Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Buy TF2 Midnight Release

I was in Best Buy today for giggles and found a flyer indicating that my local stores will open on October 20th at 12:01am for a midnight release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on DVD and Blu-ray. A quick search online confirmed the news including the deals that Best Buy will offer that week.

According to Video Business, around 110 Best Buy stores in the United States will participate in the midnight event but check your local store to verify as I couldn't find a link that compiles to entire list of participating stores. My flyer indicates "Free Transformers Giveaways and gift cards" during the event. I would post the flyer but it’s a really bad black & white photocopy that is difficult to read as it is.

As part of the release of the movie Best Buy "Doorbuster Deals" includes an extra $3 off the Blu-ray and $2 off the DVD editions of the movie in the first two hours the store is open. I assume for stores participating that is from midnight to 2 am and non stores from 10am to noon but check the store to verify. As a result you have two sale prices depending on when go into the stores. The price for the two-disc Blu-ray edition will be $24.99 (or $21.99), the two-disc DVD will be $22.99 (or $20.99) and the one-disc DVD will be $15.99 (or $13.99). The limited edition Blu-ray set with Optimus Prime head will be $44.99 (or $41.99).

It looks like those that want the movie as early as possible now have two options, hit up Best Buy or their local 24 hour Wal-Mart.


  1. good news! im goin for the two disc. if it were up to my mom, shed by the one disc cause its cheaper. but u get what u pay for so ill put in a extra 5 or 10 dollas for the special features and stuff. i hope they dont take out the cusing in the two disc. id be highly upset.
    (mad as f*#k.)

  2. Hi. Anyone know the difference between the steelcase 2-disc edition and the regular 2-disc edition? I want to know if there's any advantage over either...Thanks.

    - Jake

  3. @JAKE
    I think the steelcase is blu ray but I'm not sure and the normal is just normal quality I searched and nothing turned up i hope this helped:)

  4. If Walmart is still exclusive on the release with IMAX footage then I'll be getting mine there.

  5. That's what I want to know because I have the blu ray on reserve at my local fye store but if wal-mart releases the IMAX footage edition on blu ray then i'll cancel my reserve and hit my local wal mart..can someone please confirm about IMAX footage on blu ray?

  6. It was released today in Mexico, I just bought the 2 disc DVD with the transforming Bumblebee box, the BluRay and regular 1 disc DVD are also out, plus they are giving away a nice Decepticon logo poster which is laminated so it has a cool look to it.

  7. Thats okay, me and my husband are going to wait at wally world till 12:01 tonight. We are uber excited for jumping up and down right now

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