Sunday, November 15, 2009

Transformers Ongoing #1 Preview II

IDW has released another preview of the first issue of Transformers #1 ongoing that is coming this Wednesday I think. This time it appears to be the first eight pages of the comic, establishing the new status quo after the end of All Hail Megatron story arc. The gist is it is three years after Earth was freed from Decepticon rule with help of the Autobots. The human race has spent its time preparing all manner of defenses to combat the Cybertronian race (which has gone underground) and unfortunately for the Autobots they don't make any meaningful distinction between the factions. In essence its humans vs. Cybertronians rather than just Autobots vs. Decepticons. The key part though is this finally returns the series back to its "robots in disguise" origins. For me the real question is will this series finally move at a decent pace while telling interesting stories or suffer from the same excessive story decompression style that has plagued Transformers comics since their revival.

Click here to view the eight pages.

Update: Corrected the link, sorry about that.


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