Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fox Feels Upstaged

Megan Fox, continuing her promotion of Jennifer's Body, talks about the pressure she feels to prove herself due to the Transformers franchise according to IOL Entertainment.
Actress Megan Fox launched another broadside at the 'Transformers' franchise, saying that it does not show off her acting skills enough.

The actress admits she feels “pressured” to prove herself because she feels upstaged by the special effects used in the franchise.

She said: "I have no idea about my future career. I just hope that I can still be working in 10 years. When you're in something as successful as 'Transformers', you can't use it as a sales piece for your ability as an actress because it's all about the special effects.

"So you do sort of feel pressure to try and prove yourself. I have no idea what I'm capable of. I'm sort of finding that out now and testing my boundaries. I'm blessed with the opportunities that people are giving me - ones that I don't maybe even deserve. But I'm not complaining."
I don't really disagree with her but it is something most actors know about going into blockbuster summer movies. The tradeoff for the increased profile (which leads to more work) and long term pay (with residuals and the like) is the possibility of being type-cast or insulted about acting ability. Most have enough sense to not vocalize their resentment over the reality of a situation that they knew about fully before even agreeing to participate in such films. Thanks to Scorpio for the link.


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  2. Megan just needs to get a grip on the fact that no one will use her for her acting abilities, regardless of whether she has them or not. She's presented herself as a whore, so she's going to get whore-ish roles. I mean, really... her entire role is to be a playboy-esque model in TF... Jennifer's Body is just her being a seductive, vampiric, playboy-esque model.
    She's already marketed her body - look at how all the guys talk about her. I mean, compare her to jennifer Aniston back in the day... All the guys oogled over her too, but still the concept was she could still act- because even though she played somewhat skanky roles, she still had semi-productive dialogue in a film/episode of Friends.
    That's just my thought.
    - S.

  3. I love your final thoughts after stuff like this that you post. And i am not joking by that, everything you ever say, i agree with!

  4. lame.
    tf3 without human actors and actresses, 2 and a half hours of cgi orgy now that would be great!

  5. i cant see her ever getting decent roles in the future, all she does is pose, talk utter trash thats shameful to listern to, act like shes the next best thing, doesnt even try to act and just incourage people to just gaup at her

    besides if she wounders why she feels the transformers upstage her than she clearly doesnt have any clue about how well loved franchises work

  6. She needs to have the ability to prove she has acting skills and by getting films such as Jenifers body she is making it less likely she will ever get a chance to act. I mean she needs a freestanding film that will allow her to act.

    Also she needs to do one where she doesnt just act with her body.

  7. Telling that the character of Mikaela on Transformers movie is useless and there is no acting skill from Megan Fox there it's a lie. What movie did you watch? Were you on drugs while watching?
    In the first movie when Mikaela helps Bumblebee .. that is acting! Hollywood is full of actresses way worse than Megan Fox, she is not as bad as people claim her to be.
    Jennifer Aniston someone said.. she is not that hot and she has more the skanky looks than Megan Fox for sure.

  8. Transformers is special effects. THE END.

  9. When Mikaela helps bumblebee, I thought it was some of the worst lines and very poorly presented. Honestly, I was extremely let down by that scene. That wasn't acting. THat was an attempt. It's like knowing how to cast your rod, and then not knowing... It's that simple.

    And in response to The anonymous that regarded my Jen. An. comment - she may have skanky looks, but at least Jen is recognized by her peers. Megan, if she keeps it up, will be recognized by Hustler.
    - S.

  10. I like how she keeps trying to blame her lack of acting on the notion that TF is all about special effects and talent doesn't matter.

    Every single military related scene in TF was on point. It's the excuse-makers like Megan Fox who try to say it's Michael Bay's fault she has no depth as an actress. If she had talent, the special effects would not overshadow that. She's just finally realizing what kind of hole she has dug herself into by taking on roles that don't require much effort.


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