Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Transformer Galleries

Lot of new Transformer galleries have popped up online including official images of the next wave of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toys that include mostly repaints of existing toys.

New Revenge of the Fallen Toys
Click above for a look at Hasbro's official images of new toys from the various classes that should be coming out in the next few months.
Legends - Wheelie, Soundwave, Sideswipe, Power Armor Optimus Prime
Scouts - Knockout, Brakedown, Wideload, Ejector, Nightbeat, Sonar
Deluxe - Gears, Tuner Mudflap, NEST Bumblebee, Black Soundwave, Dirge, Cannon Bumblebee repaint, Armorhide
Voyager - Bludgeon, Jungle Attack Ironhide

Fury of Fearswoop
Walmart.com now has a product page for the set of repaints that includes Legends Battle-damaged Sideswipe, Battle-damaged Mudflap, and Fearswoop (repaint of 2007 Deluxe Dreadwing). (via TFW2005)

Scorponok Prototype Auction
A new eBay auction is showing off a prototype version of Deluxe Scorponok, which is apparently an early design since it shows six eyes while the final design had four.

Revenge of the Fallen Caltex Memorabilia
A look at various things created for Caltex (aka Chevron) as part of a promotion between the gas company and TF2. Items include umbrellas, collector cards and more.

Supreme Devastator Repaint in Package
A look at the repainted character to more closely match his final look in the movie. Currently it is available in Japan only but I wouldn't be surprised if they pop-up stateside in time for Christmas. So far the only obvious difference is the red face (rather than the initial gray) but there could be more.

G-Man's Winning TF Design
Scorpio, who provided most of the above links, has a look at the winner of his contest to create a new Transformer design. Also click here for a look at a few other designs.


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