Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fox Killed Off In Transformers 3?

A new rumor from In Touch Weekly suggests that Megan Fox is under consideration for being written out of the franchise in Transformers 3.
“Michael’s pretty much discovered Megan and now he’s very quietly looking for her replacement. He hasn’t decided if he’s going to kill her off in the next movie, but he just wants to be prepared.”
I recommend holding the moans (or celebration) as I doubt even so much as an outline of TF3 even exists. Right now I suspect Michael Bay, Ehren Kruger and others are still in the spitballing phrase and nothing is concrete except for a vague sense of what characters may return for the movie.

Megan Fox could choose to opt out of the next movie (being under contract for three movies doesn't really mean that much) so Bay would be wise to have a plan B under consideration just in case. However, Fox demonstrated she doesn't have the star power to open a movie with the box office failure of Jennifer's Body (to be fair the marketing of that movie was awful) so I don't see her turning down an opportunity to keep her fame flag flying high. Long story short, take this rumor with a grain of salt.

In a bit of a unrelated note, the above image is a before and after from that shows a little plastic surgery can go a long way. Megan Fox had a tweak to her lips, nose and cheeks accounting for the change in look between the first and second films (beyond her tattoos). Makes you wonder if she has anything else planned before Transformers 3 gets before the cameras.


  1. The marketing of Jennifer's Body was awful because it focused almost solely on Megan. No need to be fair.

    I think this rumor just came someone reading the end of that crew letter and running with it.

  2. Jennifer's Body wasn't a great movie really. I thought it was ok, at best, but it really did seem like it was missing something.

    Seeing those before and after shots of her kind of make me wonder why she even bothered doing what she did to herself. She looked really cute in the before photos... and well... in the after she just looks like every other hollywood starlet trying to "make it". That's putting it nicely. To put it more bluntly... she kind of looks like a slut (not that that's a bad thing...).

  3. In the before and after all I see is access to a better makeup artist better hair stylist and more lighting. These things go a long way. I am not gonna put getting work done past anyone in hollywood. But I doubt she has had all the work done that they say she has.

  4. Also, the first picture is obviously taken with a wider-angle lens than the second one. Combined with the stuff mentioned above, that explains all of your "plastic surgery".
    I'm not saying Fox is the greatest actress in the world, or that she's good with the media or anything, but there really is no need to make shit up.

  5. That, my dear friends, is not plastic surgery, but make-up. I figure you men don't or can't really get the wonders of makeup.

    Anyway, I don't even know why, but I like her. So I want her to return. And her character to not die.

  6. What An-tan said. That's not plastic surgery. That's just really good make-up and photography. Straight-on flash vs. fill-bounce flash and the angle of her face in the first photo is not the same as the angle in the nice one on the right. Glossy lipstick and good facial filler. I know how these things work, that's just not plastic surgery and the silly rumor mill needs to end.

    But hey, it makes news, right? haha

    If she wants plastic surgery, great, good for her! This is America. Land of the snobby papparazzi and celeb-hungry public.

    That said, whether or not her role in TF3 is reduced or replaced leaves me eh~ She's a great contribution to the NEW universe of TF, but all in all, let her do what she wants to do. I don't think that's asking too much if any one of us were her from her point of view, not ours.

    Just sayin'... ^_^

  7. please cut her in half! that would be awesome! and shia should have his brain removed by soundwave! :D

  8. If they killed off Shia and Megan Fox i would seriously see this film billions of times and even sell my house and everything else to the writers.

    Face it Bay we dont care about the humans. Even fans of micheal bays films want her dead. Look at the comments in the Don Murphy threads about Bay:

    Lets look at some of those qoutes:
    "Barricade disappeared in the end of the first one, lets make the twins disappear now too"

    "Bayformers can be one of those things that you may have some succes with when it comes out but after a number of years when the hype dies down is something that you are embaressed being attached to it"

    People are starting to realise that this film series is going down the drain. Even Bay knows this. Fans are leaving and beginning to wonder why they are watching it. That is why Bay wants these films over and done with.

    The real truth behind what bay has done to the franchise is in a TF ROTF review. go to the below link to see it:

    Now try to tell me one good thing bay has done for the franchise!

  9. I hope this is true because she one of the worst things about the Transformers movies.

  10. please may they kill her off
    i dont need to say why she sucks because everyone has but yeah, jennifers body proves she cant survive on screen without bay to hold her hand
    she should have stuck with her first look cause what she looks now is bad, she looks like a auton with some some palstic by products and a pair crystal balls slamed in and someone turned round and said "this is a human face"

  11. Well Scorpio, here's the one good thing:

    Bay brougt us TF alive to the big screen!!

    Don't dis the TF films, they are the best in the world, yes there are things I wanted to see different, but overall both movies rocked!! And if you don't think so, you're not a real TF(G1) fan. Shia is the best actor for the roll as Sam/Spike.


  12. maybe whomever runs this should not let scorpio open his big mouth...idiot said he wasn't gonna buy TF2 and it sucked and bay ruined it...but yet here he is commenting on TF3!!! nice scorpio... as for megan fox...if anyone hasn't noticed she is either no.1 or in the top 5 women in every mag that publishes a list (maxim, stuff, fhm) she is hot and needs to stay in these movies. for guys that aren't TF need hot cars, hot chicks and giant metal robots. now let's wait and see what the "i hate transformers" scorpio has to say. he's gotta be under should have an age limit to post

  13. What Bay has done to the franchise? Remember, no other major director in Hollywood wanted Transformers to begin with. The two movies have grossed over 1.5 billion and the toyline's sales have gone thru the roof. Money talks and BS walks.

  14. As for Megan Fox, she has served her purpose in the first two movies. She's hot though she obviously isn't a great actress or very media savy. It's never smart to bite the hand that feeds you. I have no faith in this rumor. I doubt more than a few people know what Bay and Kruger have planned story wise. This is likley no different than 95% of the rumors/leaks that we heard leading up to TF1 and TF2.

  15. I said it before and I'll say it again! She should be killed off in the 3rd movie. I think it would set the tone for it pretty damn well! Megatron is gonna be angry right? what else than to kill the gf of the boy you hate? And for the record, I'd be saying this regardless of what was happening with Bay and Fox.

  16. Scorpio, what was the state of the Transformers "Franchise" 5 years ago when every studio in Hollywood slammed the door in Hasbros face? ROTF was hugely successful. The word of mouth with the people who actually saw the movie was great, which is why it made over 400 million dollars. Clearly fans weren't running away.

  17. Lebeauf and Fox were only signed for 3 movies. Michael Bay nor the kids will return for a 4th movie. I suspect Paramount/Dreamworks will wait 2-4 years after TF3 is released and then reboot the franchise. With the success these films have had their will likley be a numbver of accomplished directors willing to sign on. I wonder if the Bay-Haters will wine if those films gross less than the originals but are critically popular.

  18. Girlfriends whether in real life or the movies can be replaced at any time if the relationship goes sour so if she wants to be a diva then by all means continue to act the way she does. Her role in the TF movies was neither critical or pivital so if her ego was upset by feeling "upstaged by the CGI robots" in an article just a month or so ago then perhaps Bay should replace her role with a CGI girlfriend for Sam/Shia in TF3 ?
    ...oh I like that idea!


    Thanks fans!

  19. A CGI version? Please no

    Anyway, Megan Fox/Mikaela should not be killed off in TF3. Sure she has said some really stupid things about MB and the TF movies but worse has been said. SUre a relationship can go sour but in ROTF they have dated 2 years so they have seen alot even when Sam was caught by Mikaela when Alice kissed him. If anything, Mikaela would have just broke up with him when they went travelling through Egypt and when she needed to go visit Sam just to talk to him. Like she said during the first night at Egypt, " Nobody would do this for their boyfriend, I think I'm the only one who can be yours." or something like that....

    Scropio why even post? You said "we" hate the humans in the movies. Why don't you speak for yourself alone because when you say "we" your talking about all fans and when you say "we" hate the humans your definatly not talking about myself because I love all the human storylines. Please stop thinking your talking on behalf of all TF fans. Speak on your own behalf....

  20. I dont't get it all this hate for Scorpio. After all it is just his opinion and we should respect it as I know he respects our opinions. Along with the owner of this blog, he has always provided us with up-to-date information and I respect them both for that.

    About Fox, I actually don't care if she gets killed or not. I know she is hot but after all, the real stars of these movies are first and most important, the robots and second, Sam, and I believe that Shia is very good in his part.

  21. Replying to Charlo`:
    Thanks for supporting. Hopefully nothing insane happens again like the last time.

    Replying to MP:
    LOL. Why say i am not a TF (G1) fan. G1 was so good because although the humans were a large part of it the robots still interacted. This is one of the reasons i dont like the Bayformers. There has so far only been one scene where Optimus talks to his troops and that was in TF1.

    You bring one good point Bay did bring us the long awaited film we fans wanted but lets face facts almost all the fans hat the human charecters. The hackers for instance in Transformers (2007) dissapear shortly after seeing Megatron and leaves the plot open as to there next moves.

    Shia is only good at portraying part of the human side which is the innocent kid who finds a robot. Still this is made stupid by his continous fascination with the word "No" which he says repeatively after getting chased or spotted by a robot or even when stressed. It was okay in the first film but he has had 2 years of giant robots and he still uses the same lines!?

    Replying to Anonymous 10/11/2009 12:37 PM:

    Although i see your point one of the main reasons why other studios didnt take up the offer was because of either the budget offered to them for the film or the task of creating a series with so much of a fan base.

    After the first film fans began to doubt Bays filming. They saw clips for the second and thought that Bay had improved the shooting techniques so they went to see the film. The point is now all the fans are tired of having the movie get ruined.

    Replying to Anonymous at 10/11/2009 12:14 PM:
    Well two out of three aint bad :P

    Seriously though here are a few things you havent noticed:

    1. Almost everyone who has commented on this blog hates Megan Fox. This is also supported by members of the Don Murphy boards and other TF related sites.

    2. I wont be buying ROTF. If i need to see it i can view it online. I dont see why i should waist my money to buy multiple versions of the same DVD to get the Imax scenes aswell as all the other features.

    3. I am older than 13 and if you cant seem to listen to someone else opinion then you must be under 13 yourself!

    4. Even if i dont like ROTF i can still comment on TF3 even if i am only hoping for some miracle revive for the series.

    5. By me commenting i have managed to get more of you to comment.

    Hope that sorted some of your comments.

  22. If they kill off Mikayla (Fox), it's not going to be a bad idea. Maybe they can introduce Carla. Carla's character is probably be way better than Mikayla.

  23. scorpio...anonymous 12:14...stick with your academy award movies cause they'll value your opinion...1.5 billion speaks for don't wanna ruin the franchise anymore but you want to change directors and main characters? don't think a hardcore fan you have to understand that everyone watching the movie is not a hardcore has to have a little something for everyone...not just what you or fans want...bay many times do you have to be reminded he brought transformers back when others wouldn't touch the idea...glad you think he ruined it...go post on the notebook 2

  24. If Hollywood ended up never making Live action Transformers I would be happy. Hollywood did nothing for my love of Transformers. I'd much rather see a Jap cartoon-anime version of Transformers. Live action does not cut it for the Transformers.

    Everyone needs to grow up with the 'look how much it earned' and 'Bay did what nobody else could do' garbage already. It stinks. It basically destroyed G1 and made a mockery of what Transformers are supposed to be.

  25. godzilla was destroyed...not transformers...don't watch the movies and watch re-runs of g1 cartoons where the characters are different colors in every other scene. those that don't like it get the heck out of here...otherwise you're closet bay fans and secretly like the new transformers

  26. If they kill out Megan i'll burn all the cinemas ;)

  27. "jingles said...

    If they kill out Megan i'll burn all the cinemas ;)
    10/12/2009 4:51 AM"

    Are you "Jingle attack Ironhide" then ?


  28. Question; Does anyone out there really believe Orci and Kurtzman didn't know anyhting about the twins or the juvenile humor? I don't. Revenge was their 3rd movie with Bay, it was the 8th movie he has made, was anyone suprised? I feel as if they started to back away from their part in it once it was "controversial". They initially didn't want to do the film and only came back when they were paid a record sum and Ehren Kruger was hired to help. No doubt it was Bay's influence but they should man up and admit they were a part of it. I bet they didn't give a nickel of their fee back because of their shame.

  29. i don't buy it at all ray...they knew.

  30. what i'd do is have megan kidnapped by soundwave at the start and then the film would move to them holding her and threatening to kill her (to lure prime into a 1 on 1 with Megaton. but you wouldn't see much of her (think sarah in season 2 of prison break). when the bots are about to go for her prime finds out somehow that that's just a ploy so that the cons distract the autobots from stopping their major forces doing something diabolical that would destroy the earth (and kill everyone) so that they can get their hands on vast amounts of energon.

    Prime decides to risk them killing her to save the rest of the human race, he sends bb or jolt on his own to rescue her or something, whoever he sends gets killed and the cons (preferably soundwave) kill her to 'punish' prime for his cowardace and this creates great tension between sam and prime.

    or something like that, just made it up quickly. but something like this makes her a pivotal character for the plot and wouldn't give her that much screentime, she can also suffer a gruesome death (which would please a bunch of people). if done right and early enough it could create some interesting interaction between sam and prime, and also some other autobots that would believe in prime's decision.

  31. ^^^
    Awesome idea Paul Des.

    You should be the writer of TF3 now that Kurtzman and Orci have left.

  32. thanks Scorpio, hey who knows maybe one of bay's assistants will be checking out the blog read it and it ends up in the film, in which case you read it here first ;).

  33. Shia is the best character in the movies. Keep him and take Megan Fox out. Give Sam a better girl.

  34. yeah nice idea paul des! i've been saying the same only you've put a decent story behind it! Maybe M.Bay does come on here! :P

  35. The idea is good Paul Des except she dies :P. I know I don't believe she should die but maybe just to add onto your idea maybe Megatron can say shes dead so that Sam doesn't want anything to do with Prime so the 'Cons can take him easier....

    For me, I really hope the main human characters stay intact....I don't have a problem with any of them...Just my opinion.

  36. Thanks for the comments i'm chuffed :)

    anon @ 6:17 i doubt he'd come here in person, and if he does it's highly unlikely he'd stay reading all the comments :)

    anon @ 10:17 i like that idea, it could be that they tear some other girl apart, and at the end of the film you'd find out she's still alive and sam has to repair his relationship with prime to get her back, or go himself and stand alone against soundwave, there's a million ways you could run with it depending on Bay's/Spielberg's preferences. but it's about time we saw some human damage done by a decepticon and an established character would give it much more impact than just some random extra.

  37. About the picture of Megan, I think I like the before pic better, honestly.

  38. I want Mikaela to stay alive. I like the idea of people knowing she is alive except for the autobots/humans. Then Sam will end up finding this out and mending this relationship with Prime to save her.

    I like your idea :)

  39. I could see it now. In TF3, Mikeala dies, Sam screams "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!", Bumblebee cries, Skids and Mudflap go, "This sucks!", Optimus says something serious, Ratchet will attempt to revive her,and while during all of the commotion, Wheelie is pissed because he's wondering " Who's leg am I going to hump now?!"

  40. I'm with you Ray.


  41. Replying to anonymous 10-11-2009 11.12 PM:

    Don't bother coming here, if you don't like the TF movies, stick to your cartoons and go home.

    @ Scorpio:

    Why buy multiple dvd's?? Just buy the blu-ray!! When you post something, it sounds like only your opinion matters. Not even close when you think most TF fans hate Fox, not every TF fan comes to or has the time to comment on every TF site. I think most fans only read sites and don't comment.


  42. scorpio's not buying anything...he hates transformers with a passion. i think he and charlo should get a room :)

  43. @ anon 10/14/2009 PM:



  44. Paul Des, please go to Michael Bay's website/forum and suggest the idea there?! It's great!

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  46. Uhm okay..
    i'm 12 & i <3 transformers!! & HER & samm...
    i don't want her character to die, because i reallyy likee herr & that's probably how theyy made alot of there $$ not just because both movies were OUTSTANDING but because of herrr....

    & She didn't really look that different to me in the 1st & 2nd movie? I couldn't tell the difference... and she's really pretty no matter what you HATERS think!! :) I like her, & i DON'T want her character to die, then they'd be worthless & no onee would wanna watch it!! then you'd have to make a 4th one because Sam you know...... but they're good movies & she's greatt. & she bettah not die! :(
    n in thee second one it left it hanging at the end to being a third one when optimist prime says :"i am optimist prime and we will be keeping a watchful eye out" & showing the world?? there's gunna be a thirdone!! :) & hse bettr not diee!! shess awesome! so yep..

    -Carlee, 12 :)
    ---> ((myy channel!!))

  47. lol if mikayla dies in TF3 why no have it near some point at the begining and then some point at the end they find a shard of allspark and bring her back 2 life or something like that???

  48. This photo is before she had surgery, she is just wearing more make up in one than the other.

    I cant understand why and how people are so ignorant to how much her face has changed since 2006 when she filmed the first Transformers. Her face has gone through so many "stages".

    Her whole smile has changed several times too.

    2 nose jobs
    Breast implants / lift
    Lip enhancers and augmentation
    Teeth straightening / filing down.

    This is Megan before and after surgery:







  49. That pic is just her with and without make up prior to the mass amount of surgery she has had.
    She did it slowly bit by bit over the past 3 years so that people wouldnt notice. But yeah, her face has changed completely.

    2 nose jobs
    Breast implants / lift
    Lip enhancers
    Teeth straightening / filing
    lip augmentation?
    Something to her chin / cheeks?


    2007 (before):

    2007 (after):



  50. i totally agree with an tan, thanks for not being a megan fox hater. and yeah i think it's make up too.


  51. Well, 3 is due out in a few weeks. Let's see how we do without Megan


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