Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bludgeon Video Review

Peaugh is back with a new review from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line. He has been taking a break from ROTF toys instead reviewing Marvel MiniMates and Robots in Disguise, likely because the Revenge line has become a repaint fest. An exception to this is Voyager Bludgeon which is based on the Generation One comic book character. Based on the review, this toy is shaping up to be a solid edition to the line. Thanks to RY for the link.


  1. Hey TFLIVE here's a pic of the arcee sisters combined from a comic:

  2. cjjerseymom was my moms email, that got up there that i posted under because i had to sign in again lol

  3. ESPN Competition:

    G1 Transformers (Hotrod and Arcee) Wedding topper:

  4. just some more scorpio news that turned out to total bs.

    "Scorpio said...
    Ok there are no red lines on The fallens body in this shot meaning it might not be the fallen. The lightning bolt is almost identical to my prediction about the fallen not bieng trapped under the pyramid but in a dimension that unveals at the pyramid. Kind of like an invisible prison in another dimension. Also the fallen doesnt come up from the ground or drop down from the sky he just appears so maybe its some kind of interdimentional portal. And according to the old G1 series the fallen and Unicron were sucked into a blackhole which became there prison. So maybe this means that he is appearing from that Dimension."

    So much for the fallen being trapped in another dimention, he did come up from the sky. Heck the fallen wasnt even in G1. There was nothing to suggest he was in another dimention, u just like to make shit up dont you. please dont do the same for transformers 3


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