Monday, September 21, 2009

Hasbro, Bumblebee Join Fundraising Walk

Hasbro has issued a press release for a fundraising effort the company will be participating in Providence, Rhode Island for "The Walk: Hasbro Children's Hospital." The walk will occur on October 4, 2009 and include the first official 2010 Transformers Special Edition Chevy Camaro that is based on Bumblebee.

Click here to read the full details and how to participate.


  1. They sure that is the first one? I definitely saw a new Camaro that was yellow with the black stripes just like Bumblebee a few days ago. I may not be good at a whole lot, but recognizing cars and transformers are two of the things I am good at. Might have been a custom job, but it looked the exact same.

  2. You got it right my friend, it's inaccurate.
    That's the old one from the first movie, there is a model that Chevy will bring in 2010 that's like BB in TF2 with the new wheels, bumpers en hoodscoop.



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