Saturday, October 31, 2009

Transformers Linkfest

Time for another list of links to various galleries of new Revenge of the Fallen toys (mostly repaints) and the like.

Bumblebee vs. Soundwave
From Entertainment Earth, a box set of the two deluxe size toys in NEST packaging that is apparently part of an "Exclusive Figure Offer". The set will be released in February for $23.99. BB is the cannon version and Soundwave is another repaint with red highlights.

2010 Wave One Gallery
Official images of the next wave of Revenge of the Fallen toys that will be coming out next year, much of which is repaints. Thanks to RY for the link.

Masterpiece Skywarp Review
From, a review of the Wal-Mart exclusive toy that is a repaint of Masterpiece Starscream released years ago in the states. This is essentially the same MP Skywarp released a little over a year ago in Japan but there have been a few touch-ups such as yellow eyes, painted nametag (rather than a sticker), chromed Decepticon logo and other tweaks. It’s a good read for anyone debating buying the rather expensive figure, especially if already has the Japan (Takara) version. Personally I think the Masterpiece line as a whole has produced some of the best Transformers ever so worth considering if you have never bought any versions of G1 Masterpiece Seeker made over the years.

Nebular Starscream
K-Mart is joining the Transformers exclusive bandwagon with a pretty good looking repaint of Voyager Starscream in a black and green color scheme. No idea when it will be released. Another look can be seen here and better look at the packaging here. Thanks to RY for the link.

RPM Jetfire
The RPM line, mostly limited to cars, is adding Jetfire to the line. The RPM line is the one where it’s essentially matchbox cars with the robot mode painted on the underside of the vehicle.

RPM Megatron
Another RPM figure, this time Battle Charger Megatron. This one has a little upper body figure of Megatron pop out of the turret section.


  1. RE: RPMs and the robot beneath;

    Not just painted; sculpted! :D

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