Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tales of the Fallen Arcee Cover

IDW's Chris Ryall has released the final cover for the Tales of the Fallen mini-series featuring Arcee, Chromia and Flare-up. The artwork is by Alex Milne. The rest of the covers can be seen here. Thanks to Chris for the link. (via TFormers)


  1. how come arcees gun is on/in her rught hand here but was her left in the film?

  2. The one with the left arm-Gun is Chromia...

  3. One thing they never made clear in the movie was the whole Arcee sisters concept, are they one invidivual split into three components, or three characters bonded into one, and the comics don't seem to make it clear either and they might not even be part of the same canon as the film.

  4. The movie view Arcee, Chromia and FlareUp as one "ARCEE" with three components.

    However Hasbro and their toylines see them each as sole individuals. (This concept is my favorite indeed)

    The previous comic title view them as a 3-part combine mode. However since this new title is based on the movie, I assume they will keep the Movie point-of-view as one "ARCEE" with 3 body...

  5. I don't trust the comics because they don't even have consistency with each other or with the movies and the movie itself says nothing about Arcee's nature. apart from referring to her as 'sisters' which could mean anything.


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