Thursday, September 17, 2009

Transformers This and That

BludgeonIn a lazy mood so lifted the below links wholesale from a comment by Scorpio (thanks!) that include galleries of various Transformer repaints (Bludgeon, Bumblebee, and Devastator), more images of the Device Labels toys, and pics of the Concept Corvette that Sideswipe was modeled after.

Bludgeon - Based on the G1 comic book character, alt mode a tank.

NEST Bumblebee - Link to small gallery and auction for the repaint.

Supreme Devastator repaint - Currently Japan only repaint of the Supreme class figure. As far as I can tell, the most significant change is the red colored head instead of gray to make it more movie accurate.

Device Label - I posted about these before, but these seem to be better images of the line that is based off of computer devices. Also very expensive as each is around $50.

Concept Corvette - Gallery of images of the car from the National Corvette Museum. Still a pretty car, still not sure if will ever be released for public purchase.

Battleship The Movie - Hasbro is continuing its march in movie theatres with announcement that Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Hancock) will direct Battleship. It will be a live action adaption of the board game. Berg was calling the film "a contemporary story of an international five-ship fleet engaged in a very dynamic, violent and intense battle." If things go boom in entertaining fashion, I will be interested.


  1. LOL it`s okay. I enjoy reading this blog and above all discussing it with friends online.

    Also below is a link for a Legends 5 pack images:

    P.s. Sorry if i rushed you or anything with all the links and stuff :)

  2. Megan fox Apologizes (Sort of) Her response to crew letter:

    Win a copy of the Allspark Almanac (Whatever it is!?)

  3. More Ben Procter concept art.

    Note to self stop giving out information and helpful links . . . :)

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