Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bay: "Transformers 3: July 1st, 2011"

Transformers 1 and 2 director Michael Bay has ended the speculation and announced on his website that Transformers 3 essentially begins pre-production today for a July 1st, 2011 release.
Well its official: We have a great Transformers 3 story. The release date is now July 1st 2011. Not 2012.

Today is Day One. This morning started with an ILM meeting for five hours in San Francisco. Currently I'm flying with writer Ehren Kruger to Rhode Island to talk to Hasbro about new characters.

P.S. Megan Fox, welcome back. I promise no alien robots will harm you in any way during the production of this motion picture. Please consult your Physician when working under my direction because some side effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal tendencies, depression, minor chest hair growth, random internal hemorrhaging and inability to sleep. As some directors may be hazardous to your health, please consult your Doctor to determine if this is right for you.

Pain and Gain is right after shooting of Trans 3.

There you have it, likely return of the core cast including Fox, the writer Ehren Kruger who helped co-write Revenge of the Fallen, and Bay as director. I wouldn't mind knowing the back story on what changed Bay's mind on taking that year break from the franchise. Thanks to all that sent in a heads-up on the news.

Update: From Dark Horizons, a little bit of information about the competition that TF3 will face in the sequel rich summer of 2011. Once again, chances are high that the movie will go head to head against Harry Potter with Deathly Hallows Part II, but also Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Spider-Man 4, Cars 2, The Hangover 2, and Kung-Fu Panda 2 are scheduled. In addition, Green Lantern, Thor, and Captain America have eyed that summer. The net result is its going to be an expensive summer for geekdom and hyper competitive for the studios.


  1. What changed his mind is the fact that hopefully by making trans 3 early people have less time to hate him for trans 2

  2. Sweet news! I really hope the viral online is better than RotF was. Most of the viral videos were great but the whole secret login stuff was better for T1.

    19 days until RotF blu! I think the reason for the year break was to do Bad Boys 3, prob Will Smith was booked all the way until 2012 or later.

  3. "What changed his mind is the fact that hopefully by making trans 3 early people have less time to hate him for trans 2"

    That, and more than $800 million at the worldwide box office.

  4. gericom says:

    Want another great Linkin Park Song, a HUGE fight between Prime and Megatron not like the sissy fight between prime and the fallen. this was crap and too short.

    Do not want, only four things, cut the screentime for megan fox. NO twins again!! more screentime for the autobots. :-(( and the last one, no orci and no kurtzmann for the script.

  5. transformers 3 line up should be...
    twins (not as much screen time)
    a repaired flare-up

  6. megatron,starscream,repaired constructicons, soundwave, reconstructed ravage,blitzwing, astrotrain, stunticons, and shockwave.

  7. We need to see more classic caracter! My most wants for autobot are Blurr, wheeljack, and hotrod

  8. tfw2005 as pasted images of alternity megatron dimond black. Tfw2005 also says HA skids released in retail. And surface to air showdown released as costco exsclusive. strike mission released as sam's club exsclusive.

  9. I'm sure Michael Bay got excited again when they they got together and started talking about it. That and what was said above about Bad Boys 3. I'm sure some of the movies Bay wanted to do got pushed forward.

  10. they're gonna put ultra magnus for sure in the 3rd movie


    Bay... you are wank!!!

    RotF was awful... I only tolerated it because I am a HUGEEE Transfan!!

    Why the f@#k did we need to see Turturro's bare arse? Why the f@#k did we need to see Razor Ramon laying over another fat dude?? Why the f@#k did Jetfire have a shitty british accent (I'm British and that was truly AWFUL!!) Why the f@#k didn't we see the twins change from ice-cream truck mode to Chevy modes?? Why the f@#k didn't Soundwave come to Earth and let us see him in robot mode (all that wasted time, money and effort in designing a robot mode JUST !!! for his toy)?! All cheap get-outs! It is a disgrace that you make ANY money from this franchise... you are close to ruining an entire generation's childhood fantasies.

    I hope you find something else to do with your time and pull out of TF3! I'd rather it didn't happen than see YOU at the helm again!

    Yes you might get unquestionable box-office results but that is all due to EXPECTATION!! Which you failed to deliver! Yes I will buy RotF on blu-ray... but only because it needs to be watched in slo-mo to actually have a f@#king clue what's going on!!

    Big bangs and nice breasts do not ultimately result in a great/good/decent/average movie... storyline and story-telling are all key! Get rid of Kruger... he also seems wank !

    Put someone who actually know's their shit in charge!!

    Bay... OUT!!

  12. You wasted so much time and money on non-Transformers scenes that the movie had to be stretched just to fit them in which made it to long!

    TF1 was supposed to be the introductions... then straight into the action (and maintaining it) in RotF. No reason for Jolt appearing... no showing of new Autobots arriving (why the f@#k not?!) duplication of Decepticons, and why the f@#k weren't the Constructicons used properly... DON'T YOU F@#KING KNOW THAT 6 OF THEM BECAUSE DEVVY AND NONE WERE LEFT OVER ?!?!?! Why the f@#k were Long Haul and Mix-Master still parading round ?!

    You have no concept of continuity... the movies only give off a sense of "Shit, we're nearly outta time. Let's finish what we've got and get it out". This is also probably the reason why Brawl/Devastator was wrongly named in TF #1... a) because you and you're team don't know f@#k all about TF, and b) becuase you didn't pay enough due care, time and attention to the important details to the things that actually mattered !!

    Tell me... why in nearly 5 hours of footage have we only seen Prime change from robot to truck mode merely once (and that wasn't even fully!!). Yes animating the bots is expensive but why not spend less f@#king time/money stretching the movie pointlessly and spend PROPERLY on what is required! RotF might as well have been Terminator: Salvation... plenty robot action but NO F@#KING TRANSFORMERS ACTION... i.e. TRANSFORMATIONS !!!

    And f@#king zoom out will you ?!!!!!!

    Bay... out!

  13. Wow.. that last guy has some hostility, he obviously thinks bay has ruined transformers all these haters. Transformers now is more popular now then it has ever been, and michael bay hasnt followed transformer lore to the letter but hes done alot in the films to pay tribute to the fans including classic characters, soundwave and ravage although would have been nice to see more, the megatron/ starscream rivalry, energon space bridge, cybertron, he kept peter cullen as the voice of prime. Peter cullen is the one and only true prime! I wish they would have used frank welker for megatron, instead of hugo weaving. I hope this next time around michael bay does some editing before releasing the movie, I loved revenge of the fallen but dam did it have huge holes in its plot and in actual filming. You shouldnt see the same robots in three different places at one time I am referring tot he constructicons. Jetfire I would have preffered they made him badass instead of old and rusty, and yes the twins were kinda funny but more annoying then anything they were the jar jar binks of transformers lighten up oin the comedy a little. Obviously you have to make it mainstream accessible but really its a civil war between the transformers that has raged for millenia a little more of a serious and dark tone would be most welcomed. Oh and I would love to see hotrod one of my all time faves and ultra magnus is LAME!!

  14. just a couple of things: 1. less swearing!
    2. NO WHEELIE!
    3. bring back barricade?
    4. ultra magnus would be kinda sick i guess, but optimus better live throughout the entire movie, hence if hot rod does appear he WILL NOT and SHOULD NOT take optimus primes position as rodimous prime
    5. soundwave better come down n kick some a$$!!!!!!!
    6. im not gonna lie, there better be more Earth fighting and battles than fighting in space/cybertron
    7. lastly, i think Unicron might ruin the movie/movie series if they make him the Major Villain

  15. 8. oh and try to make the movie more serious instead of funny

  16. I kindof agree with you^^^^^

    But i do not think that Soundwave should kick ass, he was a coward in g1, all he did was eject his minions and just run away. There fore he should play a sidewaysish role, but be more less afraid then him, like he would use soundblasts in diar situations, but otherwise he should be a coward that gets grusemly murdered by optimus prime in my eyes :)

  17. what the cast should be
    Optimus Prime
    Ultra magnus
    Bumblebee(new camaro)
    cliffjumper(twins with Bumblebee but maybe a mustang)
    hot shot
    elita-1(flare-up name changed)
    sunstreaker(as sideswipes twin)
    Devastator(new contructicon forms)
    barricade(new form)
    thundercracker(as starscreams bro)
    bonecrusher(new form maybe a escavator)
    overload(not as constructicon)
    unicron(not too much though)
    Blackout(new flying form)
    ramjet(as a seeker maybe a fighterjet)
    seekers(thundercracker and ramjet)
    Last i'd prefer more action and it should be just plain autobots vs decepticon all humans do is slow them down or make their stuff blow up
    And maybe a plain Optimus vs Megatron no one else

  18. in response to RY ^^^: i get wht ur sayin i just think soundwave looks sick n think it wuld be sick if he did fight....optimus is gonna grusemly murder everyone and its gonna be SICK haha

  19. God DAMN IT, Bay! Give it time! It's highly unlikely that you thought of a storyline that could redeem you from your last failure. (Not saying that ROTF all-together was a failure, I highly enjoyed it) but I mean, ADMIT IT, the storyline SUCKED.

    I'm not hating on Bay here, but the man needs to stop getting so hyped up and actually take his time instead of rushing into it like he did with ROTF. He needs to sit down and look at the many mistakes ROTF had. Not once, not twice, not even three times. It needs to be analyzed a lot. A WHOLE lot. This is insane.


  20. Don't forget ROTF was written during the strike, and that's what I usually keep in mind, though hopefully they'll realize to try to close it off in the middle of the first and second.

    And what I mean by that, is by the obscenity.

    I actually like the twins, but they didn't have much to do.

    What I want to see most is some Soundwave action, and possibly Starscream getting a new form.
    And I doubt they'd do the TF:TM Storyline either. I think Prime doesn't have to worry about Rodimus screwing with him (If you think about it, in the movie verse, Rodimus would have to be Prime's son or something...So I doubt they're gonna put him in)

    I'm mostly satisfied with everyone's portrayls in the first two movies, except for Ironhide and Ratchet, I felt like we haven't really gotten to know them at all, and they get very little attention.

    All in all, as surprised as I was to read this, I'm still up for it. At least until I see the Previews and get an idea of what they're doing.

  21. my personal pitch for transformers3....i like michael bay what he doing so far but i bigger budget likely will be able to give more characer that transformers are revealed the people should start to question why and possibly have a reason to be rid of them (decepticon threat) megatron bring about a plan with his "elites" (soundwave shock wave starscream combaticons etc.) decepticons lose an epic battle with autobots prime (lives) but cause much human destruction causing human hate for tformers (autobots use sam as a way 2 gain trust) starscream seizes this failure to overthrow megatron whom is badly beat megs is put somewhere ( dat links the fallen with unicron fallen unicron tie in) a dying megs summons unicron who makes megs galvatron in exchange for service 2 him galvatron gets control of a cybertronblah blah blah galvs kills starscream beats down prime blah blah unicron threatens earth and cybertron at the hand of galvs actions autobots decepticons teamup after say a major autobot character or human character(sam or mikaela) try 2 gain der partership 2 show earths people that they all can get along via his/ her sacrafice. dey stop unicron but galvs starts gettin possesed by uni prime and galv fight one last time till galvs true death that helps optimus gain a new allspark of some sort 2 destroy unicron and re energize cybertron the end ps. alot of soundwave alot of sideswipe n etc. n humorous scenes that arent all about the twins which one or both should die

  22. p.s. galvatron over estimates unicrons powers tries 2 control him via some sort of matrix maybe new all spark or sumtin but fails promptin unicrons assault on earth and cybertron.....tformers history revealed unicron vs. primus...primus activated slightly by an unknowingly move by galvs that makes a space bridge 2 bring cybertron within orbit of dat autobota can protect both planets rather the lose 1

  23. Uhmm.. YAY!

    And that is all I have to say. ^_^ YAY!

  24. here we go again! start the countdown to the third movie.

    can we now get Soundwave in all his glory or what??????????????

  25. at least we dont have to wait till 2012. i loved the first 2 and the 3rd shud be just as good or even better. i just hope that soundwave gets his actual voice, the twins and arcee twins can combine like promises for ROTF, Optimus and megatron have a gigantic battle, and that they dont bring in unicron...yet.

  26. No way I luved both the Transformers movies!!!! Sure there were lots of flaws but they were awesome!! And I agree with some of u like.....

    1. I really don't wanna see lotz of screen time with Megan fox
    2. I think that hot shot, blurr and other new autobts should come
    3. Come on guys cut Michael Bay some slack, he did his best
    4.And I just wanna see lots of action in the third movie

    But Idk, oh and I really wanna see more of Shia!!! ^_^

  27. What do you guys think the name will be?

    Transformers 3: The Battle for Cybertron


    Return of the Primes

  28. All I ask is that we see plenty Soundwave. If we don't we will need a reboot after Michael Bay. We'll need to move on to a new director like JJ Abrams or James Cameron or the Wachowski brothers.

  29. 2011 is a little too long to wait! Can't they just make it 2010? Hope to see more transformers character. The last movie I couldn't recognize most of them supporting robot characters.

  30. Ok now my two cents...I say TAKE YOUR TIME BAY, get a good script, better fighting sceens between Transformers they are to fast to see whats really going on, NO PROTOFORMS unless they are going to be something, very little swearing and cut the jokes in half, and no major battles in Cybertron. Now the good stuff...keep the Twins and Wheelie, use Devastator again but for the love of God DON'T HAVE CONSTRUCTIONS WALKING AROUND WHILE THEY HAVE FORMED DEVASTATOR and also lets see some interaction with the Constructions, bring back Ravage and add Rumble,Ratbat,and Lazerbeak, at some point bring down Soundwave the sooner the better! Alot of people asked for it in the last movie and after I saw how awsome Devastator looked I'd like to see the Dinobots which means you have to introduce Kup and Wheeljack, but most importantly Michael TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO IT WRIGHT!

  31. Movie Blaster are you outta your mind? How are they going to make a movie of this scale within 1 year? I guess you have no idea what it takes to produce a moviethis big! And 2012 would have been muuuuuch better, because they would have had time to actually develope a story that made sense and introduced all the new robots properly! Well i could rant about the second crappy transfomers movie all day long, but let's just hope the third will be as good as the first one! But honestly, i doubt it! I just hope it's not Orci/Kurtzman writing the script! And less crappy humor, less Megan Fox, LESS ROBOTS!!!! I'd rather have only 10-20 robots and all of them are introduced in a nice way (like in the first movie) than have 40-50 robots and no one has a clue which robot one is looking at right now (speaking of the decepticons) or that robots only have 5 seconds of screentime and only speak 4 words (jolt, sideswipe, arcee...)!

  32. exclusive dvd bluray making of

  33. Im really suprised that people are saying that they couldnt get what was going on during the fight scenes, i can tell what went on in each from first viewing, the only fight scene in the transformers films when ive been at a loss is when mixmaster and long haul were walking around after devestator transformed, but i soon realised that the film makers made the mistake.

    Anyway not my point, i hope fags dont come on this blogspot like last time saying shit like the fallen isnt going to be in the film because megatron is back, or devastator wont be in the film because demolisher is already too big and shit like that. They were both in the film, you didnt use any logic in your arguments and you were proved wrong, so dont bring your bs to this blog again, you know who you are (cough RY)


    "Counterpunch said...
    BS. The only robot that was taken out by the humans was Blackout. Megs was just unlucky to get zapped by the AllSpark but we all know he will be back in TF 2.

    It's crazy to think the Autobots will rely on the likes of Sideswipe, Arcee, Jolt, twins, Wheelie & a few other small sized friends of theirs to take out the Fallen & Devastator."

    This was some of the bs i was talking about, counter punch was saying superion was going to be in the movie, because the autobots needed him to defeat the decepticons, i was saying to him that they didnt need him because
    1. autobots are always gonna win
    2. autobots are gonna win regardless of odds
    3. the was no proof that superion was going to be in the film

    superion wasnt in the film what do u have to say for yourself now counterpunch. I know he doesnt mention superion in this sentence but if you go to the link at the top you will see what he is talking about in full. what an idiot aye guys.


    "yankeesrule587 said...
    its hillarious how u asses keep insisting "the fallen" is in this. u disagree with the guy that posted it just because u want the ludicrous concept of unicron introduced. the teaser poster is just like the teaser poster for the first one, a stylized symbol, and could also just b jetfire. the supposed plot detailed above sounds sensible and perfect following what happened in the first movie, get over it already. the comics are not movie canon, so stop bringing up what happened in "defiance", "alliance" or whatever. theyre like all the star wars novels that were written btween the movies, not canon..the writers dont acknowlege them, in fact orci never heard of the comics or the events in them when asked a direct question about them. ..all us g-1 fans are happy with this plot summary and we cant wait to see the full trailer on the 13th"

    another example of an idiot posting bs, yankees rule thought that the fallen wasnt going to be in this film, he was in the film and we havent heard from him since

    oh yeh and my bad it wasnt RY that was making up the bs it was mainly counterpunch and yankeerule, tyler mirage ill add more to this fag list later.


    "Scorpio said...

    Truth (Everything in this section is the truth):

    1.Optimus will die
    2.The fallen is a charecter
    3.Megatron returns
    4.Ratchet will be mainly in robot mode
    5.The fallen wasnt autobot or decepticon however he became evil and the group called decepticons was made.
    6.The Giant wheeled robot from the teaser is 1/7 constructicons.
    7.Devastator makes his first apperance at the end of the film in an epic fight.
    8.Bay mentioned the fallen is a charecter!
    9.The next trailer is released in the film friday the 13th it will air on the saturday on youtube and will be on the offical site a week after."

    RY your freind scorpio was the retard though, so much for everything in his list being true, optimus didnt die, not even in the forest, and the wheelbot wasnt 1/7th of devastator, that idiot made a blog when he didnt even know what he was talking about

  37. the beggest battle in 2011 between ..


  38. Hmm, it will be interesting to see what happens in TF3 !

  39. Wow here comes everyones wishlist that will not be fulfilled by the incredibly ignorant incompetent Bay.

    "Richard said...

    "What changed his mind is the fact that hopefully by making trans 3 early people have less time to hate him for trans 2"

    That, and more than $800 million at the worldwide box office.
    10/01/2009 3:33 PM "

    No it's more like the studios would have canned him if he didn't do 2011. And just because more than half of the USA is a mindless bunch of morons who value CGI and flashy scenes over substance and creativity does not mean us people who say TF2 was absolutely terrible are the ones who understand that money means nothing in relation to whether or not a movie is actually good. With TF2 I had more fun imagining myself what cool plot points and things that could take place regarding such a cool concept of our childhood favorite cartoon. Then I saw the movie... peeeewww

    Here's where Transformers 3 should start... with Unicrons head floating in space (right after the 1986 movie) with Rodimus Prime bringing prime back to life, and also having Galvatron. (I say leave Megs and Starscream dead because their characters (no Welker as megs and no Chris Lotta as Starscream) and design are a major flaw in this live action crap... Get creative writers and go from that. Call it continuity... or can anyone at Hollywood tell a story without competely overhauling a movie with all CGI.

  40. Transformers2 would have been a perfect movie if only they didn't cut all the missing little scenes described in the official novel and if they followed that ending instead of the theatrical version.
    If they filmed as I bet many of those scenes maybe they will release an extended version after the 3rd movie hits the Blu-Ray/DVD ... although it's really bad marketing to not have released it now.

    Transformers3 must feature a Decepticon city .. like having New York, Los Angeles or another being alive, with humans disappearing and full of Pretenders taking over..

  41. I cant believe how many rubish sequels will be realised along with TF3 in 2011.

    Seeing as i already hate HP there will be no major competition against TF3.

    TF3. My line up:

    Optimus Prime
    Wheeljack (Replaces Ratchet)
    Ultra Magnus
    Hotrod or Hotshot
    Arcee (The 2007 version would be nice)

    Megatron (Becomes Galvatron near the end)
    Starscream (Kills Megatron!)
    Clone army (The fallens army now under megatrons command)

    Small plot hints for bay:
    No jokes (Everyone thinks they suck)
    No stupid camera shots (How can we see robots fight behind a wall or while the camera is sideways?)
    No killing fan favourites (This now includes Megatron and Optimus)

  42. @Scorpio: You think jokes suck, they sold both movies to the large public actually. If you watch pirated copies on tiny screens you can't follow fast action scenes anyway, the scenes can be followed perfectly on a 40" or bigger HDTV screen from Blu-Ray source.
    Transformers saga is not just about Optimus and Megatron. There are other characters, you know.

  43. Already damn....thats positive news, the last one was extremely successful so this is expected...

  44. Let's face it. We will all be seeing TF3 the first week if not day it comes out.
    I will be one of them. Just want better story, more action, hell make this baby R rated. I saw ROTF twice in two different cities and the majority of the audience was of age.
    At least release an Unrated version on Blu-ray.

  45. My thoughts.

    Transformers 3 coming out in 2011 is a fairly decent date. It IS enough time to have a decent story - but as stated before, we need good writers. But, like posted earlier, Transformers 3 sucked mainly because Bay filled in the holes. The writers are amazing - they wrote the TF1... not Bay. Bay used THIER material. Not, he used thier outline and put his crap in it.... TF1 was the most unique Bay film... However, TF2 was just like every other Bay film (not including Pearl Harbour).
    We do not need an introduction of a tonne of new characters. I don't want more - forget all the new ones you guys have listed- i mean, as much as I love prowl, Bay and Co need to use the characters already provided and build a story around them. Enough of the stuffed turkey movies. Lord of the Rings is a great example to follow in that - yes there were new characters that were introduced that because central to the story - but that was after others died off, or moved on.
    I don't want an R-rated movie. I want to be able to show my kids this thing and celebrate with them how much fun it was... I want to feel like a kid again... like the first movie. The second movie just made me frustrated, it didn't have the same flare.

    So it comes down to:
    1) Utilize what you ALREADY have to make sure to have a good story - any more introductions would simply take away.
    2) Keep the amount of humor - but change the KIND of humor... like, actually be funny... The Twins WERE funny in their character types, but the jokes were over done (aka all the sex comments/swearing).
    3) Don't let Megan Fox show up on the screen unless she's a productive plot piece - same with the Room mate... same with the parents... same with Sam.
    4) Maintain continuity (as stated earlier)... I mean seriously... the first one sucked with that, and the second one was WAY WORSE.
    5) Utilize the input of those writing on this blog - bot the retards who speculate and think they know what they're talking about.. because sometimes they could come out with plot point gems... or great contributing factors.

    And by the way - if the 'bad guy' reveals his power at the very end again I'll be pissed.I mean, megatron showed up and actually did something in the last 10 minutes of TF1... The fallen was the same thing. If Unicron shows up, let him cause some hell immediately, kill Meg's right away and turn him into Galvatron. BE DIFFERENT and UNIQUE!.


    I want maybe Skids to die (he is ugly and annoying)

    I want Starscream to possibly die.(Coward!)

    I want more Ravage!...oh wait, he's dead.


    Where did Barricade go?!?! Bring him back!

    I would also like more than 10 sec of Sideswipe, please.

    And, lastly, Wheelie should get stepped on by Megatron or accidentally by Optimus! (I don't hate Wheelie or anything, it would just be funny if he got squished.)

  47. i don't think it matters where Bat3 puts itself. everybody else would wanna clear out. but they can take as long as they want.


  48. Hopefully, more screen-time (fight-scenes, random robot and alt-mode and the like) and script for the Autobots/Decepticons. Of course, more robots would be nice too. And a great storyline & plot.

  49. let's see;


    Fortress Maximus
    Ultra Magnus
    Optimus Prime
    Hot Rod


  50. Looks like Megan Fox will have to learn to get along with Michael Bay for one more movie...

  51. OMFG!
    Yes!!! I thought I was gonna burst from waiting!
    More fembots please!!!
    (and yes, I am a fan-girl)

  52. And Richard is a Homo

  53. stunticons are dumb...

  54. I realize that this movie was sometimes hard to follow, and I think the romance parts may have been slightly unnecessary at parts; in reality, they weren't. There was so much going on that those parts were there just for a little breather to sit back and absorb all the information that was just tossed in your face. There was a perfect blend of action, romance, and comedy in it. If there was any more of any genre in there, the movie may have been too overloaded with stuff. The mix was absolutely flawless and was a beautiful piece of writing by those who created the screenplay. I recommend a second viewing for people who didn't understand it or thought it was bad, you may be fonder of it the next time around.

  55. hi michael bay iwant to see arcee in a car form like in the g1 series ok

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  57. On this movie can Ironhide not have a British accent and can it not be as inappropriate as ROTF cause i have a 4 yr old cousin who didn't get to see it for that same reason


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