Monday, July 27, 2009

The "Father" of G1 Transformers Interview

The Rusting Carcass has posted a long interview with Bob Budiansky, an editor and writer for Marvel Comics back in the 80s. His name probably doesn't mean much too many but he is essentially the "father" of the Generation One Transformers that we know and love and helped create the foundation for all that has followed these 25 years. With a few exceptions, fan favorites such as Megatron, the Dinobots, Sideswipe, Shockwave and more all were named and defined under his pen as he created the initial Tech Specs on the boxes and devised their back-story and personalities that were used in the cartoon series and US Transformers comics from then on (but not always exactly followed of course).

Click here to read the full interview as he attempts to recount how he became involved with Transformers, how some of the names were created (Megaton + Tron = Megatron), and more. (via TFormers)


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  2. i thought the interview was very insightful


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