Friday, September 18, 2009

Ben Proctor ROTF Concept Art

Ben Proctor, lead robot illustrator for the Transformers films, has released his art for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He released his work from the first film on his website) but hasn't done that for the second so instead to to ConceptArtWorld's gallery for his work. Images include Demolisher, Wheelie, Power-Up Prime, Devastator, and more. The most interesting to me are the images below that show some of the unused possibilities for robot designs. Thanks to Scorpio for the link.


  1. Really great concept arts. This is another reason why I want Transformers 3 to come out in 2012. They need time to put really cool things, like this images, in Transformers 3.

  2. Stealth Ship and Osprey look pretty cool. I wonder why they didn't make some of the robots cooler in TF2, or give them more time to be 'observed'? I would have enjoyed them a lot more that way. Not liking the concept art for Devastator or Sideswipe too much. Model T? Not so sure...And what's with the big robot and the aircraft carrier? Weird...I love concept art!

  3. Is that curious george's face on top of devastator?!? Oh how disappointing to have a monkey-like devestator. Like the original devestator isnt bad ass enough? Grreeeaaat job hollywood.

    I love how they are aliens not of this planet, human like faces are out of the question, but lets give them insect and monkey faces. I hate you Bay. And this guy cant draw robots for anything.

  4. I think most of the artwork is great, even Devastator. However, I do think the Twins have to go, they just suck. I could barely understand what they were saying, maybe it's because I don't speak gangsta-speak or whatever or maybe because not all of us live in U.S.A. I would much rather they have insect/animal faces instead of gold buck teeth. Overall, these transformers really stand out among the franchise because of their radical designs and I like that.

  5. heres a thought for all you people if the twins are kids by the next movie they should be much older and have their face and body change a bit. what you people say. yes, no, maybe, if?

  6. Considering the fact that Transformers have a very long lifespan, they probably take a long time to mature so I would guess that unless the next movie is 5000 years after Revenge of the Fallen, the Twins if they are brought back will probably be similar to the way they are now.

  7. true that transformers have a long lifespan and takes a long time to see the twins mature but like bumble bee mature a little how about in the next movie the twins mature because for them its been 5000 years when they arrived to earth and the twins change a little for us to notice but not so much because they're still kids. how is that for an idea good yes, i say so.

  8. Is it just me or does anyone think the twins in the next film will combine (To form a new robot form) It would be really cool if they did and it might convince me to actually buy a toy of them.

    Anyway i suppose either Bay will find that fans hate them and kill them or he will keep them in and make them less annoying but still keep some of the great humor.

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