Monday, October 26, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs isn't as common on video releases as they use to be but Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen does have two (if don't count R2D2 and Shockwave) on the second disc for Blu-ray and DVD editions. Both are essentially short bloopers. The titles are made up by me. Thanks to LionBoogy for the first egg.

Big Hero Moment
- Load Special Features, disc two > under "Human Factor: Enacting Revenge of the Fallen" > go to "Domestic Destruction" > toggle right and a Decepticon symbol will appear > confirm choice
- Bay warns Josh Duhamel to not screw up who then precedes to fall while running from the huge gas explosion for the desert fight finale.

Mojo Action
- Load Special Features, disc two > under "Deconstructing Visual Bayhem > go to "Jackhammer Fight" > toggle right, see Autobot symbol > confirm choice
- This feature is a montage of Mojo humping Frankie.

A quick run through of impressions while watching the extra features. Over all the two disc edition of ROTF was more informatative than expected. There was the usual butt kissing (it's inevitable) but not nearly as much as I was expecting. Bay does comes across as a bit of a harda$$ but with a great sense of humor. Really he reminds me of every boss I have ever had. Do your job, do it right, and all is well. Don't and I will rip you a new one. There are only three deleted scenes, two with the lovely Julie White, an extended bit of her high act at college and more of Sam's parents in Paris. It was pretty clear why they were cut but still a shame. Probably my favorite feature was "Giant Effing Movie" as it was a behind the scenes with a more light touch from the first day of filming to the last with an angle on showing the fun side of filming a movie.

The commentary was ok; a real attempt was made to be informative as the writers talked about what they were thinking when writing scenes while Michael Bay talked about some of the challenges faced while filming. I believe the commentary track is actually two separate tracks (one for Bay, one for writers) that were edited together as there no overlap in talk and no back and forth that usually occurs when all the commentators are together.


  1. Thanks for the credit! And wow, I totally missed the Mojo humping follies. I really like that voice actor (Wheelie), he's just got the best lines.

    I expected plenty of butt-kissing, but really what movie doesn't go into that? Upon further exploration it's clear that many people had similar photographic or cinematic visions about this movie. It had to be big and LOOK big.

    I think Michael Bay did the best he could do with very little time and a very tight budget. To see him a bit nervous makes me wonder if any other director could pull that off. That's a lot of pressure from fans, industry, studios, sponsors, just everyone.

  2. I picked up the TF2 Bluray and was very excited to see the 3D turnarounds of the Characters. I had read about how they were going to incorporate 3D turnarounds of the figures and as an aspiring 3D modeler I was really really looking forward to it. I checked out the N.E.S.T Transformer Data-Hub and went straight to the ILM section to view the 3D models. I then see a VERY TINY Box with a Spinning Head of Optimus. Im thinking ok, its a small preview, If I click on it it will go to full screen mode BUT NOTHING. The 3D Turnarounds are %#$^ing TINY!!!! and there is no way to make them any bigger. WTF!!!!! It was a HUGE disappointment. The designers of the DVD made a horrible decision to not make the screen any bigger for the 3D turnarounds. The worse one is the Full Body Turnarounds. They are barely visible, they are basically USELESS. Is there a way to make the 3D turnarounds any bigger???

  3. I actually really looking forward to buying the DVD, if I CAN see 3D modelling of the characters. Have you guys by any chance see this bonus feature? How many characters can we see there? Because if I don't find my three-arcee-bikes, I don't think I would buy it.... >.<

  4. Is "Giant Effing Movie" only included on the Blu-ray 2-disc?

  5. The special features were great. A lot of fans were dissapointed in the final battle, including me, but Bay said he didn't have enough time and he apologize too. I thought that was kind cool, never seen him apologizing. To the above post, yes. That feature is only on the blu-ray.

  6. new rotf voyager starscream repaint

  7. Thanks Anonymous @10:03 AM. Someone needs to rip that and upload it for all of us who are not in a hurry to invest in Blu-ray.

  8. in europe we still have to wait till november...
    the waiting makes me sick...

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  10. As a fan of Transformers TROF along with the incredible special affects and Megan Fox, these movies have surpassed my expectations. The Easter Eggs are just that. If you're fan it doesn't matter, the fact that you can pay to see your boyhood dreams come to life on the big screen means a lot more. It's nostalgic for those of us who enjoyed the animated series and wonderful toys.

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  12. So apparently Bayformers have more gays than all Transformers cartoon combined? BRAVO.


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