Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crewmembers Respond to Fox's "Hitler" Comment

Photo by Mariano VivancoTwo crewmembers from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen have had enough with Megan Fox's constant bashing of Michael Bay, the final straw being her recent "like Hitler" comment to Wonderland Magazine. As a result they wrote a letter to Nelson, the admin of expressing their disgust with her prima donna behavior both on and off the set. They chose to remain anonymous as the simple reality is that stars have a huge degree of power in Hollywood and could get them blacklisted from future work. I wish I could read their message and think "this is BS" but sadly their description of her seems consistent with reports from the web and in interviews.

My advice to her is to be mindful that stories of diva behavior leads to potentially long careers being cut dramatically short. The public finds it amusing only for a short while and then it’s over. Once that happens, your career is over. Cut the ego, cut the attention getting theatrics and simply do your job as well as you can without causing unnecessary grief for those you work with. It’s something billions do every day as part of their jobs and functioning in society. To put it more simply "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This is an open letter to all Michael Bay fans. We are three crew members that have worked with Michael for the past ten years. Last week we read the terrible article with inflammatory, truly trashing quotes by the Ms. Fox about Michael Bay. This letter is to set a few things straight.

Yes, Megan has great eyes, a tight stomach we spray with glycerin, and an awful silly Marilyn Monroe tattoo plastered on her arm that we cover up to keep the moms happy.

Michael found this shy, inexperienced girl, plucked her out of total obscurity thus giving her the biggest shot of any young actresses' life. He told everyone around to just trust him on his choice. He granted her the starring role in Transformers, a franchise that forever changed her life; she became one of the most googled and oogled women on earth. She was famous! She was the next Angelina Jolie, hooray! Wait a minute, two of us worked with Angelina – second thought – she’s no Angelina. You see, Angelia is a professional.

We know this quite intimately because we’ve had the tedious experience of working with the dumb-as-a-rock Megan Fox on both Transformers movies. We've spent a total of 12 months on set making these two movies.

We are in different departments; we can’t give our names because sadly doing so in Hollywood could lead to being banished from future Paramount work. One of us touches Megan’s panties, the other has the often shitty job of pulling Ms. Sour pants out of her trailer, while another is near the Panaflex camera that helps to memorialize the valley girl on film.

Megan has the press fooled. When we read those magazines we wish we worked with that woman. Megan knows how to work her smile for the press. Those writers should try being on set for two movies, sadly she never smiles. The cast, crew and director make Transformers a really fun and energetic set. We’ve traveled around the world together, so we have never understood why Megan was always such – the grump of the set?

When facing the press, Megan is the queen of talking trailer trash and posing like a porn star. And yes we’ve had the unbearable time of watching her try to act on set, and yes, it's very cringe-able. So maybe, being a porn star in the future might be a good career option. But make-up beware, she has a paragraph tattooed to her backside (probably due her rotten childhood) easily another 45 minutes in the chair!

So when the three of us caught wind of Ms Fox, pontificating yet again in some publication (like she actually has something interesting to say) blabbing her trash mouth about a director whom we three have grown to really like. She compared working with Michael, to “working with Hitler”. We actually don’t think she knows who Hitler is by the way. But we wondered how she doesn’t realize what a disgusting, fully uneducated comment this was? Well, here let’s get some facts straight.

Say what you want about Michael – yes at times he can be hard, but he's also fun, and he challenges everyone for a reason – he simply wants people to bring their ‘A’ game. He comes very prepared, knows exactly what he wants, involves the crew and expects everyone to follow through with his or her best, and that includes the actors. He’s one of the hardest working directors out there.

He gets the best from his crews, many of whom have worked with him for 15 years. And yes, he’s loyal, one of the few directors we’ve encountered who lowered his fee by millions to keep Transformers in the United States and California, so he could work with his own crew.

Megan says that Transformers was an unsafe set? Come on Megan, we know it is a bit more strenuous then the playground at the trailer park, but you don’t insult one of the very best stunt and physical effects teams in the business! Not one person got hurt!

And who is the real Megan Fox? She is very different than the academy nominee and winning actors we’ve all worked around. She’s as about ungracious a person as you can ever fathom. She shows little interest in the crew members around her. We work to make her look good in every way, but she's absolutely never appreciative of anyone’s hard work. Never a thank you. All the crewmembers have stopped saying hi to Ms. Princess because she never says hello back. It gets tiring. Many think she just really hates the process of being an actress.

Megan has been late to the sets many times. She goes through the motions that make her exude this sense of misery. We’ve heard the A.D’s piped over the radio that Megan won’t walk from her trailer until John Turturro walks first! John’s done seventy-five movies and she’s made two!

Never expect Megan to attend any of the 15 or so crew parties like all the other actors have. And then there's the classless night she blew off The Royal Prince of Jordan who made a special dinner for all the actors. She doesn’t know that one of the grips daughters wanted to visit their daddy’s work to meet Megan, but he wouldn’t let them come because he told them “she is not nice."

The press certainly doesn’t know her most famous line. On our first day in Egypt, the Egyptian government wouldn’t let us shoot because of a permit problem as the actors got ready in make up at the Four Seasons Hotel. Michael tried to make the best of it; he wanted to take the cast and crew on a private tour of the famous Giza pyramids. God hold us witness, Megan said, "I can’t believe Michael is fucking forcing us to go to the fucking pyramids!" I guess this is the “Hitler guy” she is referring to.

So this is the Megan Fox you don’t get to see. Maybe she will learn, but we figure if she can sling insults, then she can take them too. Megan really is a thankless, classless, graceless, and shall we say unfriendly bitch. It's sad how fame can twist people, and even sadder that young girls look up to her. If only they knew who they're really looking up to.

But ‘Fame’ is fleeting. We, being behind the scenes, seen em’ come and go. Hopefully Michael will have Megatron squish her character in the first ten minutes of Transformers 3. We can tell you that will make the crew happy!

-Loyal Transformers Crew


  1. ha, guessed this when i started reading her first interviews, hopefully they will get along for another tf film cause if not it means more of GI joe.....

  2. or they can just replace her with a better actress?

  3. megatron squish her?, thank god she is beatiful but she doesnt know about acting.

  4. sounds like the boys cant hack the truth. everyone says bay is (to coin a term) a 'little hitler' on set, now this BS? and they *dont* want to be incendiary? a two page 'waahhh she started it!'.

  5. Now they can Focus more on Story and Robots. ya and They can Replace to a good Actress.

  6. Replacing Megan Fox would hurt the franchise really badly up to the point that the next movie without her could bomb at boxoffice. Producers should pay some surveys and check that, they would find out that at least 60-70% of male viewers that paid to watch Transformers2 did that just because there was Megan Fox in the movie.
    It would be a financial disaster to replace her all of a sudden just for some silly things she said.
    Whoever wants her to be replaced must want to kill the franchise. It seems pretty simple.

  7. Keep her in the 3rd for franchise sake but don't give her as much screen time and with that don't pay her as much.

  8. Well Megan Fox dnt Make Transformers Good Think about Production Crew Who's Working hard to make This Franchise Looks good in Live Action. and Fans and Others Should see if we still need Megan When she Saying Bad things for the Movie.

  9. To the Anonymous who said not having megan fox in the 3rd movie would hurt the franchise and the movie would bomb, it baffles my mind to think how what u said makes any sence at all. The title of the film is transformers not megan fox t&a, there is a universe of free pornography on the internet so why would any guy pay 13 bucks to sit in a packed theater for 2hrs and 40 mins just to get a few glimpses of a overpaid blow up doll.

  10. @Anonymous 9/12/2009 1:50 PM: you didn't watch Transformers2 in theaters then, did you? If you listened to what the average male viewers were telling and why they were there in the first place you would know that kicking her off of the franchise would hurt the boxoffice results a lot.

  11. Look at this. Either it is Megan Fox`s way to get her name out in public or she is being an idiot again. Bay is bad at TF and we all know that even if we cant all say it however he is bad because he is not used to doing this style of filming.

    Megan Fox is not all hot as most of the male population think so besides most who like her only like her for her body and not her acting. Bay exploits this in his films usually by showing off her body in various shots knowing that the Perverts/Fans will normally go after that. TF should have never had Megan Fox or Shia in truth it should have just been the TF`s and leave out the Human side which has caused so much Racism, hatred and sexual tension.

  12. Most of the guys I have spoke to who enjoyed the movie,including myself, didn't even mention megan fox. It was just "CGI was amazing" or "it was good to see my childhood favourites on the big screen!". As stated before, there is a world of free porn, and not all men are shallow enough to pay x amount of dollars or pounds just to see megan fox. I believe every word of the above article because people like that DO exist sadly.

  13. @Anonymous 9/12/2009 4:23PM: then you either talked to gay guys only or to little kids. Really. In the real world the average Joe wants to see Megan Fox on Transformers movies and wouldn't watch the movie without her. That is the result of selling her to the male audience in the last couple years, now it's too late to get rid of her without seriously hurting the franchise. Also, the character of Mikaela is not a background one, she is the one that will become the wife of Sam, their sons will become Headmasters and help Autobots in the future to fight against Decepticoncs.

  14. Replying to Anonymous at 5:23PM:

    WTH? Headmaster and Kids. If Mikela and Sam do survive till the end of three then they will just be dating still they wouldnt do a marriage. Besides they will only be about 18 in the series when they finish the final film.

    Mikela is indeed a background charecter along with Sam the main charecters are the Transformers although not many people seem to understand that.

    Many people want to see the film because of the TF`s only not to watch Megan Fox. If they wanted to see Megan Fox they would see her at home. Most people who see the films dont see it just because Megan Fox is there.

    Basicly Megan Fox is overated!

  15. "Not one person was hurt." I seem to remember reading a story that Shia came close to loosing his eye. Not that I'm defending Megan Fox

  16. Scorpio did you read what you just wrote? They will be 18 years old when the series is over? Come on. They are both at least 18-19 in TF2 since you usually graduate high school at 18 years old. Look, if the humans weren't in the story I wouldn't have liked the movie as much (just speaking for myself right now). I would have gone to see it but it would not be as good plain and simple. We can relate (somewhat) to the humans and taking them out would just ruin the movie. Believe me, I loved the robots, action, CGI, etc. but taking out the human would be a BIG mistake. Also, getting rid of Megan Fox would also be a bad idea for the movie simple because we have a visual of hoe Mikaela looks and changing that would just confuse people.

    So, they won't be 18 in 3 years or so for TF3. I'd say they would be about 21ish. Don't take out Megan Fox or the humans.


  17. Nelson removed the whole forum thread and the letter on Michael Bay blog news.
    Maybe Michael Bay wasn't aware of what going on there on his own website with some of his employees and when he found it out he ordered to remove everything?

  18. All that glitters is not gold. Fox lost mega points with this movie fan when she made a comment regarding how Megatron should simply kill all the rednecks.

    Not the Megatron would care about any kind of humans either way but...with comments like that, who's being the Hitler?

  19. It is a sad truth to read all of this, but I sure hope they will all set their differences aside, get things resolved, and for that matter, still make a third Transformers movie. Whatever they all have to do, I just hope they all do it. It's what I'm more concerned of...TF3.

  20. I truly feel sorry for this crew, i have also been aroud this princess and everything they said is pretty much spot on. And i hope that in TF3 she is written OFF, truly i do. She is not a nice person to work worth, and not someone any one should have to put up with! GLGL to you brave 3 that spoke up, this NEEDED to come to light.

  21. It seems that no matter how much we dislike Megan Fox, Mikaela is here to stay because she was already in the first two movies and will most likely have some kind of a role in the third. What really needs to be taken out is whoever created the mess of a plot that was Revenge of the Fallen. Yes I know it is supposed to be an action movie with explosions and what not but that is no excuse for having such a ridiculous story and silly dialogue.

  22. Here's what simply needs to be removed from TF on the Big screen:
    1) All the sexual humor: It's poorly placed, over done, and serves no purpose. Some jokes were funny in the first one - but michael took it over the top.
    2) All the sexual innuendo: I want to be able to show all my kids in my neighbourhood one of my favorite characters from being a kid to now - and show how Optimus can open up a can against his foes...
    3) Megan: She is the centre of the above 2. Her entire purpose is to sell herself out - we need some class in the film industry. People of intregrity. She lacks it completely. What you see on screen in the roles they take, shows you what they are like in person - some one can be a slut in a film with out BEING a slut FOR the film.
    Her removal would benefit the franchise but also hurt it. It would give credibility to the name of Transformers for parents, but take away the initial profits of horn-dog idiots that need to get thier lives straightened out.

    Therefore: The writers cannot go on strike again and leave Michael Bay to do most of the scripting/story fillers, and Megan Fox's agent should give her some rat poison instead of asprin.
    That's my thoughts.
    - S.

  23. and by the way - i'd go with satisfying the parents over the few horn-dogs.
    Parents = longer term profit.
    Horn-dogs = get jollies off of internet pics/posts anyway.
    - S.

  24. Eh...Megan could be written off by the writers with reasonable explanation. Such as a simple "she and Sam broke up" due to any number of reasons would work. Happens all the time in real life even without the extraordinary circumstances. Discovering an alien species together does not constitute forever bonded in movie-land.

    Wouldn't hurt for Bay and the writers to cut back on the sexual innuendo and "jokes". And the crude language. All were over the top. It's totally inappropriate. Especially where robots are concerned.

  25. The sexual jokes worked on the first movie as well, there is no need to get rid of them.
    If you like fat ugly girls then you dislike Megan Fox and you want her to be replaced, either that or you are gay. Period.

  26. I think Micheal Bay wrote this ...and then blew up his keyboard

  27. Replying to Anonymous at 6:00 PM

    I must admit i see your point of view however i would much rather see Transformers where there were less of the human factors such as Racism or stupid jokes added mainly for a cheap laugh. These include Devastators ball`s, Humping Dogs, Drugged up Parents or Sam and Mikela`s pointless love plot which seems to have gone nowhere other than a few kisses and her convincing Sam to say he loves her.

    I dont mind keeping the fleshlings however they should get a chance to act more rather than just waste time. Give Sam a scene where he shows he isnt just weak have him fight one of the Decepticons like the Mikela VS Frenzy battle in TF1.

    Mikela needs to do more than just follow Sam give her a more decent plot.

    Sam should be more like Rad from Transformers Armada or Kicker from Transformers Energon. He needs to show he has strength rather than just running all the time.

    In short i dont mind the Fleshlings however they need a more better plot without pointless or rude jokes. I dont mind jokes once in a while as long as they dont make you think less of the charecters or plotlines of the film.

  28. Kill off Mikaela and cast someone with a wee bit more class to play...Carly (you true TF fans know what I mean). Just cast someone the meatheads will still pay to see running around in a belly shirt and problem solved. You're welcome.

  29. I do agree with everyone that says Megan Fox should be removed, if you want to see a hot chick in transformers 3 just wait for Michael Bay to go to another Trailer park or Kansas farm, and pick up another hot woman to show off onscreen, it is not imposible and maybe this time they can pickup someone that doesn't ruin her lips with a plastic surgeon or maybe they can pick someone with normal finger nails, because, yes, Megan Fox is hot, but her finger are totally freakelly deformed. So i would say that next time she goes to a plastic surgeon, instead of ruining her face, just have him fix those disgusting hands she has, really just look at her fingernails anywere she appears without nail polish or whatever. Me and my girlfriend noticed this around the 20th time we saw the first transformers movie, when she gets in the truck to pick up bumblebee in the mission city fight.

  30. ^^^^
    I see your point however she cant choose about her looks. I believe it is mainly Bays fault for idolising her as some sort of perfect woman along with the media who portray her as everyones perfect girlfriend. She needs a chance to show she can act and unless she gets another shot at something like the Mikela Vs Frenzy scene in TF1 she will not be able to do this.

    I dont mind her staying till TF3 but she needs a larger role than just eye candy and running after Sam.

  31. If they give her a bigger role, then obviously though, she can't have all these gimmicks and whatever that just come out of no where. She just simply needs to be simply that strong girl (that she is protrayed in TF) but be more of a motivator and encourager and less annoying and whiney.
    Ok she should just die. Done.
    And btw... if you think megan fox is hot, you must hump barbies in your spare time and playhouses must be a turn on...

  32. One statement from that letter had me laughing at the bullshit. "Not one person got hurt." ??? Wtf? Ok, HOW MANY times did we hear about Shia alone getting his eye nearly jabbed out or some other mishap? I say fail.
    I love Megan as an actress, and I even have some respect for her.

    By the way, to the anonymous who said "And btw... if you think megan fox is hot, you must hump barbies in your spare time and playhouses must be a turn on..." Does this still apply if I'm a woman? cuz I don't think it does. I think she's hot. No, I KNOW she's hot. It's a simple fact, and the only people who deny it are gay fags and jealous, heinous girls who can't stand the fact that somebody out there exists with better abs and a nicer rack than they will ever have.

  33. Ok, I just went through and read more of the comments... why is it that so many women are bashing Megan? Seriously girls! Are we not supposed to stand together? Stop hating on every hot actress. It only adds to the vicious circle of hate and bad karma.

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  35. Megan's a bitch and always will be a stupid ugly ass cunt bitch, Angelina is the real talented one.


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