Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Transformers Linkfest

Time for more links to more galleries and news of the last few days relating to Transformers.

ROTF Available on USB
Kingston and Paramount have joined together to start offering their new releases on 4GB USB thumb drives starting with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Similar programs have been done with other media (mostly on memory sticks) but doomed to failure due to the cost of the combined product. Considering a 4GB stick can be found for $10 or less and the movie for $15, its seems the MSRP price tag of $29.99 does little to address that issue.

Leader Starscream Gallery
New gallery that shows off the Leader class toy with comparison shots to other toys to give you an idea of Starscream's size. A worthwhile look for those on the fence about buying the toy.

Bumblebee vs Soundwave Set Packaging
A look at the package for the upcoming set that has another repaint of Soundwave with Cannon Bumblebee (both deluxes) including the bio. The set is part of the NEST Global Alliance sub-line that is coming out soon.

NEST Global Alliance Mail Away Offer
Back in the G1 days Hasbro use to offer exclusive mail offers for toys. Send in enough points, pay the price and you could get cool toys like Reflector. It seems that Hasbro is relaunching a similar program with the NEST Global Alliance line but sadly the exclusive is not nearly as cool with the exclusive offer being revealed to be a repaint of Deluxe Ravage sporting red highlights. Click the link on details on how purchasing NEST toys will give you a chance to get this toy.

Surface to Air 2-Pack Now Available
The Costco exclusive is now showing up in stores. The pack contains Voyager Grindor and Voyager Ratchet for $32.99.

New Marvel Crossover Gallery
A new gallery that shows the upcoming slate of Transformers/Marvel crossover series with some new toys and mostly repaints. A new design for the Hulk as a bulldozer while Wolverine gets another repaint in his X-Force black and grey colors.

Takara Voyager Optimus Prime Repaint
A new repaint of Prime in Japan minus the Chinese characters and darker G1ish colors and Autobot logo on the side. Not sure if this is going to be released outside of Japan but wouldn't surprise me if it does.

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