Sunday, November 29, 2009

Transformers Linkfest

Lot of new links to various Transformer galleries including new Alternity gallery with review, look at Legends Devastator in G1 colors, Masterpiece Nemesis Prime and more.

Alternity Bumblebee and Cliffjumper Gallery
Huge 84 image gallery of the now finished version of the next figures in the Japan exclusive Transformers Alternity line. The alternate mode is the Suzuki Swift Sport and the two are essentially identical except for color and head mold. The Alternity line are small (about Deluxe sized) but detailed toys with complex transformations and use of die-cast in their construction. The average stateside import price is $50.

Alternity Bumblebee Video Review
In addition to the above gallery, here is a video review of Alternity Bumblebee that shows off the gimmicks and the transformation of the toy. Due to cussing can't exactly call it safe for work nor is it as good as Peaugh's but gives you an idea of whether the toy is worth the extra cost.(via TFW2005)

Masterpiece Optimus Prime in Black
Gallery of in package MP Prime in yet another re-issue (I think fifth version). This time the Japan exclusive is sporting the black and teal that tends to be associated with Nemesis Prime.

EZ Collection Devastator in G1 Green (mirror)
Click the link to view an official gallery of images from Takara of the repaint of Legends Devastator that remains a Japan exclusive. He is sporting the G1 green that the Constructicons first had back in 1984. Thanks to Christopher and RY for the links.

Next Masterpiece Toy Hint
In an interview with TF designer who created MP Prime, Buster Prime, and more Hirinori Kobayashi hints that the next figure in the MP line will come from the Season 3 line of toys. That season was dominated by characters from Transformers: The Movie.

XBox Revenge of the Fallen Avatars
Now available on the XBox Live Marketplace is Transformers: ROTF clothing and helmets for your avatars. The helmets (Megatron, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime) cost 240 MS points and the shirts (7 types total) are 80 MS points.

Device Label Grimlock and Trypticon
Now available in Japan are these two new Transformers from the Device Label line. Grimlock and Trypticon are identical (except for paint job) whose alt mode is a fully functional optical mouse. The average cost stateside $50 each.

Another Leader Starscream Gallery
A new high-quality gallery of the upcoming toy that almost seem like official images. No clue when Leader class Starscream reaches stores, actually thought he would have by now for the Holiday season but maybe he is being held back for the 2010 wave of toys. Thanks to Kaly for the link.

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