i think sams mom getting stoned is pretty funny!! its just comedy!!!man!! come on!!! i know devys gonny kick ass!!!and soundwave!!!!!!!

  43. I will be seeing it on the 20th or 21st and will post a full review of who lives and dies (From what i will be able to remember) Seriously though if any of this is true fans will be annoyed though according to some of the stuff i have seen i believe the Devastator part is true.

    Oh and by the way the Jolt part has to be fake his only sparking pieces are his Electro whips and energyballs he can fire.

  44. o.k i think that this movie will be great... but still they createad Devestator with BALLS? wtf? maybe im wrong but this is really kinda stupid joke?! XD
    going to Autobot heavean? (im confused)
    and some people below talked about Primes death? can anybody explain to me?

  45. ok chris... how long is the shanghia scene and how long does demolisher last in the shanghi scene... and also is ransack in the movie...and is breakaway in it? thanks

  46. Chris-

    i just want to know one thing, when optimus and jetfire combine is it amazing? and does optimus actually lay a smack down on megs and the fallen in jetprime mode?

    also hows ravage in the movie? is he still taken ot by bumblebee?

  47. Chris

    is the the jetfire/optimus combo awesome?

    does he take out/beat the crap out of megatron and fallen in jetprime mode?

  48. Im off to the premiere here in the UK on monday,so will try & write a review for you all.

  49. This could be just something that this guy is saying to throw us off. Who knows? I just hope it's a good movie.

  50. Hey,
    Chris, ***SPOILERS**** Read at own risk,
    I think that Jetfire rips out his own spark and then O Prime uses his remaining pieces. Not sure, but thats what Ive heard. I hope this info is inacurate, Devy must Live LONGER!!lol

    Oh and I found a new pic of Arcee in her box!!
    Here's the Link

  51. Hey Chris, I've already heard from someone legit that has seen the movie, they said that Megatron flys into space, then flys past Jupiter to Cybertron where he talks to Starscream and the Fallen

  52. there is a UK review posted on IGN

  53. I don't know what to believe anymore. I really hope we don't get dissapointed. We have been pourng our heart and soul into this second movie. I really hope it doesn't let us down. I'll find out next Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. ;]

  54. Hey I think Anthony Anderson is voicing Jolt! It says it where It tells you who's acting in it.
    look here's the link:

  55. MrMississippi6/13/2009 10:43 PM

    i think these comments are more spoiling than the review....u guys practically know everything about the movie...

  56. everything on IMDB is bullshit, tony Todd is voicing the Fallen and Mark Ryan is voicing Bumblebee and Jetfire

  57. sorry wasnt on here.

    The demolisher shangai isnt very long at all, it is just a way to show how the autobots are working with the humans with the nest set up. Prime kicks his ass big time.

    The Jetfire combo is great. i loved it and the cannons on his back are great. I thought jetfire was abit too jokery but when he sacrificed himself to a prime that redeemed it for me :)

    megatrom does fly off with starscream but as far as i could tell it was to a crashed decepticon ship, not cybertron. Here you see decepticons hatching but without enough energon they arent surviving.

    I really liked ravage, pitty he isnt a cassette but at least he is ejected from soundwave. You see him use his rear rockets which is cool and yeah bumblebee gets his hands on him :)

    Hope i havent ruined it for anyone i didnt want to spoil anything just to highlight that i have been to the movie, loved it and although not perfect it is a great visual movie :)

  58. In the show-west footage there was a clip where we saw Megatron fighting another bot at the top of a skyscraper. I'm wondering if this part is actually included in the final movie. I haven't noticed anyone commenting this scene after the premiere. Is it one of the "arguments" with Starscream?

    Now this was much debated, but to me it looked like another bot was ripping Megatrons arm off.
    Now, after what i've heard so far, it would not suprice me if this scene was cut from the movie, and that Megatron suddenly appears with a different looking arm half-way in the movie without any explanation.

  59. I'm just commenting to let everyone know that i saw another TV spot that isent up here yet and i saw it a few days ago

    from what i remember from it the only new footage is sam walking into a kitchen and like 4 appliances transforming. it seemed like they were firing at sam but im not sure and they were all brightly colored i hope thats true :)

  60. The more I read the more I'm getting worried. More humour isn't necessarily a good thing, not when it comes to Bay who throws humour in at the worst possible time. Sam's mom getting stoned? WTF...

    not to mention that with all the robots in the film you KNEW a good amount of them would have very little screen time/no lines/no names/no explanation for why they are there or who they are. When I frist read months ago about them touting all the bots in the film I didn't like that meant more action with very little substance in between. Bleh

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