Monday, July 06, 2009

Transformers 2 #1 Second Weekend in Row

All week long since Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs came out last Wednesday the two movies have been battling it out at the domestic box office trading number one spots pretty much every other day of the week. The weekend ended with an estimated $42.5 tie between the two movies, the last time this occurred was 11 years ago between The Man in the Iron Mask versus Titanic.

Now the final numbers are in an Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen can claim itself as the number 1 movie for the second weekend in a row with a $42.3 million take to Ice Age 3's $41.7 million. The victory could either be credited to the additional 233 theatres TF2 is in or $4.6 million from IMAX sales. Take your pick. This increases TF2 domestic total to $293.4 million. The international take has not been reported and remains at the estimated $55 million for a total of $298 million bringing the worldwide total to $591.4.

With these new totals, ROTF moves up in rank on a few major listings:
- #31 on the All-Time Domestic
- #46 on the All-Time Worldwisde
- #10 on the Best Independence Day weekend

Overall, Revenge took a 61.2% nosedive from last weekend’s near record breaking high so the longevity of this film is still too tough to call as next weekend will provide some usable numbers but the following week Harry Potter 6 lands and all films are going to be shoved to the side in favor of that blockbuster.

Box Office Totals (in millions)

*estimate of sales


  1. While I agree that a movie "opening" on more screens gives it better numbers at the beginning, I've always felt it had less and less impact the farther a movie gets from its opening night. A movie can open on 5000 screens, but if word of mouth is bad on it then those seats will just remain empty into the second week.

    I think $293.4 million domestically is quite a good take for a movie that got smacked around by reviewiers. (just goes to show that most are out of touch) And a worldwide total of $591.4 million? Well, that's just amazing.

    Was it the best TF movie ever? Nope, but it was damn good. I'm sure TF3 will be the best of both.

  2. wow! almost $300M both domestically/internationally and $600M worldwide!

    this movie is surpassing the first one by miles.

    i'm so happy for it :)

  3. I've seen it twice, consider it the best of the two, saw it in imax last night, WOWZA!! And I think I'm goign to do a 1st for me, and go see it a third time. Yeah, I want to see Harry Potter, but it doesn't give me any sorts of tingles as waiting impatiently for this movie did :)

  4. Man seriously was I watching a different movie then you people? I walked out of the theatre angry that I wasted 2 and a half hours of my life.

  5. No, Anonymous @9:21pm, we both saw the exact same movie. The only difference is that we went in expecting to see a fun and entertaining action flick, and you were expecting a masterpiece befitting of Michael Angelo. How about we set some realistic expectations?

  6. Ha well first off - I don't know who Michael Angelo is.. But I do know who Michelangelo is. And secondly I actually wanted some mindless fun. The first movie was mindless fun. The sequel was more like 2 1/2 hours of really irritating characters. And any character robot or human alike with any semblance of cool had very little screentime. Hence - me not walking out of the theatre 'mindlessly entertained' but 'mindlessly annoyed.'

  7. Giant robot have scene off a small furry animal next up that four eyed git and his ginger mate.

  8. @Anonymous 3:23am -

    Well, what I really want to know is what you thought was so different between the two movies to make you hate this one so much? The reason I ask that is because my problem with the movie was that essentially both were the same. Just replace the cube with the matrix, and replace Megatron with The Fallen. It's a little longer because the fight scenes were extended, but otherwise it's the same movie!

    So, if you loved the first one, why not this one? We get more Starscream and Megatron action, which is what we were all screaming for the last time. We get to see Optimus kick some serious ass, which is what we were complaining about in the last movie. People complain the movie was too long, but to fit everything in there that we wanted to see the movie would have been 3 1/2 hours long.

    And don't give me this crap about Jolt not having enough screen time. That was a robot put in at the last second because GM wanted that car in the movie. If GM hadn't bitched so much, that car would never have been in the movie anyway.

    Your problem with this movie is the same as all the other reviewers', you let the hype get to you and went into this movie expecting to see EVERYTHING you WANTED to see. And when Bay didn't deliver, you throw a fit and come on this site to bash it without giving any real examples of why it was so bad. -- Oh wait, you did say you hated it because none of the cool characters had any screen time. Because Prime, Megatron, Starscreem and Soundwave aren't the cool characters from the cartoon. No, Jolt was the cool character from the 80's cartoon, my bad.

  9. Another user. But Sideswipe, who seemed like a very cool character had barely any screentime.

    Longhaul, Mixmaster, cool villains...barely anything. It would of been nice to see some military interactions with the decepticons, anything between the contructicons. No one really said anything aside from BB,Megatron, Starscream and Prime.

    I loved the first movie. Hated this one.

    I didn't have high expectations either. I barely had expectations for the first movie, and even though I do agree the first barely had a story. It felt mroe like a complete story compared to this one. Not to mention I think the humor was better in the first one, but not by much.

    TF2 had it's moments though. Like the forest fight, the first sequence. But the action in the last 3rd of the movie was good, nothing great.

    And to see one of ILM's and Hasbro's biggest character's ever made, Devastator, only fight with the twins..then die by a single headshot...just seems kinda lame.

    Here's hoping for less of a rush job on the 3rd! :)

  10. Devastator was stopped with a railgun. This is a weapon that is actually in development. Only heard of a small model that fires a small ball baring, but it take 24inches of steel to stop the small projectile. It's that powerful. An impact from something like what was in the movie would have more than enough kinetic force to easily blow Devastator apart, even from hundreds of miles away.

    AS for the short screen time Devastator had ... well just read some of the posts the author of this site has published regarding the effort that was needed to create Devastator. Yeah, I wanted to see him have more screen time. It was a bummer to have him taken out of the picture so soon. But had he had more screen time, ILM would not have had time or the money to give any screen time to Starscream, Megatron, or Prime ... at least not the amount of time they got in this second movie. And then we would bitch about Starscream and Megatron not having there relationship developed. Prime's long fight scene would probably get cut too, and we'd bitch about that.

    In the end, the new robots were barely considered supporting characters, and they got the screen time that was needed to move the story along. Anything more from them would definitely make us fanboys happy, but would add nothing "necessary" to the movie.

    It's the same as if we were pissed that the mob bosses in the Dark Knight didn't get more screen time to be developed because some of them seemed really cool.

    What I want to see more of in TF3 is Soundwave ... and I have a feeling we will.

  11. I sympathize with the raw computer power to generate Devastator.. BUT we COULD of had him do something more useful than awkwardly climb a pyramid and then get rocked by -of all people- Simmons calling on a railgun. And seriously we have the idiot TWINS take him on? Not Sideswipe, Ironhide, Arcee, Ratchet, BumbleBee, Jetfire...

    No of course not. I agree with some of the posters on here. Bay spent way too much time with idiot characters like the twins, Leo, Simmons.. even Wheelie

  12. I absolutely loved the movie. Yes they could have done more with it but did you ever consider that maybe they are trying to form a franchise with this movie. There is a potential to make a few more transformers movies. The president of paramount even said that he hopes there will be a 3rd, 4th, and 5th, and was waiting to discuss it with Michael Bay after his vacation. The movie was great, stop trying to bash it because you didn't get everything you want. Wait for the next one. I'm going to go see it again. I don't understand you bashers. The movie was good, and it is very similar to the original. I think your problem was that you have seen these special effects before and when you saw the first one, you hadn't.


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