Friday, October 02, 2009

ROTF IMAX Footage Wal-Mart Exclusive

In a good news/bad news situation, Nelson over at has provided some info on the status of the IMAX footage for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The good news is the footage will be available on both formats but the bad news is it will be a Wal-Mart exclusive.

I spoke to Paramount today and here's the lowdown on the Imax TF2 release:

Walmart will have exclusive rights on selling the ROFT (w/ Imax) on DVD and Blu-ray.
Exact details were not provided so unknown if the footage will be incorporated into the film or a separate section of special features. In a previous interview, Bay had said "We’re going to do a special IMAX skew where it’ll open up for those scenes. You can see top to bottom” but then it was assumed the IMAX footage would not be exclusive either. The main takeaway is if the IMAX footage is important to you, then Wal-Mart is your only recourse.

The Dark Knight showed how to do this right for theatrical and home release, why re-invent the wheel in moronic ways when the best method was already been done? This is an extremely crappy move on Paramount and Wal-Mart's part and almost enough to make me take a pass on buying the movie altogether. If this is how IMAX footage is going to be handled in the future for home release then frankly I rather Paramount not bother.


  1. I`m not going to buy the film at all. To be honest i have tried rewatching it and all i have seen has been all the worst things none of us fans wanted.

    More lame acting from Sam and Megan
    More stupid jokes
    More idiotic and possibly racist charecters
    Stupid camera angles

    So i am not going to buy TF2 at all. The only part that kept me interested was the music. Sorry about this rant but i have just realised how much bay has ruined the TF series

  2. Paramount CEO proves himself an amateurish guy wanting to be a CEO. He failed miserably when he tried to push HD-DVD as the standard over Blu-Ray solding his Company to Microsoft and Toshiba for a few bucks...
    And now he couldn't even manage the inclusion of IMAX footage that WarnerBros already did perfectly with TheDarkKnight release...
    This is just crazy.
    Very very bad marketing. Just like the fact that Lorenzo Di Bonaventura announced that there were 6-7 minutes of additional footage to be included for Transformers2 disc releases as an extended cut with scenes that couldn't be completed on time for the theatrical cut... and those two disappeared...
    Also.. now having the 2minutes worth of additional IMAX footage as a US-only Wal-Mart exclusive is the most dumb thing ever !
    What about the rest of the world ?
    Did the Paramount CEO ever understood and read box office profits that are split in half between US and RestOfTheWorld ?
    This CEO and top managers at Paramount have to go. Whoever own a lot of Paramount shares should be seriously concerned about what this CEO is doing/not-doing. He and his staff are doing the wrong thing and not giving customers what they expect which is the most pathetic unprofessional way to manage even a little shop!

  3. As someone who lives in the UK, (and was wanting the IMAX footage included)this leaves me at a complete loss. Not only do I have to wait over a month after its release in USA, but there's no certainty that the 2 disc blu-ray will include the IMAX footage? One of our supermarkets called ASDA is owned by Wal-mart, so MAYBE they might have the IMAX footage. Either way, I have never known a DVD release to be so complicated. However I must confess I will mostly likely buy the 2 disk blu-ray just for its picture quality. But im still not happy about all this!

  4. ironhide2011
    am i the only one who preorderd the michael bay signed one i still prolly would have regardless but why not like make imax for all special editons i mean wal-mart come on man!! thats bullshiT!

  5. you guys are so full of're not going to buy the movie my ass. if you're on this blog you probalbly saw it opening weekend or at midnight and you're not gonna buy it...that's what i thought. you wanna talk about ruining something. look at freaking godzilla. bay did not ruin transformers...he brought it back. i bet if you bought stock in hasbro 5 years ago you wouldn't think bay ruined transformers. why don't you go vote with the academy if you like crappy movies.

  6. I wonder if walmarts in Canada will get it? The only positive thing is that most Walmarts are open 24hrs so a 12am purchase is 100% I saw RotF 2nd showing IMAX opening day (1st showing after 12am) and when I walked out I couldn't wait for the bluray release and set things in motion for when it comes out.

    I bought a PS3 slim 2 weeks ago and today I'm going out to buy my first HDTV (Bravia S 40inch 1080p) and this is all to see RotF on bluray.

    I'll get the 2 disc bluray (Hopefully Canada gets the Prime Head version or a sweet steel book from Future Shop).

    As for the Walmart IMAX only release, if it's legit and in the movie, I'll pick up that version and just add it to the set. It's bs that Walmart get's it only (Prob paid Paramount and arm and a leg for it). As long as I get it and with IMAX included, my money goes there.

  7. @ Anonymous who said that people that don't buy it are full of it... you're wrong buddy. Just for this, I'm not gonna buy TF2. Instead, it's queued on utorrent to be downloaded.

    You are right about one thing, I did pay to see this movie in IMAX on opening day but since Paramount are being completey idiots, this is going to be the last time I give them my money. And they wonder why piracy exists...

  8. i can tel by yur engleesh hukt on fonix reely helped yoo. wut are yoo 12? maybee 13 at bestt? dont buy moovie babby

  9. Scorpio im suprised you dare show your face on this blog, i remember when TF2 was about to come up and all that bullshit you made up that wasnt in the film

    "Scorpio said...

    Truth (Everything in this section is the truth):

    1.Optimus will die
    2.The fallen is a charecter
    3.Megatron returns
    4.Ratchet will be mainly in robot mode
    5.The fallen wasnt autobot or decepticon however he became evil and the group called decepticons was made.
    6.The Giant wheeled robot from the teaser is 1/7 constructicons.
    7.Devastator makes his first apperance at the end of the film in an epic fight.
    8.Bay mentioned the fallen is a charecter!
    9.The next trailer is released in the film friday the 13th it will air on the saturday on youtube and will be on the offical site a week after."

    optimus didnt die, not even in the forest, and the wheelbot wasnt 1/7th of devastator,

  10. "you cannot escape the Walmart!"

  11. Replying to Anonymous at 12:35PM

    The internet is a free place.

    At that time Demolisher was actually rumored to be one of the constructicons. This is my only mistake from that post.

    Ratchet was barely seen in Vehicle mode at all and only appeared in robot form at the end.

    Optimus Prime did die however he was resurected by the matrix.

    Everything in that statement did indeed come true. It isnt my fault if they changed there idea. Bearing in mind several concept art pieces for Devastator still list Demolisher as one of the constructicons.

    Such is the case in this concept art below:

    The only segment of that statement i made up was the name of the third film which i guessed would probably include Unicron.

    Sorry for the long post

  12. scorpio ratchet didnt just apear at the end, he was in robot mode just after optimus got stabbed, he was seen at the airbase in robot mode arguing with the asshole inspector of nest what ever his name is. Optimus went into stasis, watch the movie again please

  13. For all you hardcore fanboys who demand nothing less than exact duplication of your wishes and dreams to be put forth on the big screen, I have but one question for you .... will you feel pointless in this world when the DVD goes on to sell millions even with your so-called "boycott"?

    I'm a fanboy, and I was bummed by a lot of my expectations not coming true for this second movie ... but there is something else. See, I'm also an adult, and I understand I'm not going to get everything I want. I can see this movie for what it was meant to be, which is to be fun and entertaining. And damn, it definitely was that.

    Oh, and for the guy that said he isn't going to buy the walmart version of this movie and will instead torrent it ... wow, you are special, huh? So instead of getting an HD version with the IMAX scenes, you'll instead settle for a crappy bootleg. You sir, have proven my point that the voice of the hardcore fanboy(read as childish) is pointless.


  14. Is there a place where we can see a comparison of all the Bluray and Dvds being released for Transformers ROTF. For example, Walmart version vs Target version vs Best Buy Etc. I think it would be cool to have a blog post with all the versions to be available for comparison. Thanks.

  15. Replying to Anonymous:

    Statis for TF fans is another fancy term for bieng dead. Ratchet was still Barely seen in Vehicle mode (As i already said) The only time he appeared in Vehicle mode was for a few seconds here and there.

    This was because of a problem Bay had with the writers strike as an original plan he had before the strike was to kill Ratchet. However when the strike happened he rethought his ideas and instead chose to kill off new less popular charecters such as the Arcee triplets.

  16. I liked the movie, there was like two parts i could have done without, but it was really good. I'm buying it this tuesday


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