Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Original Transformers G1 Artwork Auction

If you have at least $7,500 you could own a piece of Transformers Art that was used on packaging for the later waves of Generation 1 Transformers back in the mid-eighties via an eBay auction. The item description:
TRANSFORMERS ORIGINAL ART PAINTING 1980S HASBRO RARE This auction is for an ORIGINAL work of art featuring THE TRANSFORMERS! This one-of-a-kind PAINTING appeared on the back of HASBRO TOY packages in 1980S. This is an ORIGINAL Gouache on cold press Illustration board artwork painted by world renowned illustrator, JEFFREY MANGIAT! Mr. Mangiat also produced many of the first generation Transformers artwork for numerous package designs. His paintings are known worldwide for their incredible use of detail and intense color palette. This fabulous painting measures 26” X 24” and is in superb condition. There is a minor crease in the lower right corner that does not affect the majesty of this rare original. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to obtain a piece of Transformers toy history directly from the artist who created this artwork! The winning bidder may choose to have the piece signed and personalized if they choose. If you are a dedicated fan or collector of THE TRANSFORMERS or high quality artwork, this rare ORIGINAL PAINTING is for you! Payment may be made by Paypal in US funds and MUST be received within 10 days from end of auction. STRICTLY ENFORCED! (FREE SHIPPING- priority mail domestic USA delivery confirmation & insured!)
The item depicts two transforming cities, the Autobot Metroplex vs. Decepticon Trypticon along with multiple characters introduced in Transformers: The Movie and season 3 of the cartoon series. The auction is scheduled to end on November 2nd. (via TFormers)


  1. Jesus dude! That's just CLASSIC artwork right there! I wish I had that much to spend! :(

    Don't get me wrong, I saved all my old boxes, but I wish I could just see the ORIGINAL painting in person just to say I did! Such nostalgia!

  2. Not worth the price.

  3. "Not worth the price."

    You don't know what you are saing, Bayformer Child...

  4. yeah that's awesome but where are the rest? is that the only one?

    and the guy listing the auction has no reputation on ebay either. i would avoid it.

  5. I remember it on all the boxes of my brother's post "Transformers: The Movie" purchases.

  6. there is a photo of his signature, and a pic of the painting next to another transformers piece, framed and hung on the wall. what else do you need?

  7. "and the guy listing the auction has no reputation on ebay either. i would avoid it."

    Yeah, because everybody on ebay starts with 200 positive opinions... Great logic.

  8. "a piece of Transformers Art that was used on packaging for the later waves of Generation 1 Transformers"

    Later waves?

    Just the 1986 boxes. 1987 to 1991 featured different art.


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