Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Exclusive ROTF Box Sets

The Arker has revealed two exclusive Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen box sets that will hit stores soon for Target and Toys R Us. The Target set is called "Straightaway Shootout" features in Legends class figures of Ironhide, Mudflap, Runamuck, Sparkcrusher, and Swerve. The Toys R Us exclusive called "Gathering at the Nemesis" is a bit larger with Voyager class Megatron, The Fallen and Deluxe Soundwave repainted in Generation One colors. No idea on price but I am guessing around $25 for Targets and $50 for TRU.

Gathering at the Nemesis bio
On the surface of an old world lost in the deep black of space lies the wreckage of an ancient, powerful battleship. Long views as a sacred place by Decepticons, it represents the height of their powers and it is there that three of the evil robots meet to discuss their plans for final victory over the ? Autobots. For the first time, The Fallen reveals himself, and opening explains the plan that will not only allow the Decepticons command over the Earth, but over the entire galaxy.

Straightaway Shootout bio
An Autobot hunter squad has found more Decepticons hiding among the vehicles of Earth. Both are famous among the Autobots - Sparkcrusher for the near-invulnerability of his armor and the destructive power of his cannon, and Runamuck for his insane speed. Even in a three on two fight, the Autobots will have to use every bit of Firepower at their command to bring Sparkcrusher down and stop Runamuck before he escapes.


  1. Damn you Hasbro! I want that Blue Soundwave and the Legends set (except Ironhide coz already had it) but already had the Preview Soundwave! Maybe I could repaint mine...

    Did anyone notice that Sparkcrusher was actually a Warpath redeco from UNIVERSE line?!! Strangely it does look fit with other movie characters!

  2. The big question is, Why, if this is a ROTF toy set, is Megatron, the Movie 1 voyager jet?

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