Friday, October 30, 2009

The AllSpark Experiment Transformers 3 Secret Video

The rumors are true; there is a secret video with the Blu-ray edition of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. With the right combination vehicles in the Blu-ray exclusive extra feature "The AllSpark Experiment" the video will unlock with Michael Bay discussing some of ideas he has for Transformers 3.

In the video, Bay suggests he is going to try to go "sideways" rather than bigger with more research into Transformers lore (and image of animated Unicron is shown). His desire is for something that isn't just action but something darker and more emotional. The video was likely recorded before he committed to getting TF3 out for summer 2011 and really its way to early to draw any definitive conclusions from the video as likely the film is still in the spitballing phase to see what sticks.

The video is below or click here which also has the solution to unlock the video. Thanks for Katie for the link.


  1. haha I like his sense of humor.

  2. Damn i wish i had sound on my computer,that or a blue ray player.
    Can someone write down what he is saying?

  3. Dark and emotional is something I'm convinced Bay cannot do. He's too obsessed with pleasing the kiddies that he always gets his tonality all wrong. He and writers promised Revenge of the Fallen to be dark.. and look what we got. Trace all the source of all the unnecesary humor (Twins & wat not), and you'll know it all came from Bay and Kruger.

  4. Well, This is interesting. I hope this is what Transformers 3 looks like by 2011.

  5. "Well, This is interesting. I hope this is what Transformers 3 looks like by 2011."

    Huh? What? Did i miss something? Look how?

  6. If you listened to the commentary on the movie, you'd actually know that Orci and the other guy (sorry, forgot that guy's name) actually wrote most of the humor, not Kruger. Bay also helped. I'm gonna give Kruger a chance.

    I think that having 3 writers on this movie really hurt the story. Now, by hurt I don't mean the story was bad, I mean that there was just so much going on. I would have preferred it to not be so "wide".

    It reminds me of being in creative writing class in high school. I remember the teacher having each one of us add one paragraph to a story. Well, it worked as a story, but man it was all over the place! It lacked focus. That's what happened with TF2.

    So, one writer, one director ... sounds like a good plan to me.


  7. I actually liked the core plot of ROTF but the narrative was poorly assembled. I think three writers was two many and I'm certain that the writers strike didn't help. We know factually that Bay took the films treatment and created a significant outline. This outline was the basis for the post-strike script work, and the script wasn't very good. I suspect this movie will be better written than ROTF for the above reasons. That being said, Bay has directed 8 films and each film has had over the top action, pyrotechnics galore, eye candy, a dramatic score, plot holes, stunning visual imagery, lots of characters, frenetic editing and juvenile humor. Expect all of the above for Transformers 3.

  8. I meant to say that three writers was two, too many. Sorry!

  9. To Anonymous 9:54AM: Everybody complain about how TF2 was just action. He said in the video, he wants to focus more on the robots, a darker and emotional story. To me, that sounds like he wants a decent story and I think thats what the fans want.

  10. Anybody figure out who the 5 robots in the first 5 seconds of the clip are supposed to be??

  11. darker? more emotional? havent we heard this before? :D
    yeah tf3 will also suck...

    damn... what a waste of wonderful cgi...

  12. ROTF was good minus the humor (Devastors balls, the weed brownies etc.). Bay should stick to more G1 characters and have them resemble their G1 look as much as possible and show more of a relationship between the robots. Bay should also stop killing off classic characters such as Jazz and Ravage. I hope T3 isn't as kiddie as ROTF. it should be way darker and emotional almost in the direction of the Dark Knight

  13. Just don't kill of Sam/Mikaela and I'm happy :)

  14. After watching it on DVD, I did notice that there was too much unecessary humor that I believe everyone could've done without. I agree with setting a darker tone for T3 and going towards the direction that chris nolan went with dark knight. T3 definitely should have a big emotional impact and have sam killed with optimus traveling back to space for a big cybertron battle. Maybe I'm rambling but thats what I think. Bay also needs to not have robots appear suddenly out of thin air with no significant story(JOLT) because I was a bit thrown off by how they just threw him in there. Overall, keep the size of action intense but also surprise the audience by having a realistic tone to the movie and once again.....kill off sam.

  15. Last person who posted...

    Yeah, Jolt was a bit unnexpected but that's because he was a last-minute addition because, if I can remember right, Chevy really wanted the Volt in the movie. Personally, I hope Jolt gets a lot more screentime. Atleast 5 minutes with some dialogue; maybe at an Autobot meeting, and he contributes to the plan somehow. Back on topic, I really can't wait for Transformers 3 and I hope Bay's right in that it will hopefully be more dark and emotional. I also like the idea of the Decepticons killing Sam, and Optimus chasing them to Cybertron, in retaliation, for the most epic final battle in film history.

  16. Dude, kill off Sam? What? Why?

    No no, following the G1 storylines, it would be Prime that dies ... again ... and gets brought back ... again. You know, like in the cartoons.

    Optimus Prime has been wanting to sacrafice himself since the cartoon series began in the 80's, remember? No, if you want that dark, deeply emotion reaction, then ... and I hate to say this ... but Bumblebee will have to die protecting Sam.

    It's hard to say that's where the storyline has to go, but it works with the story. Look at it step by step ...

    TF1 ... Teen gets car and gets girl.

    TF2 ... Teen goes off to college and doesn't wanna grow up.

    TF3 ... Teen looses best friend, Bumblebee, and is forced to become a man and take charge.


  17. I want more scenes of Wheelie humping Mikaela's leg!

  18. They can't go back to Cybertron I don't think, didn't the autobots say that Cybertron was consumed by war and can't be restored?

    I like Kek's idea, just again don't kill sam or mikaela :)

  19. hmmmmmmmm.... I want to see more classic characters must haves for me are:


    those would be great.
    we should have another autobot flyer, so that the flyer will get in a dogfight with starscream

    and i agree with the guy who sed bumblebee should die, way more emotional, and it will add tothe darker feel.

    We should also give skids and mudflap less screentime, and jolt, sideswipe, ironhide, and ratchet there amount that they had in tf2

    jolt and sideswipe get more lines please.

    and a few characters have to die guys, i mean it would get cheesy if they didnt.

    dont forget that chromia survived, so shes still in it to.

    but my picks of who should die....

    1. Bumblebee (more emotional)
    2. Ironhide (prime's second in command, could die saving primes life.)
    3. Chormia (dies in a gun fight)
    4. sideswipe (gets killed by soundwave)

    sorry for long post

  20. and the decepticons that should die to me are:

    well.... pritty mucha ll of them, well it would be cool to see one become an autobot. its hard to say who thou......

  21. The only thing that should change is the robots should be given more personality. Not just the decepticons but the autobots too. Lets see Prime and company get together and discuss stragedy. I wanna see them toss insults and one liners while they fight.

    Just a lot less of Sam and Mikela close up and scream scene.

  22. I think they should have starscream actually try to kill Megatron in the next movie, and barley get away with his life to go form his own squad that way its a three way war (more emotional)

  23. emotional pretty much means something will happen to Sam's parents...Darker means a lot more secrets to arise and maybe a lot of people for the robot characters remember GM is stopping production on the GMC Topkick pickup aka Ironhide could be killed...hopefully BB voice starts to work n hopes that takes away lines for the twins...AND HOW MANY TIMES IS MEGATRON GONNA BE REBUILT!!!!!

  24. Megatron will be rebuilt 22,332,344,899 times ... or somewhere around that amount.

    That actually is not too bothersome to me. The G1 cartoons always had them coming back and getting rebuilt. They never seem to ever actually die.


  25. As long as that screw up hot rod dosent show up he is bad news for optimus

  26. what about Jazz he died?

  27. Jazz was not a main character in the movie ... he dies and stays died. I mean Optimus and Megatron.


  28. I'd like to see another visit or 2 from one of the "old-timers" on that map wheelie beamed up. and true that the Top-kick model is getting axed but that doesn't mean Ironhide has to also. BB upgraded from a 77 to concept camaro in TF1(how about a gmc denali?), maybe we can see some upgrades from other transformers on both sides. after all, he who ceases keep up with progress, gets left behind

  29. The writers did all the humor at Bay's request. They mentioned they never have final say... hense the over-the-top humor. Bay will be too obsessed wit his potty humor and wanting to please the kids. Notice in all his films [maybe except Pearl Harbor], there are 'gay' jokes, genital jokes, racist jokes.... characters say "We're gonna die", "I dont wanna die"... etc

  30. Okay has everyone missed all the charecters he has revealed?

    Charecters Hinted or refered to:
    Sideways (Undercover)
    The Last Autobot
    Shockwave (Undercover)
    Soundwave (Undercover)

    Plot points:
    More human talking
    Human Death (Emotional)

    What is his real Email, Adress or post code as i want to mail him ideas. I dont care about the prize money but i want to give him a few hints.

  31. Found his fan mail adress for those interested. It was on his site. Though i dont know whether he reads it i think i might give it a shot.

    Michael Bay
    c/o: William Morris Agency
    One William Morris Place
    Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

  32. I think Michael can pull off some emotional moments in the third one. I think he has a very good sense of vision to convey that feeling and the music is just phenomenal. I love his sense of vision, the creative shots, the smooth panning..he has elements, to say the least. Now to make it darker, I'd think the comedy card might have to be used less often, I think lol idk but I just love his film style. =)

  33. What Michael says in the video:

    "...break into here. I'm sure someone, whoever the cyberfreak found this, you're gonna put all this on the internet, so you know what? I'm gonna tell you a bunch of lies right now. Wrong information.

    You wanna talk about Transformers 3? I got some ideas.

    Transformers 3...It can't get bigger. We've gotta figure out a way to go sideways, and it's...I'm wondering where to start.

    So what I'm doing is I'm having Hasbro send me tons of lore and stuff like that, things that we can draw from. And I've just gotta let it simmer, an idea simmer.

    Definitely more has to be made of Bumblebee in the third one. That's a definite. Cause that's a relationship you wanna explore more. And I think we're definitely going to get more into the robot characters.

    This movie got very big, very grand. We're covering a lot of ground. Third one definitely doesn't have to be as big. Could go darker. Definitely has to be more emotional and it's not going to be just about action, action, action.

    And that's where I think T3 might potentially go, where things are more undercover, not as exposed."

    Sounds pretty good so far. Do you guys really think BB might die? D: That would suck.

  34. Depending on how dark they take it, i'm envisioning a main character death either at the beginning or end. Since they started with the whole notion of "no sacrifice, no victory" i can see Sam dying for the autobots in the end, kind of like neo @ the end of the matrix, sacrificing himself for peace. I dunno how they will take it sideways, hopefully a lot more G1 oriented and more sci-fi than these last two.

  35. He wants to go "Sideways" with TF3 huh? Didn't he die in the first few minutes of ROTF ? I can see where this is going........

    Well not really. Just trying to be humorous :P

    And I think Bay is the one who put all the humping and farting in ROTF not the writers. I think that's the main reason the writers aren't doing TF3 (despite their reasons) because Bay adds HIS style "humor" and doesn't respect the writer's work.

  36. "Ray said...

    I meant to say that three writers was two, too many. Sorry!

    I was about to call the grammar police on you, lol.

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