Monday, October 05, 2009

ROTF Exclusives Hitting Store Shelves

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen box sets (and one repaint) are starting to get spotted at various retail stores and online. To my knowledge none are new molds but simply a re-release of an existing model or a repaint.

Fiery The Fallen
The orange and black repaint of The Fallen is now available at and probably will be landing in stores very soon. The retail price is $21.99. Thanks to Ben1227 for the link.

Autobot Strike Mission Set
Possibly at a Sam's Club near you is this Revenge of the Fallen box set that retails for $39.82. The set comes with 4 Deluxe TFs, Breakaway, Rampage, Battle-Damaged Longarm and Battle-Damaged Sideways. Essentially it’s a set of left over peg warmers and repaints.

War of the Skies Set
Also possibly available is this K-Mart exclusive set containing five Legends class figures of Blades, Jetfire, Thundercracker, and Spinster. Like other sets it’s a mix of old releases with repaints of old releases.

Straightaway Shootout Set
Another five pack of legends, this time exclusive to Target is now out in stores or available on The set contains Ironhide, Mudflap, Runamuck, Sparkcrusher, and Swerve and retails for $19.99.


  1. You made a blunder. For the war of the skies, you mention 5 legends, but then state only 4 names, and the pic only shows 4.

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