Monday, July 06, 2009

Transformers 2 "Most Movie Mistakes of 2009"

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was recently crowned the top movie of the year worldwide and in the US but it also has a more notorious "award" according to Currently it is considered the most error prone movie of the year with more than 40 mistakes. Some of them seem to be nitpicks but the second closest movie is Angels & Demons with 19 mistakes so even if half of them removed Transformers 2 will retain the title of most movie mistakes (so far) for 2009. To read the full list, click here.


  1. Well the Original G1 Transformers Cartoon wasn't free of mistakes ether...

    So i have kind of gotten used to it. LOL :)

  2. a lot of the stuff mentioned has already been explained such as all the excess constructicons running around while devastator is also.

  3. ^^what was the explanation for that? i guess i missed it! i think it's stupid to have the same bots in 2 scenes at the same time....or the fact that optimus kills demolishor...but then he's there again at the end of the movie as the torso of devastator....just stupid! i think it just shows how badly planned this whole movie was....the story/script was written so's a shame really! i was so excited for the movie because i loved the first one....but all the story holes and mistakes and way of story telling just kills the whole movie!i didn't get excited one time throughout the whole movie! not even megan or some nice effects can save the movie!

  4. It is interesting how ROTF gets blasted so much for all these relatively trivial pursuits.

    I mean, compare this to other movies, comedies or dramas. No one really pays attention to them. I'm sure they are filled with mistakes too. I think all this negative hub-bub about ROTF is rather silly.

  5. Just read through Reviews of the Game-Versions on 4Players, The HD-Versions got 50/100, while The Wii&PS2-Versions got 62/100, lol.

  6. The only thing that bothered me was the multiple constructicon thing. Yes, I understand what was happening. They were just trying to say that basically none of the protoforms at the end had their own specific identity, that they could just be whatever form was "assigned" to them, or that they chose.

    An argument could be made that they just wanted to have a bunch of canon fodder for the big battle, so they wouldn't have to worry about too many main characters being killed off.

    Obviously, the concept of multiple constructicons is incorrect when you hold it against any TF Universe. But I guess I can look past it, along with all these other little nit picks on that list.

    I effing loved this movie!

  7. i just see it as this isn't in our world, but an alternate universe where all those things may be OK :)

  8. When you "shoot for the edit" there will always be a stupid amount of mistakes. That's any Bay movie. But a lot of it is just average movie mistakes.

  9. you wud think for a movie that doesnt really pay any attention to acting, dialogue, storylines, etc etc , they cud have at least bothered trying to film the damn thing well

    Very loose , its like they knew the movie would make a lot of money regardless of what they put out

  10. Well, about those Multi-Characters, well, as Devastator got hit by the Railgun, the Parts didn't transform back to independent Robots, so it's pretty obvious, that they're actually more like the Toys, where the independent Transformers won't form Devastator, while the Devastator-Toya doesn't have independent Robot-Forms.
    So it's just that it works like the toys, so there's not so much Problems for me at this.
    (even tough we all wanted the independent Constructicons to also form Devastator)

    Continuity: When the Decepticons go to revive Megatron, five go down to get him. When they start to revive him they tear one apart for spare parts. On the way back up though, the submarine states six bogeys returning. The little Decepticon who emerges is far too small to show up on sonar - if the Navy picked him up they'd be picking up every tiny bit of ocean junk.

    YEAH, didn't they realize, that Blackout was revived(offscreen) too? 5-1+2 is still 6!


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