Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Buster Optimus Prime Images

For whatever reason, a bunch of new images have popped up of Leader class Buster Optimus Prime which is currently a Japan only exclusive from Takara. The main differences are a more movie accurate paint job and the additional accessory based on Prime's blaster (from the factory scene that sends Starscream through the wall). I will be really surprised if this toy doesn't get released in North America and Europe as an exclusive at some point next year.

Gallery 1 and Gallery 2
Click these links for multiple shots of the toy in its package which is in English oddly enough. I believe the bio remains unchanged from the regular leader class Prime toy. The gallery also includes shots of the figure loose and combined with Jetfire. Thanks to Kaly for the link.

Comparison Gallery
This gallery is does a great job of uses images to compare Buster Prime (left) with the old (right). The images don't just do the usual far away shots but close-up of various parts to give you an idea of the many tweaks added all over the place to improve the toy. The new blaster accessory also gets shown off in detail.

Buster Prime 360 View
Last but not least is a flash video that gives you a 360 degree view of the toy. If you click "Action" in the top right you can also get a look the chest and light gimmick ("02 Style") and the vehicle mode ("03 Style"). Thanks to Baruch for the link.


  1. Hey - I stumbled onto your blog, hope you don't mind my asking, since you seem informed on Transformers: My son is looking for a character he calls "Daj-it-tay-ter" I think he's messing up a name he hear once (he's only 4). He's described it as having a silver gun on its arm. I'm looking to get him a toy for Christmas - any thoughts would be much appreciated from a Transformer-challenged Mom.

  2. I believe he is talking about Devastator. If you have seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, he is the large character made up of various construction vehicles that merged together and climbed up the pyramid.

    There are two versions of the toy in the states:
    Age 4+ ($35):
    Age 5+ ($100):

    Might be able to find them on sale at Wal-Mart, Target, etc as the holiday sales season progresses.

  3. this is "Blaster" not Buster.

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  5. that shiny optimus prime is still not in europe


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