Thursday, August 20, 2009

Transformers: ROTF The Game DLC Details

Activision has finally released the specific details of the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) pack for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen The Game. The DLC will be released on August 27th, 2009 for a price of 800 Microsoft Points (about $10) for the XBox 360 and $9.99 for the Playstation 3. The pack will include eight new playable characters, three new character skins, three new multiplayer maps, new "Expert" difficulty level for single-player campaign and new 360 achievements and PS3 trophies. The full details of the DLC additions along with screenshots of the new characters is below.

New Characters

Generation One Optimus Prime

  • Primary Weapon: Laser Rifle with increased damaged and ROF comparied to movie's dual laser rifle to compensate for one cannon

  • Secondary Weapon: Shell Cannon, same as movie Prime but increased damaged and ROF to compensate for one cannon

  • Melee Weapon: Energy Axe, from cartoon series

  • Special Ability: Valiant Leader, turns Prime Gold from G1 episode "The Golden Lagoon" with reduced damage, retain sliver of health and increased melee damage

Generation One Megatron
  • Primary Weapon: Lightning Gun, same as movie version

  • Secondary Weapon: Dark Matter Beam, same as movie version

  • Melee Weapon: Energy Ball and Chain, from G1 series

  • Special Ability: Fusion Arm Cannon, same as movie version

Generation One Starscream
  • Primary Weapon: Dual Null Rays, rapid fire weapon with G1 FX and sounds

  • Secondary Weapon: Dual Homing Missiles, same as movie version but fire two bursts of three, damage lower to compensate for incraesed barrage

  • Melee Weapon: Fists

  • Special Ability: Megatron Blast, G1 Megatron in gun forms pops in fires a massive laser blast

Generation One Sunstorm
  • Primary Weapon: Dual Null Rays, rapid fire weapon with G1 FX and sounds

  • Secondary Weapon: Dual Flamethrowers, cause sustained damage and overheat enemies weapons

  • Melee Weapon: Fists

  • Special Ability: Thermal Wave, radial blast that overheats enemies weapons

movie Jazz
  • Primary Weapon: Slug Repeater, machine gun type weapon with good accuracy and range

  • Secondary Weapon: Plasma Crescent Launcher, boomerange shaped energy missile that locks on like Seeker missiles

  • Melee Weapon: Fists

  • Special Ability: Super Speed, increases speed across board for faster travel and attacks

movie Sideswipe
  • Primary Weapon: Pulse Pistols, rapid fire weapon of big bolts of energy

  • Secondary Weapon: Proximity Mines, plants mines that will explode when enemy is in range or fired at enemy. Will autoexplode after a certain amount of time or deployable limit is reached

  • Melee Weapon: Arm Blades

  • Special Ability: Blade Strike, single strike homing melee attack that does high damage

movie Soundwave
  • Primary Weapon: Charged Pulse Blast, charged cannon with high damage and quick recharge

  • Secondary Weapon: Sonic Disruptor Waves, rapid fire sonic energy with small damage but slows target down

  • Melee Weapon: Fists

  • Special Ability: Dual Deployables, if in vehicle mode the Jammer Pod that flies over the battlefield and fires on enemies below while cloaking allies from enemies rader. If in robot or weapon form the nAOE Pod that will smash the ground, damaging close enemies.

movie Jetfire (multi-player only)
  • Primary Weapon: Ancient Cybertronian Pistol, fires at decent rate with good damage

  • Secondary Weapon: Energon Wave Cannon, slow moving weapon that on impact with an object will release an energy shockwave causing some damage and immobilizing enemies.

  • Melee Weapon: Fists

  • Special Ability: Radar Scanner, reveals all nearby enemies on radar for limited time.

New Skins

  • Stealth Bumblebee: Same weapons and ability of movie character

  • Generation One Ratchet: Same weapons and ability of movie character

  • Generation One Sideswipe: Same weapons and ability of movie character

  • Aerialbot (single-player only): Same weapons and ability of movie character

New Maps

  • Courtyard: East Coast map with contested center action point that allows view of entire map and control of high ground with open skies and tall skyscrapers for flyers but also has alleys for ground characters for flanking and attacking from unprotected angles

  • Hillside: Urban area of Cairo with varied height sections for small arenas of combat while players can use maze like layout of streets and building as cover.

  • Sandstorm: Set in Cairo with low level buildings and open central area, designed for fast paced combat as almost no place to hide.



  1. Just installed the Playstation3 Update 1.02 for Transformers ROTF Italian game version and online multiplayer still doesn't work like before. I can play online with any other PS3 games including Activision ones but ROTF doesn't work. No one can see me in the game when I am an host and I keep getting a useless error message from the game telling that I was kicked out of the game.. but I never entered any games! I can't enter any online game.
    Activision supports absolutely sucks and it's a very bad thing for the Transformers franchise. I am not the only one unable to play online, it's full of people that can't connect.

  2. Don't necessarily blame Activision, it could be problems on the Playstation Network side of things. I play online on the Xbox 360 all the time and I have never had any significant problems. Hell, I've barely noticed any lag in this game at all.

    Hope it starts working for ya, it is a pretty fun game.

  3. @ the first comment. I noticed this problem as well. When I went around my router and connected directly to PS3 I never had a match that didn't connect.

  4. It's not a router issue here. The PS3 is in the DMZ zone, all ports opened, no firewall, nothing. In fact all other games work perfectly, the only game that doesn't work online is Transformers ROTF.

  5. I wish there was a way to get these updates for us PC gamers of the world. We truly are forgotten most of the time :(

  6. Thats because activision concentrates on the console side of all their games.

    I am a pc and 360 gamer and i find gaming on pc frustrating because of the lack of updates and anti-hack systems :(

  7. So,... does that mean No PC version? :(

  8. I wish the twins, jolt, and the arcee triplets were in this download.

  9. What is the vehicle mode for G1 Megatron? A flying gun?

  10. These ppl with ps3 problems should have gotten a 360

  11. I've got a PS3 and the DLC pack is not available yet. I've been on the web looking for updates or reasons as to why it is not available. Does anyone have any updates on the PS3 situation?

  12. wait how do you get the DLC for the 360?

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