Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Transformers Galleries, The Plague and More

Below are a few links to new toy galleries and more.

The Plague and Leader Starscream
The image to the right is a screen grab from the Blu-ray edition of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that shows off an unused concept character called The Plague. Could this be an early name for the Fallen or possibly a new character that might pop up in the third film? Additionally at the link is images of Leader class Starscream that will hopefully hit retail by Christmas. Thanks to RY for the link.

More Revenge Repaints
Click above for a look at rather ugly repaints of Fast Action Battler Skids and Mudflap along with Dead End and Knock Out. Hasbro's love of creating at least 2 repaints (or more) of every mold continues. Thanks to Ben1227 for the link.

Fast Action Battler Arcee
Gallery of the upcoming toy that retains the ugly look of the original.

Recon Ironhide in Package
Voyager class Jungle Attack Ironhide has been renamed according to the new images the character in packaging pictures. Recon Ironhide is a repaint of the figure but now includes more weapon accessories than ever before. Pic to the right is the back of the box with his bio.

Encore 18 Skids
The latest re-issue gets its own gallery as Generation One Skids is about to be released in Japan. I am especially digging the classic packaging and probably need to add this figure to my wish list as I never had a chance to buy this one those many years ago when first released.

Demolisher and Rampage Repaints
Yep, more repaints this time for the Deluxe Rampage and Voyager Demolisher. Rampage is getting a new red color and Demolisher turns white in an effort to make them more accurate to their look in the movie. No indication if this is a Japan only release or if these will make their way stateside sometime next year.


  1. i think The Plage is either the army of decepticon protoforms at the end of rotf, the new army of decepticon protoforms in tf3, or another one of bay's "ultimate bad guys" who is gonna get there ass handed to them by OP or Megs. if its a "ultimate bad guy" then it could be the lutenit of the protofroms who tries to take over. which brings me back to Megs kicking his ass.

  2. Raven Silverwulf10/14/2009 11:41 PM

    would like to see what The Plague looks like, he is definitly not early name for the The Fallen (he is clearly tagged on the left of the pic)

  3. it says that the plague is combined robot form hmmm. but i do know that the silhouette used for The Plague is Optimus Prime's protoform/pre-truck figure.
    leader starscream looks AWESOME!

  4. The plague is just the protoforms, in the first film all the autobot protoforms (jazz, ironhide, optimus) were pretty much the same as well as the protoforms at the end of ROTF, the writer of this blog needs to actually watch the films. The plauge is basically the horde of protoforms at the end battle of ROTF

  5. @ Anonymous 10/15/2009 5:30 AM
    thats what i just said.

  6. ben1227, i didnt see your comment comments :)

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