Thursday, October 22, 2009

G4's Transformers: ROTF DVD Review

On G4's Attack of the Show for DVDuesday, Chris Gore reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and the Transformers Generation One Box Set. Over all he didn't like the movie but did like the special features and thought the Generation One set was good but likely will destroy your childhood memories of the show (as its not as good as your decades long memory makes it seem).


  1. I stopped watching G4 since last year due to the shows being just awful. As with all other "film critics" they still don't get the point. Chris Gore has the "basically" virus. The word is said almost ever sentence (Trust me, listen to people talk and you will notice it...).

    Chris Gore does have some good reviews (Some times), if he liked the bonus features about a movie he thought sucked why did he watch it? No words about picture quality/sound, great review there!

    I got the Matrix of Leadership Box set and it didn't ruin my childhood memories. It's from 1980's and it's classic stuff. Cheese at times but it's worth it.

    Morgan Webb should have retired from TV 4 years ago.

  2. i hate that guy, its so stupid, i dont know him but i dont like anyway, just critics transformers, i hate the people that bought a product just for hate and critic, fuck your self, and let transformers 2 alone, transformers rocks i dont matter if hurt you.

  3. The problem here, as it often is with film critics and those who pretend film cexperts in the media is that they are often reviewing movies they would never pay see in a theater. Make me watch Slumdog millionaire or The Reader and ask me to write a review and I'm sure my review would include phrases like "flaming peice of crap", "suicide inducing" and "will to live draining experience".

  4. man will they leave tformers alone this is pissing me off!!!!!

  5. so...he hated transformers..but liked Natural Born Killers...interesting. I didn't even know Morgan "Man-Jaw" Webb was still on tv!

  6. This is not directed at anyone specific on the site here but critics are a dime a dozen if not cheaper than that so who cares what this fool thinks about a movie that you liked ?
    Why should a total stranger to you influence what dvd you are going to rent or buy ?
    It is about what you like and not what a critic likes as they do not know your taste in movies or likes and dislikes.

  7. wow you guys cry to much hes right the movie sucked


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