Friday, July 10, 2009

Life-Size Optimus Prime and M&M Statues

In an event in Hong Kong for Transformers that showed the toys from G1 days to present, there was a life sized statue of Optimus Prime on display along with a silver statue of the Prime M&M. Few pictures below, rest of the gallery is here. As for the bronze M&M Prime statue, that can be yours for $100 shipping and whatever the winning bid is on eBay. (via TFW2005, TFormers)


  1. While that life-sized Optimus is pretty cool (we've seen a similar large Prime before, haven't we?), I'd love to see someone make one that size but with the actual detail it needs to look like the CGI Prime. When you're working at that scale, it's not difficult to do.

    My guess the reason why it's so simple it because it needs to be put together quickly. But still. It'd be pretty rad to see all the little details.

  2. i guess it was all they could do for optimus even though he had thousands of pieces in his body. im pretty sure its not the real size because the doors on the side of his chest (next to the windshields) seem a little small, compared to the two people shanding on the second floor to the right. they wouldn't be able to fit in. as for the m&m statue, looks pretty awesome.

  3. hahaha im in love with the M&M Transformer!! lol! And the optimus statue rocks...though i wouldn't really call it life size as much because if you look at the ratio between the movie size accordingly to a human standing next to it (Such as Tyrese) you can see its HUGE. But on the other hand, I love it! They should make one that replicates Optimus..exact size and everything!

  4. Stop Complaining. Its Awesome and thats that. You guys are like the stupid critics that gave the movie bad reviews, old and always complaining about nothing.


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