Sunday, July 12, 2009

Transformers 2 Defeated By Bruno

Based on current estimates Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen's weekend run at the box office has come to an end as Bruno took the top spot with $30.4 million. The news gets a little worse as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs took the second spot with $28.5 million. Revenge came in third with $24.2 million raising its domestic total to $339.2 million and now has passed the first movie's domestic total of $319 million with ease.

I found some international estimates which shows TF2 made an additional $31.4 million for an overseas total of $364.5 for a worldwide total of $703.7. This is just $4.6 million short of the first movies worldwide take of $708.3M which took months and the sequel only 20 days to surpass. Harry Potter 6 is about to land in three days so whatever momentum TF2 has is about to come to a screeching halt. Transformers 2 currently holds the top spot for the year but will HP6 grab it away?

Box Office Totals (in millions)

*estimate of sales


  1. Not a bad run at all though! Bruno was always going to be a juggernaut at the box office...just wait for Harry Potter on Wednesday, It'll likely trump ROTF at the biggest film this year but ROTF has nothing to be ashamed of.

    Amazing numbers for a very good film which I've seen 3 times. So I'd like to think I contributed to those numbers! xD

  2. no i dont think harry potter can do it..
    sure that will make alot of money but cant reach ROTF ..

    i saw the movie 4 times and maybe willbe 5 ..

  3. I'm just not interested in movies like Bruno.

  4. We just saw it again today and the movie was still full. Harry Potter will take the spot this coming weekend however... But ROTF did great at the box office..

  5. Yes. Harry Potter will probably destroy ROTF and every other movie out now.

  6. i concur! :D

  7. Harry Potter won't pass ROTF for number one movie of the year...... there is no way

  8. I just heard the song "Decepticons" from the TF1 score on ESPN when they were showing who was gonna be in the Home Run Derby tomorrow.

  9. harry potter and transformers cross over....

  10. box office numbers are so cool!

  11. WTF Bruno was crap! Why do crap films always go to the top? TF ROTF should rule this year not crappy films like Bruno

  12. ROTF WILL SURELY KICKS BARRY TROTTERs ASS FOR THE NO 1 MOVIE OF 2009 . GOD i hate thet stupid pig trotter i bet the fallen should teleport to hogwarts and destroy their inferior childish world along with theIR MR " I'M SO SCARY WANNABE VOLDELOCKS " !

  13. Nah, it shouldbn't go against HP, but the Fallen should really Crush that Bruno-Guy, seriously i hated that guy's first movie(even without really seeing it[saw the trailer]).
    But there were so many better movies coming this year, that I don't really know, why people take a liking to this Bruno.
    Seriously, there are actually a lot Movies, that were WAY BETTER, like Watchmen, StarTrek, Terminator4, Transformers:RotF, that were released at the cinemas this year.

  14. look guys .. is there any movie will cross ROTF in this year .. im sure that willbe ((AVATAR)) ..

  15. Harry Potter will be this years top selling Movie. Harry Potter has a much, MUCH larger target demographic that Transformers.

    Expect H.P. to break records this year.

  16. Just checking the stats from the first film and it seems Japan fell way short on sales on the second installement. Its weird cause they held the world premiere there. You would expect more ticket sales in Japan. Come on Japan, its not too late to see the best movie of 2009 !

  17. wow really in my opion i think rotf and gijoe should be top 2 but who knows hopefully gijoe wont crush rotf

  18. Transformers ROTF did really good though for a movie that is, according to the 'professional' critics, crap. I loved it and I'm glad it did well for so long, but Harry Potter is also a huge franchise so I won't be surprised if it surpasses ROTF in the box office.
    Transformers is still the superior franchise in my incredibly humble opinion. :)

  19. i've seen it 5 times...if we all see potter is getting close we should take action and see revenge again!

  20. Bruno will be a flash in the pan. it will drop off after 2-3 weeks. I wouldnt be surprised to see Bruno drop below ROTF next week. But HP will come out strong for 2-3 weeks as well. I think ROTF has staying power and should cross 400 million in US easy. it has the momentum to do that. I still need to see it on Imax.

  21. "Yes. Harry Potter will probably destroy ROTF and every other movie out now."

    I don't think so. Order of the Phoenix didn't beat TF1 and Half-Blood Prince won't beat TF2. The Harry Potter films have sucked since after Prisoner of Azkaban (which was the best HP film, IMHO). HP 6 will open big, but will taper off.

  22. Bruno is a flash in the pan, yup. Let's be honest here, it won't have staying power because it's not exactly a mainstream movie that kids of all ages would want to see.

    Not everyone is supportive of Sasha Cohen's comedic performances. Maybe on DVD, but most definitely not going to shell out $10 to watch his antics on a theater screen, let alone repeat viewings.

    And I can't imagine watching HP6 repeatedly either. Once yes, twice, no. You don't go watching HP for the visual effects, you watch it for the story, which isn't something you'd watch at night. It's a kiddie movie for the matinees.

  23. The first Transformers movie made over 319 million dollars, ROTF will make over 400 million (I'm possitive). The most money any of the Harry Potter movies made was about 317 million dollars, this Harry potter won't make more than ROTF

  24. I loved Transformers 2, favorite movie, but unless it has really good weekdays and good weekends, plus Harry Potter not effecting the audience much, I don't think it will hit 400million I am sad to say. Harry Potter will not brake Transformers domestic(US) gross, only the first one has broke the 300 mark and didn't even make as much as the first Transformers, but Harry Potter will probably be the worldwide king. It's more popular worldwide they usually make around 800-900 mil worldwide. Avatar is the only real competition domestically, It could either not do well(Highly Doubt), do well, or become Titanic 2, slaughtering the Dark Knight and sinking the Titanic.

  25. "...Order of the Phoenix didn't beat TF1 and Half-Blood Prince won't beat TF2...

    Harry Potter 5 (OOTP) - total worldwide gross -

    Transformers 1 total worldwide gross -

    References -

    Trust me, i love Transformers and have been a fan of the line since i was a little boy playing with my G1's BUT -

    Harry Potter is a MUCH better story and movie. Vs. TF2.

  26. The person was probably talking about domestic gross. Harry Potter has not braken the first Transformers and Half Blood Prince probably won't brake TF2, at least domestically it won't. Harry Potter is popular outside the US.

  27. My school is seeing HP on the Thursday. Well most of them about 250 or so in total are going. What really annoys me is that i am going to see HP with the family which we booked on the Saturday and now those kids are seeing it with school. Even though we have really bad seats on the Saturday.

    Basicly what i am saying is that the only reason HP will have tons of money is because most schools take there kids there in the opening week. Also what really annoys me is that the spoilt little kids who are going are wasting chances for other less spoilt people to see the film. I mean they allow those kids to see the film while i have to wait until saturday because the School booked the final place.

    Oh also i have been asked to pass this around:

    Boycott WB for the HP6 Delay!


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