Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ROTF Leader Optimus Prime Variant

According to TFW2005, a variant version of Leader class Optimus Prime may be released in November (currently Japan only) that has modified gas tanks that combine to form the big gun Prime wielded against Megatron in the movie. He will also have a modified head sculpt that removed the faceplate. Hopefully this will also get released on the states.


  1. why cant they just release Prime with all the goodies? Double blade and double gun? I have Leader Class Prime from first movie, but it doesnt have the conversion sounds that my leader class Megs has (from first). I am willing to buy the new leader class prime because of the combining option with Jetfire...but seriously stop milking it Hasbro.

  2. looks like this prime is definetly worth the wait. i sooo want him right now!!!!

  3. I wasn't sure how else to share this info, so sorry it is kind of unrelated to the actual post. However, I think many G1 transformers fans will be super excited to hear this.

    According to a release from Luxoflux there will be a DLC pack coming later this summer for the ROTF video game that features 10 new playable characters. Anounced so far are Sideswipe and a G1 Starscream! Sounds like they will be available for both multiplayer and single player as well. Check out Team Xbox for more details and a sweet pic of Starscream.

    Overall, I would say this should make the game a definite buy for Transformers fans. I have the game and the multiplayer is great fun. It was good enough that several friends who aren't even huge fans shelled out money for the game because they enjoyed it so much. Single player is ok, but nothing especially great.

  4. Tedimus Prime7/16/2009 9:47 AM

    Ok, i already own the new leader class prime, and my only real complaint was his lack of a gun, but honestly, im not sure how much i'd buy THIS toy either, due to the fact he doesnt have a face mask, I'll just look for the gun on this guy and try to mod it into my prime.

  5. hasbro=no brain

  6. It looks pretty good, but the only thing I would buy this gun, it is the true value of this figure, if we consider the original version, shame I only made ​​the barrel in the Japanese version, it is very good , and I have the original version, although the version of HFTD has two cannons, which is better, and although the transformation of guns HFTD version is less complex, is better, because apparently you can put the guns in both hands and has many "cracks"in the gas tank in vehicle mode as Buster, had they done that in the original version of Buster (Leader) the above would have been absolutely perfect.


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