Sunday, October 11, 2009

ROTF Dialogue Changes for Home Video Release? (Updated)

FrontIs it possible that the home video release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen could have dialogue different from what was seen in the movie? Apparently so based on the images from the back of the Blu-ray Transforming Bumblebee Case for the movie from Target's website. Site fan David provided the images and pointed out that if you check the image of the back of the case, right above the PG-13 rating in the bottom left you will see "Dialogue has been changed from the theatrical version."

Supporting this is a report from Luis who noticed changes in a section of dialogue when he viewed the DVD version of the film through alternate means. An example he cites is when the Twins (while as the ice cream truck) crash in Shanghai:Back
Mudflap: "I screwed that up! Oh! I'm OK. I'm alright! Oh, oh!"
Skids: "This is combat, man, what's wrong with you?!" (Wacks Mudflap)

Mudflap: "I screwed that up! Oh! I'm OK. I'm alright! Oh, oh!"
Skids: "This is combat, man!"
Mudflap: "I got brain freeze!"
Skids: "What's wrong with you?!" (Wacks Mudflap)
In less than ten days we all get to find out the extent of dialogue changes were made. Thanks to David and Luis for their information.

Update: Thanks to redxdogxsurff, click here to view the first 10 minutes of the movie. The Twins dialogue change can be heard starting at about the 6:30 mark. In addition, Chris reports he also noticed some scene tweaks in the forest fight sequence:
I found that some scenes changed a bit. For example in the forest in the imax version Optimus grabs Starscream and as he lifts him up he kicks megatron back as well. Then theres a shot of OP takin a beating. Then before he stabs Megs he stabs Grindor in the hip.


  1. More changes to the ROTF dvd ? wow even that change makes no sense what so ever and I liked it better than the 2007 movie! It had it's cheesy moments I could live without yes indeed but looking beyond that it had a much better story and character development than the 2007 movie.
    They did not have nearly as much time or budget for the 2007 movie of course however.

    Back on subject though what sense or reason did it make to change that particular dialog and I wonder what else was changed if anything ?

  2. I guess they are trying to actually use the extra dialogue they recorded instead of tossing it out.

    I hope something interesting comes out of this. To be honest, when I first read the title, I thought they were changing some of it to make it seem less "racist" or something. I wonder if the comment about 'not doing much reading' was changed at all.

  3. I posted on the S4TE forum in the dvd/bluray thread regarding this. Maybe nelson will give some info. :D

  4. I really hate those twins anyway, so I don't care how mych they change their unintelligble dialogue

  5. I thought the same thing as Miss M. Possible but after seeing the dialogue above, I don't know what difference some extra dialogue is going to make to the movie. Well, maybe not all the dialogue will be like that. The only problem is that, since I live in Europe, I have to wait till the end of November to find out.

  6. ^^^
    Then again you can see it online shortly after it is released.

    Though i dont see any point in adding dialogue. Unless they include more lines for Devastator.

    I wonder if there are a few more CGI bits when they talk.

  7. Why are they giving us more dialogue between the Twins? Weren't they annoying enough? But, I wonder what other dialogue has been added.

  8. Mudflap does utter the line "I got brain-freeze" on the DVD

  9. I thought it was like this:
    Mudflap: I screwed that up. I'm ok, I'm alright.
    Skids: This is kinda bad man.
    Mudflap: Oh brain freeze man.
    Skids: What's wrong with you?

  10. True... I've checked too. There are notable changes here and there. :-)

  11. this is just stupid. they gotta own up to what happened in theaters. making it more suitable for kids probably? its pg-13, if you don't know swear words by 6 7th grade then you are not living in america. im hoping itll be less twins dialogue but i can already tell they are going to take out a few "shit" lines from the mom, "pussy" from the twins, and probably some slop dialogue between the twins

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  13. Actually, in the example given the dialog is the same for both the theatrical and DVD versions; the difference is that Skids' "this is combat, man!" line came in too late in the theatrical version — right on top of Mudflap's "brain freeze" line — making it difficult to hear. They didn't add any dialog so much as move it to where it belongs. That said, I'd be curious to know what other dialog — if any — has been "changed" from the theatrical release.

  14. i noticed that change in the blu-ray rip i downloaded

  15. I'm sure it won't be majorly drastic. That probably fixed up some stuff that they didn't have time to do before the theatrical release. I wouldn't be surprised if they tweeked up some CGI and color timing while they were at it.

    Can't wait until next week....I'm hosting a Blu-Ray Transformers 1 and 2 viewing party on the 24th. ;-)

  16. ^^^
    Can i go :P Nah, Just have fun with your friends :)

    If they add some more of Devastator speaking then i might consider seeing it. Still i am suprised they are giving us this instead of the Imax scene.

  17. Dear TFlive the rumor of Megan Fox being killed of in TF3 is "not true" via TFORMERS

  18. You can tell these kinds of adjustments were done in the first movie, as well. I have like three different DVD/Blu-ray versions of TF1, and on one there were changes made. At the scene where Optimus rips the roof off the Sector 7 SUV, Sam says, "You a$$holes are in trough now." On the other DVD its, "You A-holes are in trouble now."

    Most of these changes are just corrections that couldn't be done before the theatrical release. Fixing some errors and stuff like that. But I wouldn't be surprised if one of the DVD versions get changes that make it fit better under the pg-13 rating. But then we'll just complain about that, too, I suppose.

  19. Matrix of leadership box set found at retail.
    New rotf wreckloose rpm images.
    and last, rotf dead end, knock out repaints. along with FAB twins repaints.

  20. ^^^^
    If they sold a solid metal version then i might consider the box set. Anyway thanks for all the links :)

  21. Also TFLive your advert at the top says a TF2 and TF2 gift set it should be a TF1 and TF2 giftset.

  22. your welcome. im kinda new here... well not new new. i checked this blog on my phone every day since febuary cause i was excited about the movie. then when my dad finnally let me use the computer, i started commenting.(a couple of weeks ago). anyway i loved the movie. i cant wait to see whos in the third. hopfully wheeljack


    - redxdogxsurff -
    - check out my Youtube page -

  24. I too can confirm that the dialog has changed in more than just that one scene. They seem to be attempting to tone down the twins. I was flying overseas on Delta and they have the Delta on Demand TVs on board. Transformers is one of the new movies on there this month. On the way home from Ialy I watched it (twice) and noticed a few areas where the dialog is slightly different.

    When the twins call Leo a pussy (can I say that?) in the theatrical versions they actually call him a wussy in the DVD version. Its not much but I also think they cut out most of the twins swearing as well. From watching the DVD version I don't recall the twins being as funny as they were in the theatrical version. Then again I DID think they were funny in the first place.

    Either way, can't wait to pick this one up in a couple of days.

  25. I cant wait to see some real info come out about tf3...i know its still early yet.

  26. One other part that I think changed is the end of the forest scene, when Ironhide yells "Autobots Attack", you see the twins in Robot form, then when Bumblebee drives away they are in car form, I saw the movie three times in IMAX and I don't remember seeing the twins in robot form in that scene, they were only in car form driving up.

  27. Rob, stop trying to spread false rumors. The Twins still call Leo a Pussy, and all their swearing is still there. Actualy there's more, as there'sa part where in the theatrical Megan Fox shouted 'Do something!' where in the DVD version she shouts 'Fucking do something!'

  28. well, we'll find out at the end of the month/first days of november... ^^ got the legend optimus prime as a pre-order gift xD

  29. hey the video on youtube was deleted :(

  30. Calm down man, I'm not trying to spread any false rumors, I'm just saying what I witnessed. Maybe delta had a dumbed down version to show on their airlines then or something, but I am 100% sure that is how the dialog went on the version that I saw. I even rewound it and watched it again because I wasn't sure I heard it correctly.

  31. Well, if they are changing the lines, at least that tells me that the crazy humor might be tone down in Transformers 3.

  32. They removed the "I am Professor Colan" line from Rainn Wilson in the DVD/Bluray version. In the theatrical cut he says his name. It was funny name, I am not sure why they cut it.

  33. It's put in Mexico, I just bought the Special Edition (2 disc DVD) with the Bumblebee transforming box, as a plus they giveaway a nice Decepticons Logo poster, it's laminated so it's got a nice look to it
    The DVD 2 disc edition and the regular 1 disc edition are also out!

  34. Airlines have censored movies for decades, you can't judge what's going to be on a home video version by what an airline showed.

  35. he calls leo a wuss in the home bluray im watching at the moment. i want a refund

  36. If I remeber correctly in the theatrical version wheelie dropped an F bomb, its replaced by frickin on DVD.

  37. Nope. He said frickin. I have a copy of the "theatrical version" right here.

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