Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plans in Motion for Transformers 3?

The debate seems to continue as to whether Paramount will push for Transformers 3 to be released on July 1st, 2011 or if they will concede to director Michael Bay's preference of a break and push it back to June 2012. Associated Content revisits the debate and seems to indicate that while Paramount would prefer 2011 the decision on Michael Bay returning for TF3 will ultimately decide things. Thanks to Hanna for the link.
Though it is debatable whether a new Transformers movie could be made by 2011, but is looking to be a certainty is two of the main players coming back for a third installment. Director Michael Bay has stated that he wants to come back to the third chapter after a small break from "fighting robots", and star Shia LaBeouf has also stated that he would come back at least one more time. It's a smart decision, as this is a franchise that could continue to make both parties very wealthy over the long term.


  1. i hope 2011 but i really dont mind if it takes a year longer as long as they make the next one freakin amazing so good it beats titanics box office records

  2. Yes more amazing, less dogs humping, more robots thumping!

  3. if Bay directs it. i won't pay to see it.

  4. I agree 100%

  5. After the lessons learned from the current film, they should certainly take some more time to release a better film in 2012.

  6. @Ben
    The 2nd movie wasn't so bad but if this is the last TF movie I'm going to see,pls make the 3rd movie be better than the 1st and 2nd.Here are some suggestions:

    1.If there are more transformers appearing in the next film,put more screen time and character development for them.
    2.Some of the scenes in the movie didn't come naturally,e.g:the scene of Lennox and the glasses dude on the plane in the 2nd film.
    3.If the movie still need more consideration in making it,don't rushed it.

    Hope for the best in the 3rd film!:)

  7. Here's my tips:
    1)Kill off Skids and Mudflap; And DO NOT create any more dumbass, Stepin Fetchit/Mantan Moreland, Sambobots to "make the kids laugh";
    2)If you're going to do Unicron, PLEASE don't do him like Galactus was done in the FF2 film;
    3)Bring in Ultra Magnus, Brawn, Sunstreaker, Elita One, Inferno, Kup, Cosmos (maybe tie in some Leo Ponce DeLeon Spitz scene with him, Sam, and Mikaela), Thundercracker, Superion, The Stunticons, Bruticus - yes, I know, wishful thinking, but hey - if George Lucas rendered thousand of CloneTroopers for Attack of the Clones, maybe ILM can render alot more Transformers for Transformers 3;
    4)Get rid of all the tired-ass sexual innuendo: a couple is okay, but one every few minutes is stupid;
    5)As best as possible, get rid of the tired-ass stereotypes;
    6)Make it 3 - 3 1/2 hours, make it in 3-D HD IMAX, with SURROUND SOUND

    Wishful thinking, I know.

  8. I am hoping 2011 because they are trying to open the attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood along with the third movie and the ride is slatted for opening in the summer of 2011.

  9. Why not just get rid of M. Bay and move it into 2011? I think Bay is an OK director, but he is far from the end-all-be-all. We are starting to see more of the limitations of his "genius", as reflected in some of the comments by Orci and partner.

    To be honest, I remember Bay insinuating that he might not be around for TF3. Now all of a sudden he is definitely saying he will return. Sounds like he has realized that he needs TF3 much more than it needs him.

  10. Ok I have to admit...Transformers1 had a better plot and story line then 2 but had a little less action and less Transformers2 had more robots, more action and less plot or story line and everything was happening to fast...

  11. To add on to that...they should have made it a little bit longer like as long as maybe 4hrs or 5hrs longer to introduce all the charactors in the movie...incuding the robots well the 7 primes and the fallens history...for the 3rd TF they should maybe take thier time with it and do a little bit more history on the transformers or maybe ask for some of the fans thoughts of what the Transformers 3 should be about because to be honest this is more than just a movie to people some people have dreamed of the day as little kids to see a real live TF movie and it has in fact come true...u' cant just walk away from something like this u' have to finish it with a bang..Michel Bay doesnt know or maybe he knows proably not that he's started somethin' he has to name is D'metrius Grant and my email ( would realy like to talk to someone or just here me out...

  12. Dmetrius Grant again...As I was saying, I myself is a die heart Transformers fan as well as others would like to see more storylines, plots and a little bit more real acting in the Transformers movies...and if possible make it a little bit more longer maybe 4 or 5hrs long, make it worth our wildest dreams and moeny, make it fuckin' better than any movies out there...and dont get me wrong both movies was fuckin' greater then a bag of dicks (no homo) but it had little bit of pot holes that should have been filled in already...To Michel Bay your a great director no one could have pulled this off better than u' did other directors was scared to do it and thought it was impossible but u' did it and dem' penis dips is hatein' they ass off of how successful it is and by the way thanks for puttin' my sister's squaderen in Transformers 1 & 2 and thanks for showing the AWAX Jet to Air Force all day baby...but come pep's open yall mouthes this shit here is serious, not only to me but to the fans who grew up on "TRANFORMERS".


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