Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frank Welker Profile

Newsarama has written a profile on legendary "voice acting god" Frank Welker as part of the release of the cartoons on home video. Welker will also soon be seen on the big screen in flesh and blood playing the father of Matt Damon's character in the Informant. The actor has more than 600 credits to his name, often providing voices to some of the most famous icons in cartoons besides Megatron and Soundwave. He is also less known as pretty much "voicing" a substantial number of animal noises used in films. His roles include Scooby Doo, Fred Jones, Barney Rubble, Garfield, Curious George, and so many more. Below is sections of the profile, with the full article here.
“There’s many a time you have to audition hundreds of actors,” the former director [Eric Radomski] of “Batman: The Animated Series", "Spawn", "Xioalin Showdown” and “Scooby Doo: Get A Clue!” once quipped, “only to prove the only actor for the role is Frank Welker.”

“That is incredibly flattering and I love hearing it,” Welker said. “In a way it is a bit scary too. I hate missing opportunities to work with different directors. One thing that seems to surprise the studios is finding out later my willingness to audition. Under the right circumstances I actually enjoy it very much. If I can audition to picture on a sound stage it works so well for everybody. I can see what is needed and audition under fire in real time, meet the director and see if we both connect, and the studio can see and hear what they need to make their decision. But [that quote] makes me feel great.”

“[Megatron] would have to be at the top,” Welker admits. “Number one, is he is different than any of the other voices I have had the privilege of providing. Also, the fact that he has remained a fan favorite and caused a bit of controversy along the way qualifies him for my personal hall of fame. I think he and Soundwave have set themselves apart from the other robots in terms of sound identification and that makes me a proud papa.”

“I purposely set out to make [Megatron] standout,” says Welker. “I wanted him to be different than just having a big loud voice. There are too many good actors that would be doing that. Putting in the scratchy weird noises seemed to work and the producers never asked me to do anything different. That helped because it was a visceral reaction to what I saw and read about him and for me that tends to make for the best latitude in acting.

Oddly enough though, it shocks the heck out of him when he hears fans will spend literally over $1000 for an original Megatron action figure. “What!,” he exclaims. “Wow, I didn't know that. Really fantastic. I guess I won't be receiving one from Hasbro. It is very sad, but I have none. (Someone needs to give him Masterpiece Megatron - TFLive).

“I came in towards the end of [Revenge of the Fallen] which is typical of voice work,” says Welker. “I was able to see bits and pieces of the film to get an idea of the action. We laid down a bunch of different lines that they later could work with and sort of pick and choose which worked best. I was very happy that Michael felt foreign actors would have trouble with the Soundwave voice. I ended up working most of the foreign versions. That was extremely hard. It took me many hours to do the different languages. Soundwave in French is not to be believed.”


  1. Wow. It`s quiet here. Where is everyone.

    Well here are some bits of news you missed.

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    Bumblebee N.E.S.T. repaint auction

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  2. Is there anyone alive here. It has been a couple of hours and no replies no new comments nothing not even new topics.

  3. I'm alive, Scorpio!

    Man, I always love seeing interviews with Frank Welker! He is really my idol!

  4. ^^^^
    Thanks Anonymous commentor. It`s just this blog doesnt seem to be have updated for a while. Who knows the owner is probably in another section of the world or something. But anyways nice to hear off you. Frank is my idol too. His voice as Soundwave is Awesome he really made the charecter awesome.

  5. Thanks! I thought I might as well.

  6. Hey Scorp,

    What up? I have not commented since the blu-ray cover release, but I read the blog weekly for news, mainly looking for news about the 3rd film. I commented often before the Revenge of the Fallen was released.
    I'm still disappointed that Welker didn't get the role for Megatron.

    Last thing I read yesterday on our main Dutch movienews site was that Bay soon will meet with Spielberg and Ehren Krueger for Transformers 3.

    Is LionBoogy still around here? Love his Bumblebee costume!

    Best regards from The Netherlands


  7. Sorry Scorp,

    Ofcourse that was already posted here,didn't read it yet.It's the first week this time I'm on nthe blog.


  8. Replying to MP:

    Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for visting.

    I havent heard off Lionboogy, Cenjor or any of the original commentors in a while. The meeting with Spielberg and Ehren Krueger is said to be taking place soon however the outcome of the meeting still hasnt been revealed. If it is a 2011 release date then we can expect a bit of news to start coming out next year. I hope to keep you informed. In the meatime i suppose we will be caught up with the ROTF DVD and all that probably till the end of this year.

  9. I'm still here. I check this blog every day, and at least twice. Thanks for the compliments on the BB costume! It's retired now and I have pass on the torch to another great costumer who will put out an even bigger BB for late 2009, early 2010.

    I plan to make Ironhide and Sideswipe for 2010. That's why I wanted mroe story on them, because they're so badass.

  10. I love Welker's Megatron laugh. It's one of the most wonderful evil laughs ever recorded.

  11. Replying to Lionboogy:

    Nice to hear from you again. When do you expect to have made the Sideswipe and Ironhide costumes?

    P.s. Sideswipe should look like the BB costume just with a more slimlined look and swords. Ironhide needs to be bulky with the two guns :)

  12. I had no intentions of seeing this movie... until now...


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