Sunday, September 20, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen Props for Auction

If you have the money Profiles in History is auctioning props and collectibles related to Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Items for sale include the Hero Bumblebee robot (not sure if same as one used at the various premieres), the 1977 Camaro (Bumblebee) used in the first film, Jetfire's cane/landing gear, various NEST gear and weapons, Tomb of the Twelve pieces, stunt Matrix prop, actor costumes, Hero Wheelie RC truck, and more. The only caveat is the value of many of the props is measured in thousands of dollars. Even if you don't have the money, the images of the various props are interesting. Each piece includes an image, description and size and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Bay Films and Paramount Pictures.

Two ways to view the available pieces. Either click here, or go to the Profiles in History and type "Transformers" in the search field. Thanks to Scorpio for the link (via the Allspark).


  1. I wanna' buy both the bluescreen Optimus head AND the Matrix prop, just so that I can say Megatron's line from "RotF": "The boy must have the Matrix. We cannot let him reach Optimus!"

    -That Prime hand would make a sweet chair! :D
    -The life-size Bumblebee would make an awesome guard for my house. He can watch over it while I'm gone!

    Can you imagine all those horny nerds who want to buy the Alice and Mikaela costumes? *awkward laugh* *shifty eyes*

  2. ^^^^

    Is it just me or did anyone ever spot or notice the seven fingered hand in the film i thought it was only 5 anyway why does a giant alien robot need seven fingers . . . *Asks himself why he is asking that question*

    I would want either the fake guns, The real Matrix, The Primes heads. I wonder why a pair of glasses is selling at approximately $200 seriously those are just some guys glasses and now they are worth that much?!?

  3. Yawn . . .

    Protoype Scorponok:

    TF ROTF Memorabilia:

    Takara Devastator in Box images:

    G-Mans Thrust Design (I know this isnt news but please upload it so he can find it)

  4. Offical images of Fearswoop three pack:

    Japanese exclusives (Repaint legends Bumblebee and leader Optimus Prime)

  5. Yet more concept art from the films:

  6. download this movie at

  7. Man, I would love to buy one of those assault rifles. Especially the one used by epps.

    But the Matrix of Leadership, now THAT'S a nice one!


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