Monday, September 07, 2009

Transformers 2 Crosses $400 Million in US

It has been awhile since reported the box office results in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but with Labor Day in the United States marking unofficial end of the Summer movie season it seemed like a good time to revisit the topic.

At this point the movie has left most theatres worldwide, moving to the discount theatres before the movie is released on DVD and Blu-ray in October but that didn't stop it from crossing a new threshold after this weekend. In its 75th day of release, the movie is now only the 9th movie to pass the $400 movie mark in the United States with a $400.4 million total. With an international total of $428.6M this brings the movies worldwide take to $829.0 million, an impressive amount for any movie but exceptional for the first sequel of a franchise.

With these totals, the movie is officially a lock as the top movie of the year in the United States followed by Harry Potter 6 ($294.3M), Up ($289.6M), The Hangover ($270.2M), and Star Trek ($256.7M) to round out the top five. The order shuffles a bit once you include worldwide totals with Harry Potter 6 ($898.6M) taking the top spot followed by Transformers 2 ($829.0M), Ice Age 3 ($807.8M), Angels and Demons ($484.4M) and The Hangover ($421.1M). What this proves to me is that how a movie is received by international audiences is key to a movie's financial success, something that wasn't the case even a few years ago.

Box Office Totals (in millions)

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  1. Awesome ... now can we please have a slightly larger budget for the next movie so cuts won't need to be done when it comes to the robots because of cost worries?

    Also, with a larger budget, GM can be kept out of the mix so Bay doesn't have to squeeze in cars that weren't planned on just because the big-wigs want publicity on a new car. Adding in cars like the Volt just for advertising reasons really hampered the greatness of this movie, since these characters didn't have the budget to be fleshed out, and reduced onscreen time for others.


  2. On Transformers2 there were too many robots and too low human/robots interaction compared to the first movie.
    Cuts were made to interconnecting scenes written in the official movie novel and well described which would have helped a lot for characters development and plot flow. The theatrical cut features really brutal cuts of those scenes that were highly likely filmed as the Showest2009 footage scene of Sam and Bumblebee in the garage proves--that scene got trimmed down to less than half with major dialogue completely removed despite Bumblebee CGI being completely rendered there ....
    So a lot of scenes described in the novel and not found in the theatrical cut of the movie have probably been filmed and CGI either completed or almost completed where needed but it seems that Paramount and Dreamworks don't want to release them with an Extended longer runtime cut of Transformers2. And that is really sad and absolutely wrong business wise.
    In fact if they released Extended Editions of Transformers and Transformers2 now adding deleted never scene before scenes finalized and reintegrated in the movies they could have sold a lot of copies more.. if they will release them in 2012 after Transformers3 they might sell as much but they could have lost a lot current buyers and only fans will buy. It will largerly depend on what happens with Transformers3 and how good it will be BUT anyway it doesn't make much sense to wait 3 years from now, it's a lot of time, releasing the Extended Cuts of the first two movies now would ensure a far higher than expected profit.

  3. I'm happy because I love the Transformers franchise, but I'm mad because I hate this movie.


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